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  1. Decoy Hound

    Traxstech Contact

    Those are some horrible stories, really glad I went with Cisco. Customer service is unmatched, had the owner Dave deliver components directly to me!! They do a lot of custom work as well.
  2. Decoy Hound

    cannon digi troll 2

    I pull 16 pound sharks with mine, kinda hoping the motors would give out so I can switch to Digi 10’s but they have held up great!! It’s been 3 years so far with no issues. And I have 3 more Digi 2’s as backup so it looks like the Digi 10’s won’t happen anytime soon!!
  3. Decoy Hound

    for sale : usa 1989 Tiara 3100 open

    Yes but they obtain the permits for the oversized load and all the headaches that go with it.
  4. Decoy Hound

    for sale : usa 1989 Tiara 3100 open

    Hire a truck that specializes in moving boats
  5. Decoy Hound

    Lost items at Wilson cleaning station

    That sucks, hopefully someone will get it back to you!!
  6. Decoy Hound

    My Fish Hawk modification.

    Great idea Garry!!
  7. Sorry to hear that Garry! I’m sure it will get better for you!!
  8. Do they have auto stop now?
  9. Well I can tell you here in Cleveland the walleye are plentiful, not much size to them but good eaters. My buddy boated 31 today to keep 12 in a couple hours after work. I think I’m going out Sunday. Good luck to you!!
  10. Thanks for posting Garry!!
  11. Decoy Hound

    How Much 50Lb Backing

    Sorry I can’t help you with the backing question, I don’t use Okuma reels. But copper is not intended to be used with dipsys, it’s used as a flat line, the weight of the copper makes it dive.
  12. Decoy Hound

    Penn Yan Helm Upgrade

    That looks awesome!!!
  13. Decoy Hound

    for sale : usa Just a observation

    Very well said!!! I couldn’t agree more!!!
  14. Decoy Hound

    The Kings are biting (too many strikes!)

    Definitely more drone action!!! Thats really cool footage!!!