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  1. New Hewescraft OP220 ET/RT

    I too hope you get Hewescraft, you will love it! I have a similar type boat, an Alumaweld and couldn’t happier with it. We chase walleyes during the winter on Erie if it doesn’t freeze over and having the hard top is awesome. I installed a heater and window defrosters.
  2. TOP FLY COLOR true!!!!
  3. Wow that’s crazy!! Glad your ok!!
  4. Awesome fish everyone!!! Keep the pictures coming, want to see more!!!
  5. That’s awesome!! The free safe, not the fire!! Sorry you had that happen!! Still some great companies out there if you do a little research!!!
  6. Awesome pictures!!! More please!!!
  7. Seat Repair

    Very nice!!
  8. Cisco Fishing System on sale!

    Thanks for the info!!!
  9. Silver Streaks

    You should post your spoons in the classified section, you’ll get more views!!
  10. Which should I get first?

    If you look in the classified section someone posted a Vexilar flx 28, looks like it was never used.
  11. Which should I get first?

    I agree! Definitely a flasher, it’s a game changer!
  12. Can't wait for ice!

    Some big fish pictures to get everyone more pumped!!