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  1. Roys Boys

    Spoon manufacturer??

    Kinda looks like a northport nailer
  2. Roys Boys

    Laker jigs

    Depending on lake conditions 3/4-2oz jig heads 4”-5” bass baits in white,glow, chartreuse or green.. you can get away with 3/4 oz silver blade baits too.. I buy jigs from ebay it’s the cheapest
  3. Roys Boys

    Honda 8 hp

    Intrested.. shoot me a text/call 3157191054
  4. Roys Boys

    Anyone selling Scotty’s

    I know your probably looking for used but I bought mine this year from fish usa.. they have the best prices I found and the daily special was 20% off and free shipping
  5. Roys Boys


    You can learn a lot from the map like structure/drop offs and it tells you what the bottom is.. tells you where rocks are so where gobys/crayfish are gonna be and where the predators will be. Sandy bottom areas bouy markers for coming or going in dim lighting and some creeks on there..
  6. Depending on speed 1/2-2oz egg sinkers or trolling sinkers.. rapala shad raps jointed in sizes 5&7 that dive 10-15ft.. running egg sinkers with spoons.. get your mono put egg sinker on and tie a swivel then as 8-10ft florocarbon leader and swivel with a spoon/shallow diving plug anything deeper then 25ft I pull out slide divers,lead cores and down riggers
  7. Just pulled it off the boat.. I think the compass was broke I’m not sure, the face plate turned on but when put in auto pilot mode it was all over the place.. maybe someone could use the parts $50
  8. New price $925 for all four with bases
  9. Roys Boys

    04 Yamaha 9.9 high thrust

    Where’s it located?
  10. Roys Boys

    04 Yamaha 9.9 high thrust

    Long shaft?
  11. Roys Boys

    Wanted Planer Boards

    None on of these boards.. just homemade ones non collapsible
  12. Friend of mines looking for a motor and manifolds for his boat, he’s looking for a v6 in the mid 90s.. Anyone have ideas where to get one in the Rochester area?
  13. Just restocked with more gambler rigs and new color hammerheads!! Derbys coming quick!!
  14. Roys Boys


    Few guys getting some on Seneca on the bad south wind days
  15. Roys Boys

    Shed Hunting 2018

    Ran threw a small bedding area, ivy found her first shed