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  1. I would have bought them; just don't know what they are used for?
  2. Shipping might be pricey to Chicago? Any guess on what two 12 ponders would run? 60453
  3. This is a WTB Can't seem to edit the post?
  4. looking for 12/14 pound shark/torpedo downriver weights
  6. what do you charge per bait, like the bandit?
  7. D you have this color in a shallow diver?
  8. thanks for your opinion Jay
  9. Sean, What is your choice(s) for "eyes"?
  10. About 5 years ago my buddy at Tuna Tom's sent me some custom gears to convert my Convector 55's with 4.0 ratio to 6.2 ratio Sounded good in theory but I did not like them at all and got rid of them See your PM
  11. I guess one option would be to fish only for "small fish"
  12. Whenever you use the HS reels you give up torque for pulling in big fish The HS reels are nice for clearing empty lines at the end of the day I will stick with the lower ratio for the torque and catching big fish Jay
  13. I will take these PM me your PP account thank you
  14. I will send payment tonite Are these guaranteed to catch fish? thanks Jay
  15. Greg, I will take these if they have not been sold Jay
  16. I will take these Jay
  17. How many for that price? pictures? Jay
  18. look for "rusty balls" about 3 months ago He had a big box of them for small money
  19. I bought my last Garmin from them; seem like good people!
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