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  1. Roys Boys

    Good read

    That’s the book I’ve grew up fishing off of.. holding hand lines with flashers, pulling copper.. my parents use to sell those books but now their in my safe.. great book to have handy
  2. Roys Boys

    proposed cormorant control in Ontario

    Sounds good to me hopefully they open it on the finger lakes too seems like certain parts of the year (early spring and early fall) cormorants come in and feed hard.. better be a good shot, Get ready to use a whole box of shells chasing a wounded bird lol
  3. Roys Boys

    Legacy- 2018 Deer Season

    Fishon congrats.. what a deer a buck of a lifetime!.. a lot of nice deer on the page keep em coming
  4. Roys Boys

    Legacy- 2018 Deer Season

    Great buck congrats!
  5. Roys Boys

    Legacy- 2018 Deer Season

    Last day of bow couldn’t sit in the morning got stuck plowing till 130.. hunted the night from 130-430 had 4does feeding in the field then they went and layed in the golden rods 100 yards away, 330 comes around and I start rattling, does run off and I start kicking myself and think I screwed up 415 comes around and I do a heavy rattle for 3 minutes put the antlers down and look out and here comes this buck looking for a fight running towards me, he stops 50 yards out pees and starts making a scrape so I get ready, he turns around starts walking away I grunt twice and here he comes 30 yard shot! Pretty cool looking buck I’ll tske it
  6. Roys Boys

    All done with Rage broadheads

    Your not the only one done shooting them! I’m shooting american stainless fixed heads now!!
  7. Roys Boys

    Legacy- 2018 Deer Season

    Been there done that and had a similar experience with my deer I dropped off a few years ago same thing I felt like I got half the meat back.. I was hesitant on bringing deer somewhere else but I will say log city meats in Dundee will have my car loaded up with meat very pleased with them.. I think 15-20lbs of boneless meat I think I dropped off last year and got something like 14pks of 5 hotdogs 5-6 good size summers sausages and 10 packs of burgers.. great place they do mix with pork
  8. Roys Boys


    Full mechanical on mine my boats a 1992 Penn Yan and had to order a new cable for it too so you might have to get a new cable to work with the lowrance helm
  9. Roys Boys


    But you also have to buy a lowrance fish finder that works with it
  10. Roys Boys


    I have the lowrance cablesteer in mine, it works it keeps me straight to set rods and that’s about it..
  11. I got mine on amazon but I’m sure runnings or bass pro has them
  12. I figure I’d put my experience with the scent crusher bag out there for hunters that are skeptical about these scent crusher bags or ozone generators (like I was) so here it goes.. after getting wiffed and smelled out by mature deer I’d tried everything from shampoo to scent blocker and cover sprays washing clothes with baking soda then putting them in a bag of leaves,but no matter how you play the wind it seems like theirs always that one night when it’s perfect you play the wind and out come deer feeding or walking by, next thing you know their nose go up in the air and they smell something that they don’t like and then they clear their nose and run.. we’ve all been there.. so I’m the type of hunter that goes out nearly everyday of the season mostly night and some mornings, I seen the bags and the prices and laughed when they first came out and thought what a way for companies to market these “scent crushing” bags and make a wad of money.. make a long story short I thought well for a guy that hunts a lot and gets wiffed a lot like myself scent plays one of the biggest rolls in hunting.. I bought one, I thought well I’d throw everything i wear in this bag I hunt with, (other then long johns and socks) and if I get wiffed or they look like they have a sense I’m their I’m returning it! I have to say I’m pleased with it.. i still have yet to have a deer down wind from me lift their head or sense I’m in the area (knock on wood).. Deer that smelled me before walk by and feed like I’m not there.. I do recommend this product or ozone generators to people on the fence like I was, it’s a lot of money to put up when your skeptical but in the past 2 1/2 weeks of using it I feel like it works and cuts scent right out of the picture. (When pulled clothes outta the bag it smells like a new pair of shoes or a distinctive smell but I find it disappears in minutes when walking to the stand) I hunt with camo jeans and cotton camo jacket with a scent blocker hat/face mask to trap my hair smell and breathe, rubber boots. when I get to my spot I throw a mat down on the ground get changed a quick spray with scent blocker on my boots and off to the woods..
  13. Roys Boys

    Legacy- 2018 Deer Season

    I’m shooting fixed for now on.. gonna get threw the season with the hunter pro 300 then switch over to the Easton fmj
  14. Roys Boys

    Legacy- 2018 Deer Season

    Bow hunters nightmare...last night 530 Shoulder shot a nice buck at 12 yards.. pulled back he stopped I put it right on his heart and let it loose.. snap!... shoulder bone.. he walks out 50 yards shakes arrow pops out and stops looks around and starts eating.. 5 minutes pass sees a doe and starts chasing her with a slight limp, he stops keeps eating 630 he’s walking around the field like nothing happend.. clueless I was in the tree.. found the arrow later that night.. arrow went it 2 inches, Broadhead looked like it hit a steel wall ,looked for him but no vital shot... sucks! Big time Dirt on the broadhead is From me using it as a marker but tips from the deer... fixed broadheads here I come ( rage broadhead in picture) I shoot 70lbs pull back