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  1. $425 believe it’s from 2016 works great side and down scan work awesome. Comes with original box power cord transducer holder and face plate cover. Also upgraded software
  2. elk antlers 5x6 local pickup around 4ft wide 3ft tall $250 local pick up Flocking bags for decoys $35shipped rebel/Cleo lot $30 shipped storm,Rapala rebel lot $45 walleye lot 32 harnesses $30 shipped random stick bait lot $40 shipped random flutters $25 shipped
  3. Lot 1 $40 sz 6 approx 600 Lot 2 $50 size 8 approx 1000 Lot 3- approx 600ct $40
  4. If it’s brown I’m down the last two days, popped this guy this morning 105 yards with the muzzle
  5. Primer popped and then a delayed fire.. missed a doe about 100 yards 😑
  6. I seen it happen with muzzleloader before
  7. First saddle kill.. got in about 130 all set up, had some passing does I ranged at 30 yards about 3pm then the 8 came threw right about dark about 5 yards farther from the previous does split the pins and shot didn’t know if I hit him or not, runs 20 yards and drops! On to gun for the weekend good luck and be safe
  8. XL stratus bibs and jacket one small tear in the left knee of the bibs but works great in temps above 30 degrees Bought them last year,also XL Fanatic Hoody Optifade Elevated II bought this October
  9. My friend does too.. I thought he was nuts doing it to his new Sitkagear
  10. What about the old Indian trick? Anyone do it smoke out all your gear?
  11. Yote peeing on my mock scrape 😑
  12. I charter with the 9’ glts on Seneca with wire and they’re great rods fun fights
  13. Camera 3 days in on a untouched chunk! Hopefully I’ll make something hanppen!
  14. On the hunt for some new buck sign. A buck I found September got shot this week would’ve been my best one. I was close to shooting him 2 times but never got it done.. land owners friend came up from Texas for 5 days and got him.. cameras been dead so time to hunt down the next one! Got the week off and a new piece of woods to try!
  15. Grey fox it is.. Here’s video from Geneva I took of a fisher last year haven’t seen him this year 2A495D71-0804-4CE7-BEE0-569E258E9A50.MOV
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