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  1. Fished with Andy last spring 5 outta 8 kings came off chinook divers, only 20-30ft of line out, pretty cool seeing a king smash it 15 ft in back of the boat
  2. Seen this guy last week on the property I hunt in 8R
  3. Storm front decoys 24 inch decoys, 6 motion sticks, 11heads missing a head for one.. never used just opened them to check them out and sat in the corner for a year.. nice big body decoys a couple scuffs on them from being moved around $150 takes them, located in geneva
  4. Last day, 3 teal came threw dropped 1, some mallards gave us a look that’s it..
  5. 2 man hunt today found some ducks in cattails Last night set up on them today
  6. I think senecas gonna be on the up for trout and salmon the next few years.. on trips we boated more fish per trip this year and seen a lot of 20 inch fish like salmon and rainbows Lakers.. not so sure about the browns though.. got 2 all year
  7. Haven’t trolled yet on Seneca this time of year, but usually February I troll stinger scorpions,suttons and joined rapalas.. the stinger size I don’t have as many bites with
  8. I run about the same and catch fish but it’s about the same as flies
  9. Shorter gun season and only 1 buck tag. Least that’s my vote
  10. See what comes out tonight, hopefully a nice big doe or buck Gotta shoot the muzzleloader off anyway 👍
  11. Got my brother out for a bit got some shooting in 👍
  12. Made it to the stand for a couple hour sit.. holy smokes all the people tacks in the big woods its like public land! Luckily the neighbor lets me hunt muzzleloader haven’t seen any prints besides deer
  13. Got a buck muzzleloader tag to fill can’t wait to start the chase
  14. Duck hunted from 1-430 tonight packing things up and 40 yards away a decent buck was standing looking at me
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