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  1. We made if thru the Welland Canal on Saturday with Matt Bedient of 716 Sportfishing piloting the boat! It took nearly 24 hours after leaving Barcelona Harbor on Lake Erie!! Made it thru without a scratch on the boat, a lot cleaner than we thought it was going to be as well.
  2. Record rainfall in Ohio, rained 23 days in the month of April and it all goes over the falls!!
  3. If you have a thru-hull transducer sometimes they are mounted too far forward to see the ball with blowback. If you have a transom mounted transducer you can tilt it back a little so it can see the ball easier but it could prevent you from marking fish at running speeds.
  4. Wow!! That is going to look really good when your done! Now you’ll know what you have, probably better than it was from the factory!
  5. I’d bring boots just in case!!
  6. This is the street in front of our trailer in Marblehead, Ohio and the second picture is the channel behind the trailer, the water is up over the sea wall, it’s looking like it’s going to be another bad water year!
  7. Prayers for a speedy recovery and back out fishing!!
  8. I don’t mean to speak for the seller but no they don’t, they need a step ground in order to fit, very easy to do! Or you can buy the track mount from Cisco.
  9. You have to figure in blow back on the ball, try to see if they match while your not moving.
  10. That is a great deal, wish I needed more!!! I bought my quad’s probably 20 years ago now and paid more than that!!
  11. Thank you for the information, we will throw a few pairs on the boat!!
  12. Need to make a trip thru the Welland shortly, first time! Do any of you guys have any advice on anything special to bring or tips on making the trip easy? I’ve heard to bring plenty of fenders and lines. Thank you in advance!! Bob
  13. The Rampage is a true blue water boat, eats the rough stuff!!
  14. Love my Rampage as well!!! Great ride, good luck with the sale!!
  15. The seller hasn’t been on the site since last October, your probably not going to get an answer?
  16. Wanted 2 Lee’s clamp on vertical rod holders for 2 3/8” inch tube.
  17. The post is five years old!! And the seller has not been on the site since 2015, your probably not going to get a response!!
  18. Very nice boat!!! Good luck with the sale, should sell fast, very clean!!
  19. I use Malin Wire because they are local for me and I pick it up at the factory in bulk spools.
  20. Yes they make a brown or coffee colored stainless wire.
  21. I listed this boat for a friend. You can text or call him to get more information. Thank you. Dave 216-310-8406
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