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  1. Hmmmm... Not sure what is left, but if the top picture for $25 is, I will take them Jay
  2. please cancel my response that I would purchase thank you, Jay
  3. I have not used them personally but I believe a friend of mine Captain John Warren (Kingseeker Charters) on Lake Michigan has used them with good success. I have been told it is a good product with great warranty on the paint
  4. Any bad press about Okuma drags was from many years ago (some people can't give it up) I have used Okuma reels for well over 10 years and have found many ways to loose a fish but it has never been the reels fault (including Magdas) Yes, drag washer upgrades might be needed on the older ones, but I believe all new Okumas use the Carbonite drag washers. If you want to talk about drag problems contact Tuna Tom in Ludington and ask him what is the #1 reel he has had to upgrade the drags on! It starts with a T and everyone acts like those reels are the best thing ever made I will keep my Okumas and spend the extra money on drugs and alcohol (I do not condone this type of activity, but it has worked for me)
  5. I WILL TAKE THE STORM JRS maybe the Yozuri also check your Pm
  6. https://www.partsvu.com/big-jon-quick-slide-mounting-base.html?utm_source=bing&scid=scbplp41115&sc_intid=41115&msclkid=af01b1ffbdc615250deeefe0cc0d4d9a&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=SC%20Shopping%20-%20Branded%2FNumbered&utm_term=4575205324807056&utm_content=All%20Products $102.95 each 888-625-5460
  7. I think you just don't like us Chicago guys because we have better pizza!
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