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  1. He probably gets treated like a king at the local ducks unlimited dinners writing all those donation checks..
  2. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.pressconnects.com/amp/5815817001 Masks required when getting 6ft from deer
  3. Still messing with the GoPro hopefully get better quality soon IMG_5345.MP4
  4. Yeah reveal pics are great.. spy points are decent but I definitely will buy the reveals and sell my SPYPOINTS when they get them in stock
  5. Lot of rod holders fixed custom steel and cannons $150 local pick up in Geneva
  6. Bought a gaff for squid off Amazon I’m gonna try it out.. I usually snag them with a heavy spoon
  7. 4 hour trip today only 1 eel was on a fish rest came up on the DR balls one found the drain hole and escaped
  8. I did end up buying spy points picture quality isn’t the best but still get decent pictures.. my buddy has a tactacam revelx and pics are great quality
  9. Might be better off getting out of the bait pods and fishing a different area with less bait. I’ve never fished it but try running flat fish slow or peanuts
  10. Fished out of Hughes marina and caught a nice brown about 6lbs and it had the same spoon I caught it on snapped off in its mouth
  11. Ran out to 540ft 65-90ft down had a bunch of fish mature kings and some decent steelhead moonshine spoons worked best..all spoons
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