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  1. Whaler. Thank you. Im asking myself the same question. Basically giving it away. Runs great. Just needs a new canvas ..but what is there is functional..and includes a dock on the genesee river for the rest of the season.
  2. PRICE DROP... $ 2250..finish out a great fishing season strong.
  3. New price...$3750....This boat fishes well and is a reliable machine..priced to sell
  4. 248 Sportsman.. Package includes 3 high speed Big Jon downriggers.Moore Sub troll. Furuno 582..VHF radio..Porta potty.Canvas is functional but needs replacing..Negotiable is the use of the dock on Genesee river for rest of the season. Dual axle trailer..call or text 585-794-0266
  5. Absolut40..I also lost my dad,,my buddy,in November..the 18th to be exact God bless my friend..it SUCKS
  6. Rain was supposed to hold off till 1 ish in southern tier...It didnt, soaked to the bone by 9am..Man it is damp out there
  7. In Pauls defense??????? Really??? thats just sickening and speaks volumes
  8. Wow Paul, Very heartless comment man ..lost a lot of respect from a lot of guys dude....
  9. With Traditions archery closing,what are some other reputable shops you guys suggest
  10. Sea-IV...you are spot on..Its the cottonwood for sure...Some fleas of course mixed in,but the cottonwood is definitely what is clogging up the reels and rod eyes. My question is,,,,,is it only on the surface and riding down the line and stacking up...Or is it in the water column from top to bottom and the line going to the ball is picking it up...I wouldnt think it would be suspended in column
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