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  1. I store them in tubes, both rigged not rigged.
  2. That’s awesome Garry!! It usually pays off, glad you got into them!!
  3. A little better today, 9/11, found a big bait pod and kept working it. 330 fow between Wilson and Olcott.
  4. Yeah a lot tougher than the forecast called for it to be! The only plus side was no ankle biting flies!! Back at it again tomorrow, hopefully it picks up!?!?
  5. Got to love Minion!!
  6. Definitely a slow day for us as well, blew a fuse for one of the downriggers and did not have a spare. Ended up 6/10. Started in front of Wilson and ended up in Olcott. 300/350 fow best. Mostly a meat bite with spoons taking two.
  7. Chrome sharks when it’s sunny and black sharks when it’s early or overcast.
  8. Not always a relationship due to the strong currents from the river. Especially the west end of lake. Sometimes it’s not as bad off shore. Down speed in my opinion is very important. You can learn to watch your rigger cable and diver rods for more of an angle of the cable and bow of the rod.
  9. I’m just curious what is the advantage of a walk around deck? I see they are very popular.
  10. They are here in Ohio, I usually pick up bulk spools directly from them.
  11. When it’s documented and you take the boat out of the country you have additional rights on the boat that you would not have if it was just registered with a state. Also it’s easier for other countries to know who you are when you enter foreign waters. Yes it still needs to be registered with a state sticker even though it’s documented.
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