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  1. He asked what people think they are worth, I gave him a starting price going off what they are selling for on eBay.
  2. I’m just stating what they are selling for.
  3. A lot of places have them listed but they will never get them “IN” stock anymore! You can wait for that $199 price but good luck ever getting it! Go look and see what they are selling for on eBay, especially if the reels have line counters!
  4. I’d start at $650 for the pair, you can always come down.
  5. It’s possible to convert it to fit in the tracks, you need access to a milling machine.
  6. Hell yeah you did, you could sell them and make $500-600!!!
  7. Good luck with that, a few on eBay nearing the $300 mark!
  8. Is the larger washer a nonferrous material? Or does it have some surface rust?
  9. I’ve never seen this much bait on the west end like I have this year. It’s not just bait balls but 20 to 30 feet thick bio-mass that goes on for a while!
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