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  1. Yes, fished northeast side. Marked lots fish and bait up high
  2. Fished 5:30-10:30 this morning, north end, with friend. Fish were biting. Targeted bows, boated 21”, 24” and “25,” lost a couple others. Also picked up 3 lakers, 15 foot down on rigger, surprised us. All fish on silver Sutton 44’s. 100 copper, 200 copper and riggers down 15-25 feet all produced.
  3. Love that first picture, got a good laugh at the reaction
  4. Nice fish Anthony! Thanks for the report. I’m thinking of heading out Sunday morning for a Father’s Day trip, wind looks good and calm
  5. Good luck at Canandaigua tourney, we will be out of town, hate to miss it
  6. Haven’t been over there yet this year. Good luck!
  7. Dan P

    Canandaigua Canandaigua 5/23

    Trolled south end, 6:00-11:00. 1 for 3 on bows. Landed 23”, lost big one by the boat, put on quite the show, leapt a couple feet up about 15 feet behind the boat, then broke the line after wrapping around a rigger cable, should have pulled it up. 2 of them came on 100 copper, 1 on 200 copper. Pink and watermelon spoons were the color, they wouldn’t touch all silver today. Picked up 1 LT on our deepest rigger set at 55ft. Great morning to be out there before the rain came in.
  8. This time to the bar found some fish and way less boats during the week. Monday night picked up a king. Tuesday morning pick up 3 nice coho. Nothing huge but some keepers. Blue moonshine spoon and green FF took all the fish.
  9. I could not believe the number of boats. Hundreds of them, everywhere. Our rigger ball accidentally snagged someone else’s long copper. He was understandably not happy. I can’t even imagine the number of boats that will be there this weekend.
  10. Yeah ran out to 120 FOW several times, just kept going back to where we were marking the fish 40 -60
  11. Well, we put in a lot of hours today and just one small coho. Marked tons of bait and fish 40-60 FOW. Tried about everything, meat, FF, all kinds of spoons on riggers, dipseys and copper. Apparently we needed to go out deeper (100-140 FOW) away from the bait, per a guy we talked to on our way in. The theory being you need to be away from the bait, if your to close the fish have better options than lures. Feels a bit counterintuitive as I’ve always looked for bait / fish. Anyway he had the fish to prove it. Going to give it another go this week as I have some time off work. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  12. I went out last weekend. Definitely charted most of the fish at the south end where the water was the warmest. Picked up a couple small ones about 25 ft down in 80-100 FOW. Heard reports some nice browns have been caught as well. I have the best luck with natural and silver spoons, Sutton’s of course always a good place to start. Good luck, beautiful down there!
  13. Very helpful, appreciated it! This forum is the best
  14. With the favorable weather pattern going to trailer over to the bar for the first time. Normally fish out of Rochester and FInger Lakes. Any thoughts on launch, route, strategy etc for a first timer would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Dan P

    Canandaigua Canandaigua 5/7

    Skipped work, solo trip, toured whole lake from north to south. Surface water temps: 43.6 north end 44.2 deep run 45.6 menteth point 46.4 bristol harbor 49.1 south end Took a quick look at each stop. Charted practically no fish in colder temps. At south end in warmer water charted lots up high in the water. Dropped lines there, kept them high, above lakers. Two small bows was all I could pick up. One on 100 copper, other one on rigger 20 feet down. Both on silver spoons. Beautiful morning to be on a quiet lake!
  16. Dan P

    Canandaigua Abandoned boat

    Boat claimed by owner, everyone is safe, just didn’t lock hoist
  17. Dan P

    Canandaigua Abandoned boat

    Found early this morning in front of Bristol harbor in middle. Towing over to docks at Bristol harbor. Cops on there way. Hope no one was in it.
  18. Went out in the afternoon for a few hours. Some light rain passed. We were the only boat out there. Mayer’s is usable but in rough shape. Charted nothing in shallow. Best screen was 40-50 FOW. One laker prevented the skunk.
  19. Thanks for the report, nice fish!
  20. Nothing shallow. Went deeper (100 FOW) picked up two lakers off bottom.
  21. Same here. Message me if you want to communicate
  22. Very nice! Great time of year to be out there
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