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  1. Ohio Walleye

    Yes it was 14.5# and my nephew wanted to get it mounted. PAP is right they are full of eggs and that’s why we only kept four females and one male, enough for a meal at the Crows Nest when we were done fishing. We do normally put the females back and only target the males but we couldn’t find any but one.
  2. Ohio Walleye

    I know it’s not New York and it’s a bit of a drive for most of you guys but this was last weekend in the western basin around the islands. Trolling perfect 10’s with 2 ounces of weigh very slow.
  3. Newbie

    Welcome to LOU! It’s a great site with lots of great information!!!
  4. Spin Doctor & Dipsy storage.

    Nice! That’s awesome!!
  5. Walleye Tourney

    That’s awesome!!! Tell him congratulations!!!
  6. What kind of net ?

    Garry, I’ll have to get a measurement for you when I get a chance to get over to my boat.
  7. Ice fishing Great Sacandaga Lake

    Awesome video!!!
  8. Big Bay of Quinte walleye through the ice

    Awesome video as always!!!
  9. 2017 Legacy Sportfishing Highlights

    Awesome video!!!
  10. Introduction

    Nice fish and sweet boat!!!
  11. That’s an awesome fish, it’s easy to get hooked!!
  12. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

    Merry Christmas everyone!!! Wishing everyone a prosperous and healthy New Year!!!
  13. Awesome pictures everyone, keep’em coming!!
  14. to many wires going to my batteries

    Thought a picture might help, I also have a couple fuse panels at the helm.
  15. New Hewescraft OP220 ET/RT

    I too hope you get Hewescraft, you will love it! I have a similar type boat, an Alumaweld and couldn’t happier with it. We chase walleyes during the winter on Erie if it doesn’t freeze over and having the hard top is awesome. I installed a heater and window defrosters.