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  1. ***********SOLD**************SOLD*****************SOLD****************SOLD************
  2. 2 - CLR - 453LS Large capacity trolling reels good for lead core or copper Hi-speed retrieve - 6.2-1 Carbonite drag washers Serviced in January by Pete's Reel Service Reels are in excellent mecahnaical condition with no "sun fade" $180.00 for both delivered to your door (lower 48) "WE SELL NO JUNK"
  3. Hmm.... Would like to see b4 I buy
  4. Depth Raider complete with all cables and parts and in good working condition $240.00 includes shipping to lower 48 states. "WE SELL NO JUNK"
  5. One pair of Big Jon swivel bases in excellent condition These are the 8 position bases, not the cheaper 4 position bases $120.00 delivered to the lower 48 Payment by Pay Pal "WE SELL NO JUNK"
  6. Do you have a picture of it installed? [email protected] thank you
  7. Look on "the south end" website Yamaha kicker just listed
  8. I will take these Please see your PM thank you
  9. Tom has always been good for me (10years)
  10. Upgrade? What does the Fish Hawk due that the Sub Troll wont?
  11. I would have bought them; just don't know what they are used for?
  12. Shipping might be pricey to Chicago? Any guess on what two 12 ponders would run? 60453
  13. This is a WTB Can't seem to edit the post?
  14. looking for 12/14 pound shark/torpedo downriver weights
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