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  1. Spy point images look good think the micros are 2 for $150 might be a option those pictures came out good
  2. Yeah I I looked at the reveals x heard great things but they’re sold out
  3. Just been reading reviews on trail cameras online some seem like horror stories others are great but pricey.. I was looking at the “stealth cam manifest” seems like spy points have bad picture quality.. anyone got any recommendations on a cell camera under $150?
  4. Respray with a clear coat or dip in kbs diamond coat and hang to dry
  5. What do you guys like for fertilizer.. no access to a hose.. do you like calcium or nitrogen? Pellets or spray
  6. Yeah don’t buy them.. some people lucked out and say they never had a issue but I’ll never forget when bassmasters elite came to the marina and dropped off 3 power heads that were blown just on the st Lawrence tournament.
  7. Anyone recalibrate their fish hawk set up? I bought a new probe and was wondering if I should do it or just leave it as is..
  8. I’ve had a few jump on Seneca, usually the ones up in the column that you get trolling for silvers, 3lb range they come up and shake a couple times on surface .. they’re funny fish a lot of fight in them or very little
  9. If it’s happing on the regular then maybe they should take some pictures of the fish and send in a group chat of dec and local charter guides.. they do a great job but it is tricky to identify if you don’t do it everyday. I see guys all the time come in the marina that fished for years show me pictures of “browns” or “salmon” and they identify them wrong.
  10. If your in Geneva area swing by Roys marina we have all you need English hooks needles weights and bobbers and sawbellys
  11. I’ve got a charter that morning but I’ll throw $20 in.. let me know how you want me to pay
  12. I seen his lures from Instagram I’ll send him a message for you
  13. Yupp we can do registrations at the marina, Usually there till 5 everyday rainy days maybe till 4
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