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  1. Jim and Karen at the Boat Doctor are open and stocked up with the latest tackle!!! Always support your local tackle shops!!!
  2. Boat Doctor is the only tackle shop left. Karen can set you up with cut bait.
  3. Ok, very nice!! I have a cat powered boat and get my maintenance supplies from Ohio Cat.
  4. Welcome to the site and good luck on your first trip!! What’s up with your name? Caterpillar diesel powered boat?
  5. I know you can spear the kings on Ft. Peck in the winter, that’s on my bucket list for a winter trip!
  6. We try to make an annual pilgrimage to Devils Lake each winter to spear!! Love that area and lake!!
  7. It’s a blast, like it more than ice fishing with a rod/reel!! It’s almost more like hunting than fishing!! Plus collecting the decoys and spears is a great hobby and investment!!
  8. Do you spear in the winter time?
  9. I don’t see any on eBay? I do see non-line counter 700 reels, but I’m looking for 700lc. Thank you for checking.
  10. He asked what people think they are worth, I gave him a starting price going off what they are selling for on eBay.
  11. I’m just stating what they are selling for.
  12. A lot of places have them listed but they will never get them “IN” stock anymore! You can wait for that $199 price but good luck ever getting it! Go look and see what they are selling for on eBay, especially if the reels have line counters!
  13. I’d start at $650 for the pair, you can always come down.
  14. It’s possible to convert it to fit in the tracks, you need access to a milling machine.
  15. Hell yeah you did, you could sell them and make $500-600!!!
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