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  1. Reel rage can make it.. pretty sure it’s clear uv tape over black tape that makes it look orange
  2. Drop shotting pike minnows in not so much the main channel but little bays or around island.. Mepps spinners. Kvd crank baits in chrome or Rapala jerk baits in chrome.. best luck we have is pike minnows on bottom 10-25ft
  3. Fun derby we had all great quality fish 5-8lbs lakers, silver fishing kept us busy when midday .. unfortunately every brown we caught had the same age class lampreys on them.. but none in any other species all weekend congrats mike on another top finish!
  4. Have you checked you voltage at the plug? If it’s 24-36 volt try taking your leads off and checking each battery to make sure they are all good and getting a full charge. My 36 volt I can get about 5-6 hours of spot lock and cruising for fish
  5. I unhook one and plug the other in.. I just have the helix 7. I pretty much run the humminbird transducer on factory setting
  6. I got both transducers mounted, when in trolling I use the p66 and when im perch/ bass or bottom fishings I use the humminbird.. definitely see more marks suspended with the p66
  7. Cheap investment for a 10k derby win
  8. Selling a bunch of homemade flat fish cut outs froma old timer from Seneca lake.. a lake trout killer bought them years ago and the guy said he made a bunch of them in the 60’s.. Great for a hobby or stencils/ patterns not sure what kind of wood asking $75 22- 3 3/4 inch 15- 2 3/4 inch
  9. What type of thermal is that? Gonna hunt some coyotes the next few days and see what happens
  10. http://senecagun.com/searchResults.php?S_make=&S_model=&S_caliber=&S_type=&S_typeDefined=LEVER&S_newUsed=&S_modelNumber=&sort=&Search=Search Seneca guns lever actions
  11. Usually for a full wrap around like that 2-3k Magee in Geneva does them
  12. Got this on the camera today looks more like a golden retriever then a coyote I thought.. 12am
  13. I might be interested in some whitetail stuff if you wanna pm with some items
  14. Imagine X in Waterloo NY check him out on Facebook they did my decals at reasonable cost and it lasts I’ll pm his phone number
  15. We’ll missed a good 8 at 100 with the fire stick.. free handed think I dropped the barrel when I shot..
  16. Best thing to do is it use it while getting set up and while fighting fish or changing lines.. you’ll be lucky to get 2-3hrs of fishing time trolling
  17. How would everyone rate the diver hunting the past 3 years?
  18. Anyone have any recommendations for the nitrofire firestick.. load size and grain bullet?
  19. Not sure how long it was at the store but bought it the day prior
  20. you and me both.. friends grandpa wanted a deer..doe came out pulled up 2 rounds primer strikes no bang.. Remington ammo and a new 308 783.. never done it before probably put 20 rounds threw it
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