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  1. Congratulations on your new rig, she looks sweet!!!
  2. Awesome pictures!!!
  3. Well the first part and then the middle too, but most of all the end!
  4. Awesome footage, thanks for sharing!!
  5. What? I don’t understand?
  6. Another awesome video!!! Thanks for posting, they never get old!!!
  7. Very nice, that’s a sweet rig!!
  8. Nice rig your fishing on, what make and size is it?
  9. Awesome video as usual Dan, have really enjoyed them all, thank you!!!
  10. Awesome video!!!
  11. I just ordered a RS Net, a musky hoop with a salmon bag and extendable handle. I have a couple of their walleye nets, a little heavy but indestructible. I wanted the bigger musky hoop without the musky bag, so they are making it with the salmon bag.
  12. Definitely looks familiar, awesome video!!! I guess s**t happens to everyone!!
  13. Great information, thank you!!
  14. That’s awesome, always nice getting them on your own custom painted lure!