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Decoy Hound

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    North Royalton, Ohio
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    Fishing, collecting fish and duck decoys
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    Edgewater Cleveland
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    Draggin Balls

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  1. Decoy Hound

    91 penn yan pro hunter

    That was fast!! Congratulations to the seller and buyer!!
  2. Decoy Hound

    East end Walleye action

    Awesome video!!!
  3. Decoy Hound

    Kevin is home.

    Prayers to the family and all involved.
  4. Decoy Hound

    New to Lake Ontario United

    22 foot Alumaweld Intruder, with a few custom touches added, it’s a hardtop now.
  5. Decoy Hound

    New to Lake Ontario United

  6. Decoy Hound

    New to Lake Ontario United

    Is that your boat your fishing on or a charter? Just curious as I have the same boat.
  7. Decoy Hound

    Try the " Gary D " rig

    Your thinking of a stern planer, mc rocket is fake cut bait.
  8. Yeah you spill more gas everywhere with the new ones, not sure how that’s better?
  9. What kind of boat did you decide to move up to?
  10. Decoy Hound

    Mickey and Chowder at Dunkirk

    Gotta love Erie gold!!! Way to go!!!
  11. Decoy Hound

    Gamblers 2018 season

    Awesome fish, what a year it’s been!!! Thanks for sharing!!!
  12. Decoy Hound

    for sale : usa bayliner

    Who’s boat?