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  1. Roys Boys

    Legacy- 2018 Deer Season

    I’m shooting fixed for now on.. gonna get threw the season with the hunter pro 300 then switch over to the Easton fmj
  2. Roys Boys

    Legacy- 2018 Deer Season

    Bow hunters nightmare...last night 530 Shoulder shot a nice buck at 12 yards.. pulled back he stopped I put it right on his heart and let it loose.. snap!... shoulder bone.. he walks out 50 yards shakes arrow pops out and stops looks around and starts eating.. 5 minutes pass sees a doe and starts chasing her with a slight limp, he stops keeps eating 630 he’s walking around the field like nothing happend.. clueless I was in the tree.. found the arrow later that night.. arrow went it 2 inches, Broadhead looked like it hit a steel wall ,looked for him but no vital shot... sucks! Big time Dirt on the broadhead is From me using it as a marker but tips from the deer... fixed broadheads here I come ( rage broadhead in picture) I shoot 70lbs pull back
  3. Roys Boys

    Legacy- 2018 Deer Season

    Piebald doe out in the field.. 3 time seeing her this year
  4. Roys Boys

    Legacy- 2018 Deer Season

    Piebald doe out in the field.. 3 time seeing her this year
  5. Roys Boys

    Legacy- 2018 Deer Season

    Got to the stand at 330, haven’t seen any deer pick up my phone at 6 text my buddy’s and ask if they see anything moving they say they haven’t, and soon as i hit the send button “I haven’t seen ****”.. crash in the woods 30 yards from me I look over and a shooter 10 is there 35 yards behind brush.. grab the bow getting ready for the shot then he looks back to where he came outta and out walks the biggest buck I ever seen.. 35 yards with the range finder.. no clear shots, here comes the 10 point walking the field edge to me I’ve got the big one in mind.. 10 point stops 5 yards out in front for ten minutes shot clear as day, the bigger bucks stops making the scrape and here he comes 25 yards still no clear shot, the ten gets down wind and starts whiffing me.. and both runs off.. heart breaker!
  6. Selling a bunch of bucktails 12-2oz red big heads 10-2oz red long body 5- 2oz blue big heads 7- 2oz blue long body’s 9- 2oz black long body’s Strata spoons- 12-3oz 4- 2oz 5-1/2oz Local pick up in Geneva only $100
  7. Roys Boys

    auto pilot vs bow mounted electric

    I’ve got the 24v terrova on my 18ft Lund.. I just keep the kicker straight on a lower speed and steer with the bow mount,I leave the trolling motor around setting 6 auto pilot when I’m setting gear then when everything’s set I get the kicker up to speed and just turn on the trolling motor when I steer job makes life a lot easier setting gear but only thing is I get about 4hrs on it if it’s on auto pilot mode if it’s constantly running. If you bass fish and troll would recommend it but if you mainly use your boat for trolling then the garmin might be the way to go..
  8. Roys Boys

    Archery shops

    heritage outdoor in Phelps is my go too
  9. Just restocked some gambler regulars and singles!! Added glow ghost and Gillian into the selections also!!
  10. Roys Boys

    What should I do

    X2.. fish hawk will help you with currents and temp changes...
  11. Roys Boys


    Mine are 50ft of leader, mag spoons and spindoctors work great.. all depends where your getting your hits or marking fish.. it’s the same as leadcore some days you wish you had more rods rigged and some days it won’t get touched at all
  12. Roys Boys

    Fishing line recommendations please

    I run 30lb berkley big game clear on Seneca, sounds like over kill but never have any problems with fleas, just a couple here and there