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  1. I was there. My daughter was born on opening day 10 years ago. Best opening I've ever missed
  2. jerky I have been making jerky with the prepared packets and mixes. Does anyone have a homemade jerky recipe they would like to share?
  3. Stopped by Braddock's marina today. Everything looks pretty much as it did last summer.. Some old wooden docks have been cut away, although there is a contractor trailer in place. I'm not going to be negative towards this project, but man there seems to be tons of work to be done to meet the summer 2017 goal. I really hope it goes as planned, as it will be awesome for the area. The dock prices are not that out of line if you compare to Gibbs,Schumway, and riverview yacht basin
  4. Its amazing,,you can set your watch to this same group of "Captains" arguing on this forum about who is the best and catching fish..(although it was a little later than last year)..Sad man..Really is..But anyway,,keep up the reports
  5. Wayne ,,same here..Fished off braddocks when you did.. Caught 4 dinks and lost something bigger..Fished from 260 into 90..Fish came on riggers from 30 to 50.. wire at 100 ft fired
  6. My boat is 25' so Im thinking this is not the year to dock there?..Hopefully next season will be better conditions there
  7. Would enjoy docking there for the summer, just worry about lake access all season. Can anyone ease my concerns?
  8. Was Braddocks dredged out last year??.. Is the channel open all year to get in and out
  9. Does that little deli/store down by the ponds have minnows anymore. I thought they stopped selling for a while ..Thanks
  10. Heading to Naples Fla. next week.. Any backwater fishing charter recommendations ?..
  11. I just turned my monitor upside down...fixed it
  12. Choo choo. Those pictures are awesome..Im assuming that was not your phone camera??.. What did you take photos with sir
  13. Ha Ha..Nice photo shop work.(except for the legs)....
  14. I went with the newer version of the #8 model from LEM. I will report on it after its 1st use
  15. since Im the one who started this post,thought Id keep you up to date and tell you I shot a 6pt the other day..Kind of hit it back and low a bit,but it went 50yds, and dropped..With my new rage