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  1. Sweet fish! That's awesome!
  2. Sometimes it's hard trying to figure out where the water's coming in, good luck finding the leak.
  3. Garry, I had to go with an extra long shaft, 25", here's a picture with my motor down.
  4. Nice job braving the elements!
  5. Congratulations on your solo double!
  6. It's not easy fishing with someone who has a hard time standing, that's why we have the office stool. Now he sits and reels the fish and we net for him. Do you know why your boats taking on water? It sounds like an awesome big water boat!
  7. Good luck with the sale and congratulations on the new boat!
  8. Your boat wiring is awesome, I had my boat's wiring all redone last winter, it's not cheap! Sweet boat!
  9. Great report! Super first trip on Lake O! Way to get'em! Greg at ASB is very helpful in setting you up with all the right tackle!
  10. Congratulations on the new boat!! With a boat like that you probably won't be fishing alone anymore, everyone's going to want to go with you! Good luck with the autopilot!
  11. Yeah it's a great fishery, wish it wasn't a 4 hour drive. It really spoiled me and finding it hard to want to fish Erie anymore. Saturday for us the early bite was great we had 10 fish by 8:00 then took 2 more hours to get the last 2. Sunday we became impatient and expected the same results as Saturday.