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    check your PM Jay
  2. The QJ carb is an excellent carb if kept in good condition. I have rebuilt many of these over the years and one issue I continually run into is the body well plugs on the bottom plate seeping. Every QJ rebuild that has these plugs gets a coat of epoxy before assembly on to eliminate that issue.
  3. Some of those reels you mention, have decent drags from the factory. I would suggest disassembling all of the drags, cleaning, (I use brake clean) sanding the discs (fiber and steel) on a flat surface (kitchen counter works great when no one is looking) with fine sandpaper and reassembling them. I like my drags dry, but I know many fisherman that like to put Cals lube on them. I have found that some reels come from the factory with grease on the drag washers that thickens with time an causes inconsistent performance. If you have any questions, give Paulie a call at Tuna Tom's. He is always willing to give advice. Jay
  4. Ande makes an excellent product. I use Seaguar fluorocarbon for my leaders. I believe it to be well worth the money for a more stealth presentation, especially for steelhead trolling. Some Lake Michigan charter captains claim 50% more strikes with fluorocarbon leaders. Jay
  5. lost a lure thank you Jay
  6. lost a lure No. I do not have the hydraulic pump manual. Did not know there was such a publication Jay
  7. Unreel, I looked at the manual in the box, and it seemed like the directions were a bit weak. Did you have any problem getting the installation completed with the documentation provided? Hooking up the wiring did not seem to difficult, but the hydraulics section seemed to be quite vague. Jay
  8. RAYMARINE AUTO PILOT Is anyone using a Raymarine autopilot EV 100? I am looking for opinions on the performance thank you Jay
  9. FOR SALE One pair BJ swivel bases ( 8 POSITION) Excellant condition $140.00 to your door in 48 states. Thanks for looking. Jay "we sell no junk"
  10. Last two lots sold, pending payment
  11. Too bad for you!
  12. Only two lots left. Take em all for $22.00 delivered to your door in GLS,s