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  1. I’m at 301 willow street in Lockport. I’ll be here til 4pm
  2. Trying to get back to everyone. Not looking into shipping yet. And also looking to sell bigger lots at a time before I go picking through looking for just a couple colors.
  3. 2700 total trolling spoons new in box. stinger, moonshine, silver streak, DW, warrior, proking, and some NK.
  4. I have 2,700 new spoons in box. stinger, DW, silver streak, moonshine, warrior, proking, and a few NKs.
  5. All diff brands/colors/sizes 2 bin fulls 2$ each if you buy more than 100 packs1.25$ each
  6. All sizes new in boxes. 4$ per spoon. 8$ per flasher 11$ per meat rig also have piles of blank flasher, chrome, glow, green. As well as hundreds of blank moonshine tear drop casting spoons. (Chrome and glow)
  7. Approximately 250-300 5$ each brand new picture Is just as many that would fit on table.
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