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  1. Mud wasps will also builds nests in them. Either use a piece of wire or trimmer/weedwacker string to undo the blockage.
  2. bump, any interest in the booms from anyone? make an offer if so.
  3. Bump. Anybody want this for free?
  4. I would also get rid of the salt block as you may be attracting them to your property, then they start eating other things. Then would trap/dispose of them, most wildlife that is damaging your property or person you are allowed to dispatch. Predator urine might work also, but would have to reapply after rains. I could recommend a few guys with their dogs but they might want you to pay the vet bill. A few of them cannot get their dogs to stop going after porcupines.
  5. I have a depth raider which came with my boat. I love knowing down speed and temp and believe I have caught more fish as a result. Downside is dealing with coated cable, which gets beat up and at times you have to pour water or have a wet rag on the sensor for it to work. Every few trips I have to cut off some of the wire on the downrigger that gets chewed up and reattach the connections for the rigger ball, just because the sheath is missing or pretty beat up. If I were to buy one I would go with fish hawk since you don't need any special wire or the smart troll but it is kind of out of my price range. That is my next upgrade on my boat is to sell the depth raider and buy a fish hawk. But I need to wait till next year as I got a terrova this year. And the SO will only let me get away with one big purchase per year.
  6. Last weekend we got 3 on brown trout candy, the short shallow one. Fishusa has been having sales on them also. I agree with others and have not been impressed with cabelas in Cheektowaga's selection in the fishing dept. I thought they would have some stock so you can actually see something in person. Often I have a list of what I want to look at and end up at Dicks or Gander or going online. I think they are catering to the bass guys as you can find a ton of bass stuff. Even though they are close to erie they still don't seem to have the walleye stuff I go to look at.
  7. Bump, $25 obo Sent from my SM-G930V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. Sold Sent from my SM-G930V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. Older Minn Kota powerdrive Older Minn Kota powerdrive 50 lb thrust, 54" shaft. Works fine just missing the trim pieces and not ipilot adaptable as it is old. Free. Working on cleaning out the garage.
  10. I was out in my friends boat also. We ended up 6 for 8, I think. I now we got 6 in the boat cant remember how many total hit that got off but was only a few. We were in 10-12 ft. Got them on black silver rapala, brown trout candy bay rat and one on a spoon not sure the name but was black on the side with some orange.
  11. First one like others said is fat head minnow or it's new pc name of large cranium minnow.
  12. Fully agree with all. Rick's hummingbird tutorials have help me maybe get close to maximum usage on my fishfinder.
  13. Like others have said prices go up. They are great weights and great service so I would not have an issue with the price going up. I would rather his go up to keep him happy then for him to stop making them.
  14. Minn Kota Powerdrive with autopilot Minn Kota powerdrive V2 with autopilot, 55lbs thrust, 54" shaft, 12V. Very good condition. No Ipilot. $350 or best offer