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  1. Roys Boys


    Thejigger is their anyway for hunters to get involved to try and push a later second season or is already set in stone?
  2. Roys Boys


    Next thing you know duck hunting everywhere in NY will be like hunting in Ithaca.. imaginary lines of where you can’t hunt on open water..
  3. Roys Boys


    X2 If they opened the season mid January I wouldn’t be opposed by it
  4. Roys Boys

    Marine batteries

    interstate cranking battery is what I use.. little more pricier then other big retail stores like Walmart or auto stores but I feel like they’re worth the money
  5. Don’t consider a big john reel their junk.. i used mine 3 times and the reel cracked.. best luck I had is cannon but I’m sure Cisco’s would be better
  6. Don’t consider a big john reel their junk.. i used mine 3 times and the reel cracked.. best luck I had is cannon but I’m sure Cisco’s would be better
  7. Roys Boys


    garmin makes a great autopilot for the kicker, throttle control and steering right from a remote.. if I had to upgrade thats what I would get.. I have the Lowrance, its good to keep the boat straight we setting rods that's about it
  8. Roys Boys

    carpet alternatives

    Anyone ever use fake teak/wood flooring? im gonna redo my 18ft lund but would like to know what the best floor to use is, been looking at infinity woven vinyl... its going in a fishing boat so its gotta be stain resistant.. Anyone use or have any reviews on theirs?
  9. Roys Boys


    Do you have a Kicker motor to troll with or you gonna troll with the main?
  10. Looking for the luhr Jensen size 0 dodgers I think their 8 inches long.. if anyone has some sitting around let me know, gonna try to repaint them so condition of the original paint doesn't matter
  11. Roys Boys

    Brown or LL salmon??

    I’d say brown.. landlockeds have more of A V shape tail
  12. Roys Boys

    Seneca Lake Legend

    Wow that’s crazy first I’ve herd.. He is a legend.. great guy growing up at the marina his name was mentioned on the regular. I’ve heard many funny story’s about him.. I bought his Penn Yan last year we would talk almost every week about fishing...He made many memories that will last generations! RIP Captain Don fish on!
  13. Roys Boys

    Sold / Closed Pirate Spoons

    Great deal.. one half wants to buy but the other have says I have enough lol
  14. Roys Boys

    Restoring old spoons

    Nice video! I use the spray paint chipper I forgot what it’s called but you can find it in the isle with all the spray paint.. just spray on the paint let it sit then wipe it off with a towel.. don’t let it get on your hands cause it will hurt!
  15. Roys Boys

    The "Sportsman " is at it again

    “Seaway waterfowl professionals” what a joke..