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  1. The one thing about Keating's books is the spoon colors he talks about aren't my favorites on Ontario. Damn good books.
  2. You get Keating on kings too? Spring you're going to be covering a lot of the water column.
  3. Sorry you can't make the trip, not sure what science is behind the travel ban list, hopefully you can get up here in the spring and end enjoy the fishery. Hopefully by then you'll be able to go into one of the fine establishments we have up here without the scientific rule of food with your drink. West end in the spring can be epic fishing. Can give you the names of couple of places you can stay.
  4. I did that but didn't realize it until after I had gone to the bathroom, it wasn't good.
  5. Buddy did good 31 line yesterday. Matures, steelies and smaller salmon.
  6. Better to have it and not need it,then need it and not have it.
  7. Careful with your downriggers with the poles at the end of the dock.
  8. Only thing that didn't switch over was the fuel pump, Ernst marina had one in stock but
  9. Interesting weekend went really smooth a lot of switching out parts.
  10. Switching out a 170 for a 185.
  11. Heavy west wind today and tonight could be some warm water coming in.
  12. Big tourney in Oswego this weekend. Early morning spoon carbon 14 and a seasick waddle. Flasher fly white double crush or a white glow with black or green dots and a white glow fly.
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