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  1. If throw them away I'll send you my address. Lol
  2. Guy I fish with has a Tohatsu it's been great the 5 years I have been fishing with him, I have a Nissan same story.
  3. Have seen some reports of a few kings being boated. Been checking surface temps, what temperature on the west end (Niagara) over the years starts the good fishing?
  4. Copperpin think you're missing the high level of sarcasm in his posts.
  5. Captain of Dirty Goose said 110 -140, he has daily reports on his page.
  6. Don't know if it's still available. https://www.facebook.com/groups/723945547714568/permalink/3654189674690126/?sale_post_id=3654189674690126
  7. Spots in Pulaski Fat Nancy's, Sonny's, Woody and a couple others.
  8. Ads for this have been popping up on my Facebook wondering if anyone has tried it? https://www.reactiontackle.com/collections/braided-fishing-line/products/reaction-tackle-high-performance-braided-fishing-line-various-colors?variant=12197008998436
  9. A few years ago I read they ticketed people for taking a photograph of a fish out of season, because that wasn't releasing it immediately.
  10. Skinny420, High tide??
  11. Check out https://tomahawkfishingcharter.com/ from what I was told he bought FLT.
  12. Picking some up Sunday on my way home from getting the boat to my son's house
  13. Looks like you could be in Pulaski NY in about 1.5 if your looking to do a road trip. Fat nancys, Sonny's and all seasons are there. Fat Nancy's you can also order off their website not sure about the other two. Fish USA is a good online site also. Haven't tried braid when the fleas are in, not sure if I would want to.
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