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  1. When you "T" your fuel line, put a quality brass fuel shutoff in each line. When you run the main engine you can turn off the fuel line for the kicker. When you run the kicker you can turn off the main line fuel. This will guarantee that you will not have one engine affecting the other. It is also good when it's time to quit for the day. Turn the fuel off on the kicker and run it dry. This will ensure that you do not have a small quantity of gas in the float bowl to go rancid and cause staring issues next time. Jay
  2. thanks Jay
  3. I have used 303 for ten years on my wife's convertible top and my boat covers. Seems to work Great!
  4. Be careful with Sears products; in their financial position, good chance they will be gone in 6 months!
  5. Since I used to work for Honda, I can suggest that you ask your dealer who the local zone rep is. He visits all the local dealers and knows the good techs and the good dealers. Explain your situation and ask for a recommendation on a good dealer and tech. If your dealer will not give you the zone reps name, pursue his name through Honda or another dealer. Honda is a good company: some dealers, maybe not so much. good luck, Jay
  6. Menards has excellent pricing on Exide batteries! Great batteries with super warranties. And they are approved by NASCAR! Not sure what that would mean to fisherman?????????
  7. The majority of my J-plugs I run only one treble hook and tie a harness with Power Pro so it is right at the tip of the plug. On the bottom side I use a split ring on the end of a all chain to keep the hook harness from pulling up through the plug. On the top of the ball chain I tie an 18" piece of 50 lb fluorocarbon so the plug can slide up and away from the hooks when a fish bites. Works great.
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    check your PM Jay
  9. The QJ carb is an excellent carb if kept in good condition. I have rebuilt many of these over the years and one issue I continually run into is the body well plugs on the bottom plate seeping. Every QJ rebuild that has these plugs gets a coat of epoxy before assembly on to eliminate that issue.
  10. Some of those reels you mention, have decent drags from the factory. I would suggest disassembling all of the drags, cleaning, (I use brake clean) sanding the discs (fiber and steel) on a flat surface (kitchen counter works great when no one is looking) with fine sandpaper and reassembling them. I like my drags dry, but I know many fisherman that like to put Cals lube on them. I have found that some reels come from the factory with grease on the drag washers that thickens with time an causes inconsistent performance. If you have any questions, give Paulie a call at Tuna Tom's. He is always willing to give advice. Jay
  11. Ande makes an excellent product. I use Seaguar fluorocarbon for my leaders. I believe it to be well worth the money for a more stealth presentation, especially for steelhead trolling. Some Lake Michigan charter captains claim 50% more strikes with fluorocarbon leaders. Jay
  12. lost a lure thank you Jay