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  1. Your right it’s no fun in waves that big! But we have a bigger boat of Ontario than we have for Erie.
  2. I think the question was transom height. With a low transom, heavy seas, trolling with the waves, a low transom boat could swamped. It’s happened on Erie and all four people were lost. Granted it was in March and all died of hypothermia.
  3. Yes I believe full height transoms are a must for big water trolling.
  4. I would be interested in your folding knives, can you provide more pictures?
  5. I’m going through the same problem too, bad black box on a Italian made Vitrifrigo brand refrigerator. The price on a replacement refrigerator is crazy!! I tracked down the part I needed on eBay for $250, going to install it this weekend, hope all goes well?!?! Good luck with your search.
  6. Thanks guys I found them on eBay, propeller shaft brush. On the starboard side, the graphite brush is wore completely down.
  7. What is this strap called? Where can I find a replacement?
  8. We use the RTIC 145, has worked out great for us, use it as a seat on the back deck as well.
  9. Ok, I lost track of it after it left my marina, wasn’t sure if it sold of not? Good luck, not many around.
  10. That boat was in Wilson for a while and for sale again, not sure if it sold or where it is now?
  11. What port do you need the information for? I’m on the west end.
  12. All of mine work, the fifth one I bought what’s going to be for parts in case one of my four needed any parts. Two of them were brand new from a friend of mine that never mounted them on his boat. I just don’t use them much anymore.
  13. I’d rather trade it for tackle, you can never have to much tackle😀
  14. I think most people trade them to the local bait shops. That’s what I do with mine.
  15. They are etched in the lenses, G for glass and P for plastic.
  16. Have you found anything that will work? I do have five of them and one is more or less for parts, I really don’t use them that much anymore on Ontario, I’ve switched to the 10’s. I still use them on my Erie boat, but the four working ones is plenty for the amount I use them. Where are you located? I keep my boat in Wilson but the rigger is in Ohio. I’ll be back up in a couple weeks and I could bring it if you can’t find something sooner.
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