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  1. I just ran 3 riggers, I went out by myself to “clean the boat”.. 100ft leads off the riggers and doing 2.2-2.4 seem to be the best action... Yupp the rainbows like it close to the boat, I got a decent size one last year 5 feet out and 5 feet down on the downrigger.. he flew outta the water 5 feet away from the boat before he popped the release!
  2. Left Roys trolled up to belhurst then across to the pump station and back
  3. Had some action on Seneca last night, tried out a handful of reel rage spoons ,630-8pm had 4 salmon on landed 3 , 2 rainbow one decent size probably 3lbs and 2 smaller lakers 80ft down mostly 110-130fow 30-40 down. surface was 71 degrees.. purple alewife took most, Green UV NBK took the 2 lakers down 80ft.. the smaller reelrage spoons seems to be the ticket their smaller and lighter then stingers with paint that holds up way better 2.2-2.4 mph
  4. I’ve been down there probably 10 times non stop casting from sunrise till noon I’ve landed one in the boat and had probably 30 followers to the boat..
  5. Had 4 bobbers out Saturday at the south end gave it till 1030 then called it.. Sunday we fished the north end got a perch 2 lakers and a small rainbow off bobbers.. always a fun lake to fish!
  6. During the lake trout derby the dec was riding with the sheriff checking fishing licenses.. always check your safety equipment and make sure your FLARES are up to date
  7. Matt text me some time we’ll go out
  8. We had a decent turn out for the derby Saturday was the best day we caught 22 lakers and 3 salmon. Bites started off quick, cowbells and gambler rigs kept us busy but nothing over 6lbs, fished from 3 till 8 on Saturday night and we caught our money fish.. 120ft Of water 80ft down the rigger popped and we got a 8.71 laker off a gold nbk mag pattern by reel rage, we worked deeper water then shot up to 70ft where the downrigger started shaking we pulled it up and had another laker in the 8lb range off a gambler rig.. storm rolled in so we left Sunday came and we caught 5 in the morning and 5 at night all in the 2-4lb range.. Monday the first fish of the morning was a 6 1/2 laker that my girlfriend would get 4th in women’s with. Gamblers were taking majority of the fish reel rage spoons in gold blanks seem to take a few fish over 4lbs, 3 colors of leadcore took both smaller salmon and smaller lakers with scorpion spoons... a lot of fish just not a lot of takers.. tons of bait and stuffed fish as usual leads me to believe to poor fishing
  9. Buddy painted some up we’ll see how they produce
  10. Have a buddy of mine trying to paint a couple up see how they turn out.. I might be a buyer in the future
  11. Selling a test tank we use to use for motors probably 2 1/2 feet deeps and 4 ft tall and 5 feet wide has hole on top to vent exhaust.. be good for someone who likes working on motors $100 located in geneva
  12. King bite was crazy on Tuesday.. landed 9 had 12 on 20-40ft of water.. most were off small dipseys and stickbaits.. nothing under 10lbs
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