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  1. Don't take this the wrong way and in no way am I trying to kill the sale of these riggers but you can buy two brand new mag 10 stx's for a little under 1200$ Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. Been running a stoeger m3500 for two season runs flawlessly, 3 1/2 inch semi auto 12ga for a decent price Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  3. Mostly looking for attaching terminal tackle to the leader at the lures end
  4. I was experiencing the same problem as my knots were not cinching up right thanks for the Input guys and good luck to everyone
  5. Looking for some advice on which knots to use with 20&30 pound fluoro leaders?
  6. Any thing doing today guys ?
  7. Wanted

    Not exactly the same but rapala makes something very similar
  8. Went straight north out of port to 325 ft, ran riggers down 75 and 90 dipsys back 155 and 175 , 300 copper 200 copper and six colors of core all took fish mix of spoons and spin doctors / flies ..... Any thing mixed with lime green and chartreuse fired , flies were hand tied by a Lou member ..... Ended up 10 for 12 with one nice mature King and one nice mature steelhead
  9. Thanks guys I'll give them a call
  10. When the motor is down the motor is in the water about an inch and a half .... I'm going to have to move it from its current location no matter how much I don't want to it's just trying to find the right bracket with the right set back , the right angle to keep the motor perpendicular to the water and can hold the weight of a 9.9 four stroke
  11. Trying to mount my kicker motor on this boat is becoming real tricky , current location will not work,to mount the motor low enough it puts any bracket below where my transom angles back towards the bow .... Has anyone mounted a kicker on this type of hull or similar ? Any help is greatly appreciated!
  12. Thank you what depths should I try to target
  13. First time fishing the lake not on a charter , any help would appreciated . Thanks in advance