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  1. My Britneys good at finding them .. I just have to run her for a hour before to get her energy out so she can slow down and smell
  2. On state land I take a python lock and 1 climbing stick just to get it up out of arms reach and put sticks behind it to angle it down.. haven’t had a issue yet, before had 2 $30 cameras taken and sd cards missing..
  3. Depends on how you manage and what they have to eat.. over in Naples I know a guy that hindge cut and planted 4 food plots.. went from about nothing to seeing close to 10-20 deer a night
  4. We’ll today was another punch in the gut for the season after 2 target bucks get shot this year. I been leaving a spot alone that has a pile of does on it and few weeks ago I seen a big 8 to chase.. so I been chasing him for a week then I pulled the camera today and see he’s shot by a trespasser 2 days after i spotted him.. I did get the guy on camera in the next pictures..
  5. Lol no hung trail camera with climbing sticks.. sucks when you lease and put money and time into a 1 acre food plot and guys walk past leased posted signs
  6. Could try to leave orange up in a tree. A friend of mine was having issues so he put cell trail cameras above eye level in the woods and caught them.. he had a climbing stick he hung them with
  7. Looking to purchase some,would like the 1994 edition.. let me know will to buy some!
  8. Love the steam coming out.. seen 6 doe and 1 buck all day IMG_5638.MOV
  9. The land owner is hunting his 1 acre brassica plot and has had does in it all morning.. I’m hunting about 2 acres of Hinge cut timber and clover seen a few deer no bucks yet
  10. Lots of sign of bucks on this piece of public hopefully a buck or some does come by!
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