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  1. Couldn't get cutbait before a trip one time used strips of whiting that I brined caught fish on it.
  2. https://tomahawkfishingcharter.com/ spoons
  3. There are some dipsey rods on ebay Found this too. https://thereelshot.com/okuma-big-lake-tournament-dipsey-2-pc-rod-medium-heavy-10/ https://tangledtacklecompany.com/collections/diver-rods/products/okuma-classic-pro-diver-rod-90-cp-dd-902m-medium Looks like tackle haven might have some dipsey rods too.
  4. You can get meat rigs and flies directly from the Atomik site. Spoons are definitely tough right now there are a few people in the classifieds that can paint what you need. You check the spoon manufacturers sites directly?
  5. Man's got to know his limitations lol. Had my 5th surgery two years ago in September, they tried to insert a spinal stimulator in May and couldn't get it through my scar tissue, just glad to get out on calm days.
  6. After watching the weather and surface temperature for a few days we decided to start out deeper than we normally do.Friday morning we set up at 300 foot temperature was high and so was our gear trolled north to 500. We had a new crew member this trip my buddies 9 week old red heeler. Wind picked up out of the east and it got pretty rough. I have a bad back and having the puppy on board we decided to pull around 10:30 did ok landed around 10 fish. Mostly a spoon bite. Saturday morning we set up at 200 riggers at 40,50 and 60 wire divers at 100 and 140 north south troll trolled out to 400. Spoons and white Oki, white glow meat rig were firing consistently. Threw out the ten color and a gator and it started doing it's thing. Boxed four decent kings and released another 10. Couple steelhead. Pulled at 11 to give the puppy a break. Saturday afternoon got on the water around 3:30 and decided to check the inside set up in 120 was quite for awhile. Trolled out out to 350 and turned back south. Water was changing, again. Headed east and marked the first good bait we had seen around 220 feet. We landed a few smaller kings and between 6:45 and 7:15 we went 5 for 6 between 220 and 200. Sunday morning set up in 150 and got a nice steelhead right after we set up and a small king. Got into a bunch of skippy's.Noticed some boats hanging in the skinney water so we decided to head east and check it out. White Oki with meat fired nice king, our two face paddle with a fly hadn't done anything so I put down the Oki bullfrog with meat dropped it to 180 on a three setting on a Chinook, ten minutes later it's screaming. Couple minutes later our 10 color with a gator gets buried. While we're fighting those two fish three other rods go off but don't hook up. 170 foot of water everything is firing, riggers 40,50 70, wire rods 180, 200 and the lead core Land the double and reset head back east and continue to have a consistent pick in 170 on the east to west troll. Double again and the rain starts boxed out.
  7. Just texted my buddy your post asked if him if was interested in talking you out his reply "definitely ". Don't know exact dates we going to be there but I'll message you my information. We'll be going out of the oak.
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