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  1. Nice post thanks for sharing. Love the pic of the little guy hugging the laker. I went out on Canandaigua Saturday morning. Took out and couple friends and kid. Looking for bows but all we got was a few lakers very high in the water column. One even came on a cheater 20 feet down.
  2. Looking to head to the Adirondacks for a weekend (mid September) and do some canoe fishing / camping. Looking for suggestions on good places to target brook, lake and rainbow trout.
  3. Dan P

    Canandaigua Canandaigua 9/1

    Out again this morning solo targeting bows. Slow start, south wind stronger than forecasted. I was trolling into it on the west side. One LT early then nothing for a while. Thought about calling it. Hung on until I got to Menteth point as that is where I’ve been picking them up lately. Sure enough rigger fired 40 down with pink Michigan stinger. 21” male. As soon as I released that one 200 copper fired with Sutton 44. Another 21” this one female, released as well. Called it a day home by 9:30. The ring of fire traffic was already filling up the lake.
  4. Dan P

    Canandaigua Canandaigua 9/1

    Nice report, great to see you! Yeah those south end clouds almost looked like waves. Here is a cool pic I got, beautiful out there
  5. Usually dont keep much but one of them didn’t make it so yeah it was last nights dinner
  6. Out again this morning. 4 bows, biggest 23”. 2 on copper 200, 2 on rigger 50 ft down.
  7. Hey Anthony. I’m going to try and get out another day this week, possibly Wednesday, I’ll let you know
  8. Hey Les, for sure much better than yard work though
  9. Targeting RT, solo, fished east side, heading south starting at the old boat house. Not many marks or bait. Crossed over the the west side near Menteth point, much better screen. Temperature break around 55 feet. Caught two RT and one LT, lost a couple that I suspect where RT. Saturday went out with my son again looking for RT. Headed straight for the west side, started at water treatment plant trolling g south. Got 4 RT and two LT. Not much size to any of the RT either day. Although my son reeled in this nice 12 pound 33” LT which he was super excited about.
  10. Look for recommendations on which spoon storage box to purchase
  11. Greatly appreciate the info. I’m going to give it a go sometime soon. Any times of the year better than others?
  12. Nice job! I’ve never fished Oneida lake but I’ve been thinking about heading over there. So you are trolling top lines and boards to catch these fish? What part of lake I would be coming from the Rochester area. Any advice for a first timer would be appreciated. Thanks
  13. Was 32# copper, running about 2.3 mph, I would estimate it was down between 35-40 feet
  14. I’m heading there this week would be interested as well in any walleye advice (trolling)
  15. Brought friend out who rented a cottage on the lake. Targeted rainbows. Got 4 and one LT, nothing real big. All fish came on 200 copper with silver Sutton 44. Nothing on riggers or other coppers. Some fleas but not terrible.
  16. Hey Anthony. Mag with glow back, only because we didn’t have one with silver back. Although I have two with silver back on order of course, 🤣
  17. My brother caught his first salmon, 23 pound, he was happy to say the least! 45 feet down 125 FOW. Carbon 14 on rigger. Only fish, miss few other releases.
  18. Heading out for first time in a while tomorrow morning. Any info would be appreciated.
  19. Nice video!!! Luckily that didn’t slip away with your rookie net boy, I e had that happen more than once 🤣
  20. Yes, fished northeast side. Marked lots fish and bait up high
  21. Fished 5:30-10:30 this morning, north end, with friend. Fish were biting. Targeted bows, boated 21”, 24” and “25,” lost a couple others. Also picked up 3 lakers, 15 foot down on rigger, surprised us. All fish on silver Sutton 44’s. 100 copper, 200 copper and riggers down 15-25 feet all produced.
  22. Love that first picture, got a good laugh at the reaction
  23. Nice fish Anthony! Thanks for the report. I’m thinking of heading out Sunday morning for a Father’s Day trip, wind looks good and calm
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