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  1. $400 believe works great side and down scan work awesome. Comes with original box power cord transducer holder and face plate cover. Also upgraded software GPS
  2. Updated and $ drop on a few items
  3. elk antlers 5x6 local pickup around 4ft wide 3ft tall $250 local pick up Flocking bags for decoys $35shipped rebel/Cleo lot $30 shipped storm,Rapala rebel lot $45 walleye lot 32 harnesses $30 shipped random stick bait lot $40 shipped random flutters $25 shipped
  4. Lot 1 $40 sz 6 approx 600 Lot 2 $50 size 8 approx 1000 Lot 3- approx 600ct $40
  5. If it’s brown I’m down the last two days, popped this guy this morning 105 yards with the muzzle
  6. Primer popped and then a delayed fire.. missed a doe about 100 yards 😑
  7. I seen it happen with muzzleloader before
  8. First saddle kill.. got in about 130 all set up, had some passing does I ranged at 30 yards about 3pm then the 8 came threw right about dark about 5 yards farther from the previous does split the pins and shot didn’t know if I hit him or not, runs 20 yards and drops! On to gun for the weekend good luck and be safe
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