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  1. Take the thermostat out and close it back up and run it if if it stays cool replace it, anything else would be water pump or even manifolds, I bought my penn Yan and replaced everything but it still was over heating but Mine had a closed cooling system in it I had to blow out.
  2. I’m located right in Geneva on the west side outta Roys marina, trolling for trout/ salmon, 1-3ppl bass/pike email me at [email protected] or message on here
  3. Theirs been some big salmon around!
  4. Few lakers around 60-80ft salmon are higher up eating small spoons
  5. First one I got mounted new house needed a buck on the wall!
  6. If you look up Seneca lake charters online, Eric grew up with Bernie miller he has a bunch he might sell
  7. Thank you! Glad fish were caught it was a struggle this derby, we ended up with 18 all weekend.. 14 lakers were caught on gamblers 2 on spoons and 2 silvers on spoons.. found the silvers lake Monday morning wish we had more time.. next year!
  8. I bought a box from him before the government shut down maybe March he said he didn’t have a color I wanted but if I wanted a different Color He had in stock he would ship it before he got shut down and he did.. might be still shut down but idk why he would be a answering messages
  9. More like what happened to the browns... Lakers were there I seen a 11 and a 12lber come in Thursday and Friday
  10. Unfortunately due to the the Covid and having a baby I had to cut down on guys in the boat this year for fishing the lake trout derby.. one of my buddy’s has a small boat and is looking for a copper box that’ll hold 500ft self winding and in decent shape.. if you have one your looking to get rid of pm!
  11. Ran boards earlier with scorpions and stingers the smaller land lock was caught in 15ft of water first light and the bigger one was off 3 colors of lead in 120ft lakers were 40-60ft suspended got 3 around 4lbs
  12. Made 1oz not painted.. I can go all the way up to 2oz..
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