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    Fishing and Hunting. Getting back into salmon after a layoff

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  1. Charlie P

    Legacy- 2018 Deer Season

    45 minutes left in my shift, 75 hours in 6 days. Off 11/7 to 11/20. Time to do some hunting.
  2. Charlie P

    Legacy- 2018 Deer Season

    Nice buck Congrats.
  3. Charlie P

    Legacy- 2018 Deer Season

    This bear was shot in Windsor last year. 550 on a registered scale.
  4. Charlie P

    Legacy- 2018 Deer Season

    I have 4 more days of 12.5 hour shifts then I'm off 11/6-11/19 can't wait. 7 sits so far this season and haven't seen much of anything. Been doing about 60 hours a week and I do need some time in the woods. I do wish I had some of the bucks I'm seeing on here on my camera but you never know.
  5. Charlie P

    Rescue off oak orchard !?

    I remember a thread on here asking basically asking what wave height wouldn't you fish in a lot of people posted " the bigger the waves the bigger the fish" I don't believe in that mentality but to each their own. If this person was bragging about fishing when the charter captains won't then I would say he was willing to push it when others wouldn't. Anyone that has spent time on this lake knows it can go from " this isn't too bad to holy ****" quick. I know I have pulled around the break wall and said to myself " you overstayed your welcome" and was happy to be back safe. Boating safety is the same as gun safety after you pull the trigger you can't put it back in the chamber. A man lost his life and everyone can learn from this. Be safe out there and tight lines to all. Sent from my Lenovo TB-X103F using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. https://www.cottonhanlon.com/hunting-leases This price isn't far off from What Cotton Hanlon gets.
  7. Very sad. Every time I see people saying " bigger the waves the bigger the fish" I cringe. Just not worth it for me, I fish out of 22 ft Islander so I'm more limited then some others with bigger boats, but I don't like fishing in the big stuff. Heart goes out to the family. Sent from my Lenovo TB-X103F using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. Charlie P

    “Duffy” from Wicked Tuna

    When Tyler landed a double solo, he gained my respect. I've done it on kings and it was tough can't imagine doing it with 400 lb Tuna.
  9. Charlie P

    First king on the new boat

    First one is a nice, congrats
  10. We weren't approaching each other I was on a west troll he was on a sw line, he was over taking me. I had boats on my port trolling west no where to go. I have a boat approaching me I'm giving 20- 30 degrees a half mile away, last thing I want is an issue on the water. If I didn't keep my line I would have been collecting the guys copper on my port side.
  11. Drags were fine. Thinking there is bad section in the spool.
  12. 7/15 Got on the water about 6:00 set up in about 60 ft and picked up a small brown before we had every thing down. Worked 100 - 140 for a few hours lot of marks but couldn't get any thing to .fire except lakers got three around 12 lbs Put out a 10 inch chrome two face on wire on a 1 setting 220 out and it fired and came unhooked with a hammer fly 36 inch leader. Got set back up and decided to troll out a little got out to 180 and the two face fires again 23 pound king. Had very little action on spoons and a bunch of fish came unhooked on flasher flies. Put the black spinny that Bob Songin mentioned in video from the day before and it fired with in 5 minutes and broke off and I didn't have another. broke two brand new leaders 40lb big game 8 inches down from my knot and didn't even release the dipsey? I checked both of them for nicks before I put them down and they both broke away from the knot and the release on the dipsey wasn't overly tight. Ended up using some 50 lb Gamma I use to tie fly leaders with put I don't know what happened. 7/16 Got on the water about 5:45 and set up in 100 ft and started our troll. Started a west troll in 130 and anther boat comes in from around 170 ft and angles right at me I won't post the name of the boat but he got to about 100 ft from me and was still coming directly at me. I yelled "Hey what the F### are we doing here" he replies "I'm sorry" and finally turns back out. 6 guys on their boat and they had to see what was happening. I was on my line for 40 minutes and he was literally going to run me over. Little later the Two chrome takes a nasty hit and screams out, after a great fight Daughter in law land a 18.5 king.Picked up another king on a black and white spinny and a 42 nd flie down 90 on a rigger, Land a brown off a spoon and a laker and decide to head deep. Hit 400 and chili willi spoon stacked at 60 fires with a steelie third jump it comes off. Get it back down and another steelie takes it about 9 lbs, The chrome two face on the 1 dipsey fires again 16 lb king. We don't get it back down and the other dipsey on a 3 setting with the same set up fires and gets off. Circled back through nothing. The learning curve continues. Had to come back home for a couple days be back Wednesday - Sunday at the Oak.
  13. Fished I fished out of the oak today. Blow yesterday really warmed the inside. Went 4 for 8 150 - 170. Trolled out 350 didn't move a rod. Spoon bite bite for us. Nbk and wonder bread uv did best. Every 10-15 minutes flea detail really sucks. Lost a mid 20's fish thanks to the fleas.
  14. Charlie P


    We have been dealing with the cotton wood for weeks, I wasn't there but he knows what the fleas are, hope your right.
  15. Charlie P

    Odd fish

    I've caught three this year with the gill plate missing. No humpbacks that is weird.