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  1. We camp up there every year, I'm trying to get the people we camp with to go to a different place as it is a zoo. Pretty much I fish from 5am to about 10-11am then maybe the evening if I feel like it. Otherwise in my boat you get thrown around too much and its not fun fishing in that. I don't fish Erie or Ontario in 3 ft waves so why should I do that on vacation. This last time we went out in the afternoon on Saturday and almost swamped the boat, not real fun. My boat normally is dry on pretty much any other lake and most conditions I fish but up there it always has a good amount of water in it when were are done fishing for the day and pull it.
  2. dukhnter8

    on line doe permits

    I also have a lifetime license.
  3. dukhnter8

    on line doe permits

    No you can do it online. You need to sign in and under annual hunting items there should be a spot for DMPs.
  4. Says right on the tag Ipilot preinstalled. That's a great buy.
  5. dukhnter8


    I'm starting to see more numbers my way but they are residents and know where its safe to hide out. One of the main spots is a farm that gets leased for deer that don't let anyone hunt geese. But seems like I am starting to see smaller groups moving to huntable areas.
  6. dukhnter8

    Rescue off oak orchard !?

    So have they said what happened? From what I have read and heard he was out in rough weather in a small (19' or so boat). Were there engine issues, just took a bad wave and got swamped? Just curious to see if I can learn from it. Although if it starts getting bad I will head in, bad being 2-3 ft waves. I tend to err on the caution side.
  7. dukhnter8

    Lake O Water Level Keeps Dropping

    There is also the fact that many of the Lake Ontario counties were in moderate drought for a good part of the summer. So the ground will soak up the water and fill low spots first before getting to Lake O. My wetland is still does not have water flowing out of the spillway and has not been flowing out of the spillway for at least a month or more.
  8. dukhnter8

    A bit Angry

    There's been times when I fish away from the pack then you get that one boat that has to run up on you. Getting very close to see if you're catching fish many times getting way to close even though you're away from everyone.
  9. dukhnter8

    New Model- Fish Hawk X2

    I have an older depth raider and no real issues with fleas, I replaced my cable last year as the old one was getting pretty short from cutting of sections that got bad. This year I have been lazy and have not cleaned the end that is missing the coating and haven't had issues with it not reading. Although I am mostly fishing for walleye at max depths of 70-80 fow.
  10. dukhnter8

    Video on gobie on bass spawn

    If bass numbers have been down since gobies increased in numbers, but the size of bass has increased. The question is if they eat eggs and fry and removing the bass from the nest why do we have the catch and release season. I guess politics push the regulations more than science.
  11. https://toronto.craigslist.ca/tor/boa/d/2010-starcraft-fishmaster-196/6597158806.html Even though this in in Canada looks like a nice boat and great deal. If I was looking I would be on this one. Motor is a bit small but my friend has a 90 on his and it still moves pretty good.
  12. dukhnter8

    for sale : usa 2010 Ford F150

    True, but if I can get a few dollars more for it then I don't pay as much either.
  13. dukhnter8

    for sale : usa 2010 Ford F150

    Bump, any interest make an offer. I have a new on ordered and have a price from the dealer so anything above that I would take.
  14. dukhnter8

    for sale : usa 2010 Ford F150

    I wasn't sure if I should or shouldn't but wanted to be safe, you never know what people will do on the internet these days.
  15. 2010 Ford F150 5.4L 4x4 supercrew (4 door) blue, 120,000 miles, well maintained I have notes/receipts. Some of the usual rust on the bottom of the doors. Oil changes every 5,000 miles with semi synthetic oil. New front brakes a month ago. Cap included. A couple of dings but none major. Asking $12,000 obo.