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  1. Friends camera in Wayne county.......
  2. Would like to get one before spring and get it all ready to roll for lake o, pursuit or something to fish with! 26ft penn yan with a 10ft beam is a pain to trailer
  3. Seen a couple styles with older Yamaha 2 strokes, Yamaha or Honda’s are always gonna be my top choices but never worked with Suzuki’s before but open to them
  4. I know the guy that sold it in 2019 said it sold on the newest post of it on here
  5. Looking for a northcoast 4stroke outboards only, looking for one identical to thrillseekers old boat (One that was up for sale last year) If anyone knows of any up forsale or looking to seek theirs lmk!!
  6. Is it gps speed or fish hawk speed? GPS speed will be all over on choppy days, maybe look into a auto pilot option.. auto pilot takes a lot of frustration out
  7. Just seen a Boston whaler on fingerlakes Craigslist a bit out of price range but a great boat
  8. Spoons of dipseys can be deadly on a spoon bite
  9. Full moon has them chasing bait my guess
  10. This mornings trip was the same, lakers and 3 small mouths down 40-50ft in 130fow 2 had this scab on them
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