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  1. Just restocked some gambler regulars and singles!! Added glow ghost and Gillian into the selections also!!
  2. Roys Boys

    What should I do

    X2.. fish hawk will help you with currents and temp changes...
  3. Roys Boys


    Mine are 50ft of leader, mag spoons and spindoctors work great.. all depends where your getting your hits or marking fish.. it’s the same as leadcore some days you wish you had more rods rigged and some days it won’t get touched at all
  4. Roys Boys

    Fishing line recommendations please

    I run 30lb berkley big game clear on Seneca, sounds like over kill but never have any problems with fleas, just a couple here and there
  5. Looking to buy the old everglo dodger in size 0 half green half glow let me know what you have thanks!
  6. Roys Boys

    2 spoons 1 king

    They could of, he said he was down 70ft and 90ft with the down riggers
  7. It’ll be a nice boat for trailering around the finger lakes
  8. Friends boat just came up forsale with trailer he’s asking $2200 OBO, boats a 1982 20ft wall around boats in decent shape just needs tlc work motor runs good it’s a 150 v6 Johnson figured it’ll be a nice fishing boat for someone he bought it new in 82 and original owner kept up on maintenance.
  9. Roys Boys

    2 spoons 1 king

    A buddy of mine caught this king outta sodus said the king bit both cheaters on his down riggers ,he thought he had a double then realized the king had Both cheaters that were down around 50ft.. the kings are hungry!!
  10. Roys Boys

    Seneca Seneca Lake

    5-7 on lakers this morning.. they wanted clean spoons,okie dokie caught a nice laker! 120ft 70ft down
  11. Roys Boys

    Seneca Seneca Lake

    Fishing’s good for trolling for lakers seems like their getting more aggressive, silvers seems to be showing up but not so aggressive, spoons been working the best for both, hammerheads and gamblers close to bottom been producing, had some luck with live bait on Thursday morning with sawbellys went 4/4 with a couple lakers pushing 7lbs, throwing grass crabs and perch minnows by Sampson Should produce some bass and perch, pike love the Mepps musky killer and husky jerks
  12. Roys Boys

    Canandaigua Need help

    Use sawbellys fun lake to fish with live bait