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  1. 220 is gonna be my next purchase heard many good things about it, you like it?
  2. Have a 21ft Jayco kiwi camper I was gonna restore but I have to many projects as is right now between my house and boats.. 80% of the camper needs to be redone I thought I’d post on Lou if someone wants to make it into a deer blind for a property or moveable camp.. I do have paperwork drove it from Waterloo to Geneva with no problem.. $750 obo
  3. Best thing that works for me usually durning bow is raking scrapes bigger and putting buck piss on it.. bucks usually get Territorial and come back and keep checking them
  4. I don’t know why dec doesn’t allow spring coyote season or year round.. I see at least one coyote every time I turkey hunt and you could easily call them in with a fawn call
  5. 620 was the first shot in Ontario county.. was getting ready to walk in the woods and heard it about 1/2 mile away
  6. Is it just me or ticks really bad this year? I pulled 4 outta me so far this year
  7. Give him time probably at least a couple hours as soon as you start to lose a little blood I back off and call a dog in before you get your scent all over his blood trail
  8. last year we had some big turnips the only problem was the deer never were really attracted to them. we rarely had pics or seen deer eating them, I pulled about 20 out and they ate them probably 10 days after I did it when then softened up
  9. I have a Britney I grew up with labs my whole life probably over 10, Since I only have one Britney it might only apply to her, she could run laps around labs high strung and more full of energy. Very smart dog I’d say to smart meaning they’ll test your boundaries.. really good nose I use her for shed/ pheasant hunting
  10. Fishing under the 104 bridge?
  11. I have one unopened I was gonna use but haven’t had time to practice it might be selling
  12. Couple good ones running around
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