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  1. I’ve had a few jump on Seneca, usually the ones up in the column that you get trolling for silvers, 3lb range they come up and shake a couple times on surface .. they’re funny fish a lot of fight in them or very little
  2. If it’s happing on the regular then maybe they should take some pictures of the fish and send in a group chat of dec and local charter guides.. they do a great job but it is tricky to identify if you don’t do it everyday. I see guys all the time come in the marina that fished for years show me pictures of “browns” or “salmon” and they identify them wrong.
  3. If your in Geneva area swing by Roys marina we have all you need English hooks needles weights and bobbers and sawbellys
  4. I’ve got a charter that morning but I’ll throw $20 in.. let me know how you want me to pay
  5. I seen his lures from Instagram I’ll send him a message for you
  6. Yupp we can do registrations at the marina, Usually there till 5 everyday rainy days maybe till 4
  7. Reminder it’s $50 after may 1st
  8. Chicken wing caught a 11lber on Seneca last year.. I think they have better action then stingers
  9. That’s a deal!
  10. If you’re fishing the Great Lakes then I’d run a cut bait rig close to bottom seems like I always catch bigger sized lakers on them
  11. I’ve got no problem with the plant running like at full capacity, I know discharge will help speeding up the lakes ecosystem just the thing that gets me is why bitcoins why not something that benefits local use of the plant
  12. Me and 2 other guys helped a guy install 2 million dollars worth of machines in a ware house in Geneva about 7 years ago took us about a week once they were all connected and running good the guy in charge said thanks here’s you pay and moved out to Washington to expand with his investor from Japan. once they’re in and running no ones involved unless one has a error then you go in and spend 5 minutes to switch it out
  13. I’d be more for it if it benefited the locals.. where’s this 55k a bitcoin go? Doesn’t go into our banks
  14. My biggest concern is algae blooms in Dresden.. last thing I want is tourists to find out theirs harmful algae blooms on Seneca lake
  15. It is natural gas but if they burned it more efficient instead of burning it with a 70-year-old turbine that burns 35% I don’t get why they don’t go out west with all the other major bitcoin miners this company’s going to come in and use our resources for it?
  16. The guy I talked to says dec doesn’t consider the keuka outlet from the trestle to the lake a trout stream thats why they’re getting away with all this discharge permits.. he sent me this link and said see page 28 of 38.. https://www.dec.ny.gov/docs/fish_marine_pdf/tsmpreachcat.pdf
  17. 3 split duck season the way to go.. end of September end of December second or third week of January.. maybe 2 or three geese for youth season? For the kids lugging 2 dozen goose decoys 150 yards in a field to make be more memorable.. has anyone told the task force these are great dates? 100% of guys I talked to in flx ducks unlimited dinners and hunters at boat ramps said they’re horrible
  18. https://senecalakeguardian.org/Greenidge-Bitcoin-Mining
  19. How about having a waterfowl season when birds are around? Or how about maybe having a youth season that kids can pull the trigger more then once on a common mallard.. I’d rather have a shorter season when you can actually shoot a bird then a long season with no birds around..
  20. Panthers the one I got
  21. I had a 8.0 hp Honda kick on my 26ft penn Yan worked for me for years.. I just got a 9.9 Yamaha high thrust this year
  22. Found the big one under a huge acorn tree the other ones walking some trails.. nothing in the fields yet
  23. Anyone have a disc their looking to get rid of or sell? Looking to use it behind my fourwheeler I’m in the flx area
  24. $150 shipped in the US
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