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  1. bluewater1861

    Spiny Water Flea BEST LINE?

    Sea-IV...you are spot on..Its the cottonwood for sure...Some fleas of course mixed in,but the cottonwood is definitely what is clogging up the reels and rod eyes. My question is,,,,,is it only on the surface and riding down the line and stacking up...Or is it in the water column from top to bottom and the line going to the ball is picking it up...I wouldnt think it would be suspended in column
  2. Its the cottonwood, more than the fleas...At least with fleas you can whip some of them off when running 30lb..Cottonwood no way...I have never seen it this bad..Its almost like the cottonwood and fleas combine to make some sort of glue..With algae mixed in for good measure...If your not cleaning lines every 15mins...your gonna have big problems
  3. Matt,Rich,and all the others behind the scenes..Thank you so much for putting on a fantastic tournament.Its all Rochester harbor has,and its awesome..47 boats entered says something about the potential Rochester harbor has to host an event. Good time had by all it appears...Looking forward to next year
  4. bluewater1861

    Braddocks 6/9

    thanks for an honest report sir
  5. bluewater1861

    Braddocks 6/9

    Great pic pal..Any more details?..depth your fishing..Rigger depths??.thanks man
  6. bluewater1861

    Sodus Help

    Its been YEARS since I have ice fished sodus. Trying to get back into it. Can anyone steer me in the right direction as where there is access and parking..Thanks
  7. bluewater1861

    Victory Baptist archery range

    Awesome,,let me know. Thanks
  8. bluewater1861

    Victory Baptist archery range

    Victory Baptist archery range Does anyone know if the archery range is open this time of year.
  9. bluewater1861

    Remedy for Biting Flys

    A little off topic,but how do they just "show up" by the hundreds,if not thousands on the boat..Do they follow out from land? Or are they hatching on the water
  10. bluewater1861

    Sodus Pro Am Results

    Copper,,thanks for asking ..how can I not even see results on the official site at 7pm..
  11. bluewater1861

    Used scaffolding?

    are you looking just for OSHA approved wood planking or scaffolding frames?
  12. Matt,,That is freekin awesome..I have seen Mercy Flight in action on several occasions, top notch pilots and a dedicated medical staff..thanks again
  13. and matt,I take it Mercy flight was very happy with there donation?..(which is a great cause by the way)
  14. Totally awesome derby today..Matt,Rick and friends...you guys nailed it.. thank you
  15. bluewater1861

    Rochester 7/1

    thanks for an honest report..Believe me you were not alone with that..