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  1. It’s always a crap shoot, if you wait for a good forecast you’ll never go! I have a long drive as well and just go when I want to go. Sometimes you get a blow day.
  2. Boat Doctor is ten minutes from Wilson, not a far drive at all.
  3. Looks like a really clean boat!!!
  4. Those are the new style reels, looking for the old style. They do not make the 700lc in the new style.
  5. Found two of them at Fisherman’s Headquarters out of New Jersey, after an extensive search! New in the box. But I’ll take more if anyone is selling, new or used.
  6. That doesn’t look very bad to me, should be able to catch that water with a couple of filter changes.
  7. No, not at all, in fact we use it as a table to stage lures and bait for that side of the boat while fishing. While running in at the end of the day we clean the fish. I will say the bracket that holds it into the gimbal was something we custom made.
  8. It’s 38” x 13”
  9. Love my Fish Fighter Products brand table.
  10. I’d be willing to trade you a couple 500 or 600 line counters for a couple 700lc and some cash if you have any or can get any?
  11. Looking for one or two tekota 700lc reels.
  12. You found more? Thought I bought it all?
  13. He needs tackle, lots of tackle!! He hardly has anything!!
  14. Mine is mounted in the center and I have no problem, I’m 15 feet wide. Definitely need to angle it back a bit to compensate for blow back.
  15. So who’s using the Ninja boards to pull copper? Do they really release with the push of a button? What length of coppers will they pull? How are the releases on them, do they hold the line properly?
  16. I’d take the third 500lc if you separate them.
  17. Your right it’s no fun in waves that big! But we have a bigger boat of Ontario than we have for Erie.
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