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  1. Is there a list of rules somewhere?..starting time? time to be in weigh in line?..thanks
  2. silver fish/ Rochester harbor Did anyone do any silver fish off Rochester this weekend?
  3. July 1st..Monroe county off shore Classic derby Status??.. who is signed up?...any more details?
  4. Ruff, I agree..But we are talking Rochester area not sodus...The fishing here has been bad since last year..and I don't think anyone can disagree...A few lakers and a silver fish here and there is not a good day
  5. Terrible fishing out of rochester..Do we agree? And lets call Rochester a few miles west of braddocks to a few miles East of Webster park. A few lake trout??..maybe a silver fish??..has anyone been doing any better on a consistent level??..Please do report
  6. Marina conditions...Please report Just wondering what Monroe/Orleans/Niagra county marina's actually look like and there conditions. Schumway's docks appear to be going under. Gibbs Marina is flooded out , and they are no longer putting in boats. Voyager's docks are under for the most part.Any others?
  7. Great, the sticker looks some people are touchy
  8. thanks for the response pike
  9. Pike,,great brown..Was he released?, or did you guys keep him..Just looking on the way he is held...But good job
  10. Braddocks bay..The real story Can anyone fill us in on the status of this marina..Has the rock structure worked??.. Will it fill in again? can boats get out of the bay?..The new owner has promised a lot, is it working?
  11. Your dad looks like a tough M/FER.....He will pull through...God Speed my friend
  12. Very happy for ya bro,,good work
  13. I was there. My daughter was born on opening day 10 years ago. Best opening I've ever missed
  14. jerky I have been making jerky with the prepared packets and mixes. Does anyone have a homemade jerky recipe they would like to share?
  15. Stopped by Braddock's marina today. Everything looks pretty much as it did last summer.. Some old wooden docks have been cut away, although there is a contractor trailer in place. I'm not going to be negative towards this project, but man there seems to be tons of work to be done to meet the summer 2017 goal. I really hope it goes as planned, as it will be awesome for the area. The dock prices are not that out of line if you compare to Gibbs,Schumway, and riverview yacht basin