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  1. Shot under this guy last night.. the only range I took from the stand was a dirt pile at 40 yards.. where did the deer come out? On the dirt pile second guessed myself cause the deer looked closer..35 yard pin and a clean miss
  2. Was gonna hunt the state land earlier today I seen the two bucks on.. let my dog out and she got sprayed right in the face by a skunk, spent the morning airing the house out...
  3. I’ve got a private guy that does it that I had success with.. he might help you out if you want his number let me know and I’ll send you a message
  4. Kayaked into state land earlier to try to surprise deer from the backside.. seen 2 shooters 1 probably 120 8pointer 60 yards and the other a taller rack 130- 9pointer 70 yards both were walking down wind of the thick brush/ bedding looking for does didn’t care about the grunt call
  5. I run wild game innovations I bought at Walmart for $50 on public land and they work just as good as 75-$100 ones I have on private land
  6. Haven’t really put time in since middle of September but flat fish and gamblers in bright colors work.. I even caught lakers off his walleye rigs with a worm last month on seneca but you gotta go deep 110 +
  7. Nice buck checking the camera out
  8. Always wanted to shoot a drake pintail Nice bag mix
  9. Found some teals last night.. luckily the land owner was super cool and let us get back in his swamp this morning .. 530 I’m walking towards the swamp and With no light just enough water to cover the ground.. next step i fall into a sinkhole up to my chest..The stuff we do for ducks! 3 man limit all teals birds quit flying at 10
  10. Those duckwater boats sound prettyy nice lol
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