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  1. Nice day, thanks for the report, I’m gonna give it a go this weekend
  2. I fished out of the genny twice in the last week, slow. One caught one small king
  3. Nice job! I’ve never caught a bow on cowbells, I’ll give it a try next time.
  4. Trolled north end Saturday night for a couple hours, nothing. Went out again Sunday morning from 7-10. Only fish was a small rainbow 25 feet down on a dipsey / silver Sutton 44.
  5. Ok. I’ve alway called them spin n glow or peanut. Thanks
  6. Nice fish! What is a gambler rig? Heard that referenced many times but still unsure what it is
  7. Nice fish! Thanks for the report
  8. Caught 10 lb king at dusk. 25 FOW. Green glow spoon. Only fish of the night.
  9. Out right now. Marking lots of fish around 35 feet in front of the river but no takers
  10. I have a 15 ft fiber glass center counsel boat. It’s a 1982 privateer in excellent condition. I put a few fiberglass floor in it a couple years ago. It has a 1978 mercury 70hp engine on it. The engine needs over $1000 of work so it figured it was time for a newer one. I’m trying to figure out how much weight it can handle. My current motor weighs about 230 lbs. I’ve found a mercury 75 hp 4 stroke that weighs about 380 lbs. The HP should be fine but I’m concerned about the extra weight? To add to the problem I just got an 80 lb kicker. Can the boat handle this extra weight. Of course I’ll be calling my mechanic today but was just trying to get some feedback.
  11. Just spent a week at Angel Rock cottages right by Carleton island. You can catch perch all day around there with worms. We found if the gobies start taking your worm, best thing to do is move until you hit the perch again. Good bass around feather bed shoal right by Carleton island on worms and minnows. Bass masters were all around that shoal all week. Beautiful area there, good luck!
  12. Thanks for the reply. Does it have power trim? Where do you live? I’ll talk to my boat mechanic and be in touch
  13. Good morning out there! Thanks for the Canandaigua report
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