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  1. dave. Just being smart but maybe they hit a big wave and it broke the line.
  2. How far are you from L & M (Hank) I hear he is really good. It's not too far to Buffalo (really North Tonawanda) but laing's outboards specializes in old motors.
  3. If these deals fall through let me know. Sent from my SM-G930V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. Yeah don't know where to start. Like pap, I have bought lots of stuff from other guys who gave out advice freely whether private sales or at the swap meets. Plenty of people give ideas to help catch fish when people get frustrated not catching. Help with motors whether working on it yourself or who to take them to and get the best service. I guess a couple of the biggest are the advice I have gotten by being an observer for tourney's and pre-fishing with them and probably Rick's (yankee troller) tips on setting up my FF to get close to max potential out of it. I say potential max as I am still messing with the settings.
  5. Where are you located and can you send or put up a pick of the back of the tongue jack (connection to trailer)? thanks
  6. Do most use the deep divers or shallows? I got a few of the shallow divers but seems most are using the deep divers. Mostly using them off riggers and leadcore on erie.
  7. That sucks. Double whammy for those up there as they are losing money and summer business is right around the corner which will be affected as well.
  8. I don't have a fish hawk but have a depth raider. Majority of the time I use it for speed control. My ff might say I am going 2 and down speed is off by 0.5-1 mph. Speed is most critical I say, even more for walleye which is what I target mostly now. Sent from my SM-G930V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. Really depends on the type of net. Some just trap the fish like a fyke net. Which has wings and a large kind of live well area that holds the fish so they measure and release live fish. Usually gills nets bouies are in a straight line, anything with angles most likely are another kind of net. Usually gill nets are set in deeper water and the other nets are in shallower, less than 10 ft.
  10. Mud wasps will also builds nests in them. Either use a piece of wire or trimmer/weedwacker string to undo the blockage.
  11. bump, any interest in the booms from anyone? make an offer if so.
  12. Where are you located?
  13. Bump. Anybody want this for free?
  14. I would also get rid of the salt block as you may be attracting them to your property, then they start eating other things. Then would trap/dispose of them, most wildlife that is damaging your property or person you are allowed to dispatch. Predator urine might work also, but would have to reapply after rains. I could recommend a few guys with their dogs but they might want you to pay the vet bill. A few of them cannot get their dogs to stop going after porcupines.
  15. I have a depth raider which came with my boat. I love knowing down speed and temp and believe I have caught more fish as a result. Downside is dealing with coated cable, which gets beat up and at times you have to pour water or have a wet rag on the sensor for it to work. Every few trips I have to cut off some of the wire on the downrigger that gets chewed up and reattach the connections for the rigger ball, just because the sheath is missing or pretty beat up. If I were to buy one I would go with fish hawk since you don't need any special wire or the smart troll but it is kind of out of my price range. That is my next upgrade on my boat is to sell the depth raider and buy a fish hawk. But I need to wait till next year as I got a terrova this year. And the SO will only let me get away with one big purchase per year.