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  1. What type of thermal is that? Gonna hunt some coyotes the next few days and see what happens
  2. http://senecagun.com/searchResults.php?S_make=&S_model=&S_caliber=&S_type=&S_typeDefined=LEVER&S_newUsed=&S_modelNumber=&sort=&Search=Search Seneca guns lever actions
  3. Usually for a full wrap around like that 2-3k Magee in Geneva does them
  4. Got this on the camera today looks more like a golden retriever then a coyote I thought.. 12am
  5. I might be interested in some whitetail stuff if you wanna pm with some items
  6. Imagine X in Waterloo NY check him out on Facebook they did my decals at reasonable cost and it lasts I’ll pm his phone number
  7. Used once.. didn’t use it as much as I thought $800 firm located in Geneva
  8. We’ll missed a good 8 at 100 with the fire stick.. free handed think I dropped the barrel when I shot..
  9. Best thing to do is it use it while getting set up and while fighting fish or changing lines.. you’ll be lucky to get 2-3hrs of fishing time trolling
  10. How would everyone rate the diver hunting the past 3 years?
  11. Anyone have any recommendations for the nitrofire firestick.. load size and grain bullet?
  12. Not sure how long it was at the store but bought it the day prior
  13. you and me both.. friends grandpa wanted a deer..doe came out pulled up 2 rounds primer strikes no bang.. Remington ammo and a new 308 783.. never done it before probably put 20 rounds threw it
  14. We’ll I screwed up tonight.. the bow was calling my name when I was getting ready to hunt the afternoon I grabbed it and left the 308, got to the thicket where deer usually cross 20 yards in a small bedding area but tonight a 130 inch 8 decided to walk by about 50 yards out no shot..
  15. Fleas will be the biggest issue usually they start showing up about july. For lakers I run straight 25lb big game to the flashers.. for spoon rods I run 25lb main with a 10lb leader
  16. Seeing if anyone has a tent with a Wood stove adaptor I have a portable stove so just the tent. Hunting th adk in a couple weeks and seeing if anyone had a used one around
  17. Unfortunately, Mice got into my ice fishing tent could be patched, but does have mouse odor and holes. The tent itself is only used one season two years old. $75 obo
  18. Hunted state land this am hiked 1.5 miles walk in with the saddle seen some good action.. heard a shot about 400 yards away.. talked to a guy that had a deer stolen yesterday. I guess he shot it when to the truck to drop layers and get stuff talked to a couple guys in the parking lot and went in the woods to a gut pile, got back to the parking lot and someone said a guy just loaded up the deer and left
  19. Shoulda stuck to the public land spot… ****
  20. Hiked in over a mile on State land found some buck beds and a huge scrape off the path so I put my Reveal camera on it figured nobody would see this spot hidden in the farthest point , camera sat last night and this morning and got one picture… thank you sir for not stealing my camera
  21. Scouted a state land found some real good buck sign in a small area put a camera on it we’ll see what he looks like
  22. Here’s a buck from last year I have yet to see.. I know he made it threw hunting season last year no signs this year
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