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Decoy Hound

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    North Royalton, Ohio
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    Fishing, collecting fish and duck decoys
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  1. All the Ohio guys are on channel 68
  2. Decoy Hound

    Oil Pan Replacement Merc V6

    If the old one works, leave it alone but add a second one. One should be automatic with a float switch, usually the lower one. Have the other on a switch.
  3. Decoy Hound

    Oil Pan Replacement Merc V6

    Nothing about boats is cheap, call around and get a couple more prices to compare. But sounds about right to me. The real hard part is finding someone who can do it right away, seems like everyone is two to four weeks out. Good luck!!
  4. Decoy Hound

    Cisco track

  5. Decoy Hound

    Fish hawk x4 issue

    Ok, now that makes sense!! Is your older unit the one that’s the X4+Depth?
  6. Decoy Hound

    Fish hawk x4 issue

    The X4D shows surface speed.
  7. Decoy Hound

    Fish hawk x4 issue

    No, I have no idea why he’s not getting a surface speed? What I’m saying is once he tries the probe if his transducer is tilted forward that much combined with the blow back on the probe he’s going to get sporadic readings from the probe. I have my transducer tilted back to compensate for blow back so it can still communicate with the probe.
  8. Decoy Hound

    Fish hawk x4 issue

    I’d say you have it tilted to far forward, your probe is going to have blow back. I know that doesn’t solve your current problem but could solve a future problem.
  9. Decoy Hound

    catch and cook: fishing with j

    Awesome video, now I’m hungry!!!
  10. Decoy Hound

    Olcott 7/29

    Good luck Mike, the trailering is getting old every weekend, I’ve been looking for something to leave in a dock. We’ll probably see you in a couple weeks.
  11. Decoy Hound

    Shiman Tekota for wire

    The 600’s will hold it but the 700’s have larger gears and drags and will ultimately last longer, less stress on larger parts in my opinion.
  12. Decoy Hound

    Price of cut bait

    The N&D fit the John King heads and need to be trimmed for the Rhys Davis heads. But I like the larger strips, gives you the option of trimming or not for the two different sized heads.
  13. Decoy Hound

    Sink rate for Monel

    Monel is not the same as copper, copper is weighted which makes it dive, monel is single strand and usually used with jet divers off big boards.