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  1. You're banging them pretty good.👍
  2. Charlie P


    Seems like hour to hour a lot of days.
  3. I was out a few weeks ago solo and it settled in couldn't see 70 yards. weird feeling.
  4. Charlie P


    Last week our meat was firing using old pro troll 13 inch fish flasher green and blue with atomic stud Twinkie rig. Lost my last green one had to be 20 yrs old. My buddy texted yesterday morning he is at oak orchard. 39.5 degrees down 50 in 75 foot of water. Last Sunday it was 56 degrees.
  5. Charlie P

    need gear

    I did a search yesterday on scottys, here is a couple that didn't show sold.
  6. Good to see you are having a good trip.
  7. Nice. U get those fish in shallow to fire?
  8. We never left 150 ft of water Friday afternoon - Sunday Morning at the Oak. There was a ton of bait and fish, stopped looking at my down temp because it didn't matter. If you see marks in the skinny water give it shot.
  9. Very enjoyable trip started off a little rough, motor wouldn't start out 3 miles out on Braddock's Bay 6/10 came in on the kicker, so we got two new batteries , new winch that had the handle brake the first time I used it, had a window come loose in the hard top, new starter Friday morning, but then it was on!!! Found the fish at 2:30 Friday afternoon and we stayed on them until Sunday at 830 am. Batteries $$$ winch $$$$ Tools $$$$ Starter $$$$ all the normal stuff $$$$ Tripling up with your son on Fathers day Morning priceless.
  10. Wire gets u deeper and very soon when the fleas get here it will nearly impossible to to run mono on your dipsey divers. It came up about 11 degrees inside after the blow. Got two in 350 129 and 100 down and about a 23lber in 450 on meat out 280. Fishing at the Oak.
  11. Charlie P


    I plan on starting shallow at the Oak tomorrow.Set up in 70 and start trying to figure out what happened with this blow. Last three days in 120 ft. 45 down was 43 degrees 70 feet was 41.8. Slow last few days. Around 250 45 down was 46 and 350 45 was about 49. I'll post what I'm finding tomorrow.
  12. I did run a two face paddle mostly with a stud and did well.
  13. Green fireworks, caddy shack uv and mountain dew works well for us in bright Sun. Two face, white glow, 42nd spin doctor produce in the morning and cloudy days.