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  1. We have a bunch of colors forsale at Roys marina if you’re looking for some.. gold,slimer and the new UV two face looks to be the next killer color
  2. Was looking into one, does it tell you the exact dept of the lure? Or is It 5 feet Increments?
  3. Forgot what it’s called but I bought it at tractor supply top and bibs for $50 it’s a hard plastic material.. out lasted everything dark green color I’ll keep my eye out next time I’m in there
  4. Should only be able to keep a limited amount of perch over 15inches on flx.. just my opinion no need to wipe out the breeders
  5. Caught a perch off kashong creek a few years ago with what looks like a small eel in its stomach
  6. Do they treat the Seneca canal at the north end of Seneca?
  7. I did email Brad yesterday. He said he was already in talks with US fish and wildlife today so he’s going to show them. A quick summary of what he emailed back.“Good news is we have treatment scheduled for this coming year in Catharines, Keuka Outlet, and the canal from Montour Falls to the lake.“..”Additionally we are trying to boost the lake trout population again by recently increasing stocking numbers to pre-2012 levels”.
  8. I’m sure they would, I picked them off fish and they turned and latched on to me. No ones skiing or doing water sports in the temps their in
  9. Our ramp is unusable right now, shallow water along with the gravel getting pushed it wouldn’t be worth it. Probably March will get dredged
  10. I will, unfortunately they can only use what budget and resources they have.. we can only hope for a great treatment in the spring
  11. My dad just gave me the fishing report for today pulling cowbells in 80-100ft, he caught 2 lakers The real time consumer was netting eels stuck to the side of the boat, heading in he seen a decent laker on surface trying to shake a eel off but laker was already about dead.. just 3 hours of fishing. IMG_4152.MOV
  12. Might either shoot down to the sound end of Seneca or lake o Wednesday Thursday never fished down past Glenora so it’ll be pretty cool
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