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  1. for sale : usa

    sent u a PM 4 pics
  2. I tried to buy them a couple of weeks back?
  3. So how much? I am interested thanks Jay
  4. Those are some good looking colors. Who makes these?
  5. wish I knew how to tie a harness, I might buy it
  6. Almost every reel I own for salmon, no matter what brand (to include the Tekota's with the infamous sticky drags) get new carbon drags from Tuna Tom's when I get them. Once they are installed, the drags work nicely. Newer Convectors and Clarions come with nice carbon fiber drag washers from the factory.
  7. From what I have read over the years, consensus appears to be that looping the excess cable has a detrimental affect on the reception/transmission. I always shorten the cable to a length where no loop is necessary for the slack cable. Jay
  8. I routed the edge, stained and sealed my 2 x 6 board. So far the fish have not complained and they are my main focus when I am on the lake!
  9. Check your PM Jay
  10. I will give you $45 on PayPal right now
  11. I used a 2x6 with tracks mounted to it Much cheaper than the bar