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  1. This will help with the plumbing part. I have mine hooked to the main battery through a shutoff switch, but it is a tiller with electric start. https://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing-hunting/topic/71434-plumb-kicker-motor-to-main-tank/
  2. No real way to filter easily that I know of, just have to keep checking and be quick on stuff you want as sometimes the good stuff goes fast.
  3. Watch the classifieds here lots of good stuff for good prices. Good line for downriggers is Berkley big game. I use 10 or 12 for eyes, 20 and 30 for trout and salmon. Eye rods can double for spring brown trout.
  4. dukhnter8

    for sale : usa Hummingbird helix 7

    I bought the other one, he is in MN and they are getting hammered with snow which he said he was busy plowing snow. He got mine shipped out relatively quickly. I have it wired up but have yet to be able to mess with it on the water, due to the crappy weather here as well.
  5. dukhnter8

    Plumb kicker motor to main tank

    The way I understood is there is a check valve on the primer bulb, so you would want them after the separator. I can take a pic of my setup after work today. I added it and new lines to my boat after I bought it a few years ago and just added new lines as the old ones looked like they were getting bad along with it having a valve for switching the lines from main to kicker. It was a few years ago but I think I got my parts from a plumbing/hardware store. The parts (nipples and plug) were safe for fuel and used the yellow pipe tape for the threads (gas safe). The glass also lets you see if you have water in the fuel during the year, I do replace the filter every year but it is a nice piece of mind.
  6. dukhnter8

    Plumb kicker motor to main tank

    Yup one port for each motor. Yeah I just used a plug or whatever the plumbing term or maybe it came with one. I can't remember. Also use pipe tape for gas on the threads.
  7. dukhnter8

    Plumb kicker motor to main tank

    I added a fuel and water separator and have the one line in, two out. I am using a raycor 120r fuel and water separator. Make sure if you install one that you can get to it easily and remove the bowl at the bottom for cleaning and inspection. I have fuel lines with the bulbs after the filter/separator for both my main motor and kicker, bought new lines to make sure it was all good. Also the bulbs should have check valves in them. That way I do not have to worry about switching a valve during rough water times and not worry about one motor sucking fuel or any related issues with that possible problem.
  8. dukhnter8

    LOU app acting up.

    Looks like it's back up and running. Working for me so far. Good job Sent from my SM-G930V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. dukhnter8

    Where to buy gear

    fishusa is my go to and if you get on the mailing list they send out deals all the time.
  10. dukhnter8

    LOU app acting up.

    I'm having the same exact issue. Gives me the network error when trying to sign in and when I do reinstall I can get in for a short time. I am using a android and thought there was an issue they were working on.
  11. Good job. Where did you launch? Were the ramps in? Heard there was ice in some areas, was it pretty clear where you fished? TIA
  12. dukhnter8


    I use the old ones to start bonfires we have. Also I have handed them to my wife and had her start them by herself so she knows how to do that. She is the one that is out with me most often and if I didn't show/teach her these things when things are calm then she may panic when things go bad and if something happened to me.
  13. dukhnter8


    I did that last year when mine were up also. Walmart was the cheapest, just have to check the expiration dates as I saw some old ones that had 2 years left.
  14. dukhnter8

    for sale : usa Hummingbird helix 7

    Also interested and wondering the same questions as fishingfool asked.
  15. Yeah if you split I'd be interested in the diawa sealine 47sh reels and maybe the smaller net.