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Decoy Hound

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    North Royalton, Ohio
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    Fishing, collecting fish and duck decoys
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  1. Decoy Hound

    Penn yan boat wanted

  2. Decoy Hound

    Loony Tooner saying HOWDY

    Yeah I can’t wait for hard water either, my favorite time of the year and favorite type of fishing!!!!
  3. Decoy Hound

    Loony Tooner saying HOWDY

    Nice fish, awesome video!!
  4. Decoy Hound

    for sale : usa 16 lb shark weights

    Technically they are not Torpedo brand but shaped like torpedo’s.
  5. I’m pretty sure all of them are the same, cannon, traxstech, cisco are the same for sure.
  6. Awesome video, finally subscribed too!!
  7. Decoy Hound

    Diesel mechanic

    Thank you very much for the information!! Never had a diesel boat before and just trying to get everything lined up for next year. Heading up this weekend to pay for the slip.
  8. Decoy Hound

    Diesel mechanic

    Thank you for the information, I’ll see if I can find them. Someone else mentioned Milton’s in Batavia? But weren’t sure if they worked on marine motors?
  9. Decoy Hound

    Diesel mechanic

    Anyone know of a good marine diesel mechanic to do preventative maintenance on the western end of the lake? Or is it best to have a Caterpillar dealer guy come out? Thanks, Bob
  10. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2045526655511238&id=100001617700716
  11. My friend is selling his Carolina to go bigger.
  12. Decoy Hound

    change of pace: white marlin action

    Looks like an awesome time!!! Great video!!!
  13. That was fast!! Congratulations to the seller and buyer!!
  14. Decoy Hound

    East end Walleye action

    Awesome video!!!