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  1. They boarded my boat last year, no complaints, didn't even have to stop trolling. Gave me a copy of the inspection told me if to show it and you're good.
  2. Thanks you have been very helpful and I appreciate it.
  3. I'd guess 3\4 or more. I talked with him and he said he is leaning towards draining it.22 ft Islander that holds 50 gallons so we're talking 40-45 gallons compared to motor issues. I really appreciate the input. I'm three hours away laying on the couch with some back issues, so I can't even get up there to help.
  4. I neglected to add that we did have an issue with it doing this on the water last year. Then we didn't fish on it anymore, he changed the filters out and had it running with the muffs on to winterize it. Only ran for a minute or two this spring.
  5. Son got the boat started then it sputtered and stalled. He took off the fuel filter and put some in a bottle and put a stick in it and said he could barely get it to light. It also doesn't smell right.We have been using sea foam when we fill up and at the end of the year but from what he said and from the way this gas looks we are going to have to drain the tank. Plan right now is to do it directly from the tank and replacing filters etc. Any thoughts or advice from people that have had this issue?
  6. Last year my season ended August 4th with a phone call when I was at the Oak letting me know my mother had passed just didn't feel fishing after that. This spring I put my third Scotty on and my son did a bunch of work on the boat. Got my spoons, flies and everything thing else I needed ordered for the upcoming season. Called a good buddy and we decided to fish spring LOC,salmon slam and 1 k a day. Put in my PTO for the summer, plan was a total of 5 weeks of Salmon fishing throughout the summer. Totally psyched for the season. Did 69 hours at work and get woke up at 4am with back and leg pain April 28th. Get put on steroids and after 4 days with no relief from leg and back pain provider orders an MRI, results came back Friday. No signal from l3- l4 which basically means it is a flat tire. Severe stenosis and spinal cord compression 2 bulging discs and few other minor issues.I've already had several surgeries including a fusion with cages and triple fusion last one about 13 years ago, been pain free since then. Have an appointment with a neurosurgeon on the 14th. Called my buddy this Sunday and cancelled next week. I don't know if I will be able to fish this year or when I will be able to work again. My advice to everyone is that morning you wake up and say to your self should I go fishing,? GO! Because you never know.
  7. Last year I had a buddy of mine leave my walker downrigger on the whole way in to port fishing at the Oak, no auto stop, it was shot. I had put a Scotty 1116 pro pack on that spring and really liked it. Went to Narbys and got to talking with a guy and he suggested calling ASB. So I call and speak with them and tell him what I was looking for and he tells me I have one in storage told him I would be on my way. Arrive and there is a sign in the window " be right back" about a half hour later he gets back and informs me he doesn't have a Scotty but I do have a big jon. Classic bait and switch. Left a bad taste in my mouth.
  8. I started fishing on lake o in a 20 ft wellcaft with 2 manual downriggers and I would watch guys trolling by by me going by me and wondering why they going that fast. I had a good speed on the top but had no idea what I was at on the ball. Got out of it for awhile when my son was in youth sports. Then I got back in t salmon fishing. Found this site and hooked up with someone that needed an observer for a tournament got on his boat and he had a probe he explained the importance of the speed at your depth. Ended up buying his boat. It'ss a tool that greatly reduces your learning curve. For me it is essential I still have a lot to learn but I believe it has helped me put a whole lot more fish in the boat. I have a Moore(so) on the boat now when it goes I will spend the money on a fish hawk.$700 compared to what I have invested is worth it. Divide it by the years you get out of it what's it come to $30 a year?
  9. I'll take em. I'll text you in the morning. I'm in Vestal can pickup Wednesday evening or Friday.
  10. I experimented with whiting last year it produced fish. It didn't hold up as good but I think it had to do with my brine. I'm going to try again this year and run it with herring to get a side by comparison.
  11. Reading comprehension isn't my strong suit, I showed up 7 days, 23 hours early for the show. Think I've been working too much.
  12. That baby produced a bunch of kings last year.
  13. lol, you're right. My son made it the next day for his wife they thought it was great too.
  14. NBK ,UV Wonderbread many that have already been mentioned and I swear this bite me elmo was on fire for a few weeks until we lost it. Fathers day week it had to take 15 kings.
  15. Come on it's soooooooo much fun. They always do exactly what you want at the back of the boat.
  16. https://www.syracuse.com/expo/news/g66l-2019/02/ebaabc7e1a674/photos-damaging-winds-crush-parts-of-buffalo-western-ny.html a few photos of Buffalo, Tug Hill is under blizzard warnings.
  17. Dates for Wilson Salmon Slam and 1k a day are different on here then their page. LOU 5/14- 18 WHI page has 5/11-17. FYI. Sent from my Lenovo TB-X103F using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  18. I just watched your youtube video last night on tying leaders. Tied some triple bead ones up last night.
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