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  1. 99% of the time when we have this issue at the marina it’s cause the battery’s so dead the digital charter/ triple charger wouldn’t read a battery.. try unplugging your main charger then use a single charger like a car charger for a over night charge then switch to the other battery after 24hrs.. if you had a battery checker find the dead battery then add the charger to that one for 24hrs but definitely don’t have 2 chargers running at the same time.. make sure you disconnect the triple or double charger and only use the single charger on one battery.. if that doesn’t work or your battery dies down after no use then it’s bad battery/
  2. Selling 2 penn RIV15WLC brand new boxes opened but never used $105 shipped..
  3. It’s gonna be a crazy summer.. My girlfriend is 8 months pregnant, Not only are lack of charters coming but not knowing if someone has it and comes on board would be a disaster
  4. Might have to look into Sampson to see if it’s open, I fished in front of it and it looked like it was fenced off due to them putting into the new building there.. not sure but someone might know If it’s ok to launch
  5. Mostly just less rods to deal with, if you want the spoon sitting in a certain area then stack it.. for browns and rainbows in deeper water if I’m fishing a spoon bite I’ll fish 3 downriggers with 3 sliders. I usually like 10-12ft leaders.. as long as your riggers depths are about 10ft apart you should have and problems running multiple sliders
  6. 4 Off shore Planerboard releases never opened with cannon uni stacker release (opened not used) and uni line release new. $45 shipped for all
  7. St. Croix mojo musky 7’6 medium heavy fast action with LEFT hand Retrieve abu Garcia 6501 C3 5-3-1 with 80lb braid musky lures are included whopper plopped has some chips in it other en that it works perfect.. musky rod and reel are 3 years old, braid was redone last year.. 3 muskys on it 5-15lb range everything’s in great shape $300 firm local pick up or meet
  8. I’ve got way to much stuff but theirs some good deals..
  9. Going threw some things.. got a bunch of spinner baits and hugs and rubbers.. rather meet or drop off instead of shipping.. let me know if your interested
  10. If you need blades I have a ton.. pm me if your interested tons of colors sizes and shapes
  11. Great buy, I’ve used it for Lake Ontario.. tells you everything you need to know for running copper leadcores dipseys and more. $85 shipped anywhere in the state’s
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