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  1. I hear the knees are a little more painful than the hips as far as recovery and physical therapy? As far as hips go, I had both replaced last year. Left in February and the right in September, then a hernia surgery in December. I should have had the hips done years ago, I feel so much better, can move so much better, it’s incredible. The recovery and physical therapy was a piece of cake compared to the pain I was in before the replacements!
  2. I’m not sure for a small boat, best to call and talk to Kevin.
  3. Wilson Boat Yard and Marina. Heated and non-heated indoor storage. Wilson, New York
  4. Karen and Jimmy at the Boat Doctor keeps adding more and more tackle every time I stop in! A really great selection including salmon candy, Atomik, Diabolical. Great selection of several different brands of cut bait as well.
  5. Is that the correct gross tonnage?
  6. Just carefully remove the batteries and leave the pack assembly connected. I have two boats with Fishhawk units on each. The one is over tens years old and the is going on five years old, never had a problem with either one, knock on wood!! After each use I remove the batteries from the pack and leave the cap off the probe to air out.
  7. I would say still underpowered as well.
  8. My walleye boat has 110 outlets for the riggers, marked 12volt.
  9. Like I said before, you’d think this is the last tackle on earth!! Wow!! I can’t believe how upset some people get!! I’d sell it all on eBay!!
  10. Wow!! You would think this is the last tackle available on earth!! Fighting over it!!
  11. I would be interested in the Tekotas, what size model?
  12. June is typically the transition month, meaning the lake is starting to produce a thermocline and more stable water. Fishing is generally slower. In my opinion the transition started at the end of May, so the end of June the fishing should pick up again. Not that the fishing is bad, just need to target other species, coho, steelhead, lakers. Lots of small fish around, you need to check lines constantly!!! Please treat the little fish with respect!! They are the future, release them without taking them out of the water and quickly as possible!! If you do not you’re just hurting yourself and the fishery for future fish to catch! Little fish are growing fast with all the available bait around! Good luck and have fun!!
  13. Jim and Karen at the Boat Doctor are open and stocked up with the latest tackle!!! Always support your local tackle shops!!!
  14. Boat Doctor is the only tackle shop left. Karen can set you up with cut bait.
  15. Ok, very nice!! I have a cat powered boat and get my maintenance supplies from Ohio Cat.
  16. Welcome to the site and good luck on your first trip!! What’s up with your name? Caterpillar diesel powered boat?
  17. I know you can spear the kings on Ft. Peck in the winter, that’s on my bucket list for a winter trip!
  18. We try to make an annual pilgrimage to Devils Lake each winter to spear!! Love that area and lake!!
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