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  1. John, I've seen 2 neurosurgeons about this .Thanks for your concern. It's time. This surgeon isn't a cut first type of guy. Things that are happening now are really not good, not talking pain.
  2. Well it was over. Ended up at the University of Rochester neurosurgery happy I left my area. Did physical therapy cortisone injections etc with no relief. Over the last couple weeks things have been really bad. Surgery is scheduled for 9/25. Along with the other issues I have a cyst in the spine. They have to remove hardware from the triple fusion to remove the cyst and do 2 laminectomies. Don't want to have more surgery but at this point I can barely stand up or walk. I feel bad for the Salmon because I'll be back with a vengeance next season.
  3. Just finished the course and test honestly, you got to be kidding me. I can see helping new boaters but I could have taken the test without reading the material, except for the PAC section, which I'm never going to do.
  4. I experimented with whiting filets last year and caught fish. Just had to cut them to size and brine them.
  5. Why not just put a new one in? We left the key home one time went to an auto parts store and installed it in their parking lot.
  6. Never had it happen always wondered the same thing. We did catch our own net one time buddy dropped it in a minute later the outside downrigger pops " net on" reeled it in and netted the fish we were fighting with it.
  7. They boarded us last 4 of July week in Oak Orchard, they were professional and didn't even have to stop trolling.
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