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  1. carpcatcher

    2018 walleye s

    Like my dad always said after he retired, "I have no idea how I ever found time to work".
  2. couple of good days Was up for a few days and the fish were active. We fished the Alex Bay area with much success. We found SM and LM bass, Pike, Perch, Gills and one whopper Bowfin.
  3. carpcatcher

    Water levels?

    I'm no SLR expert by any means but I've been going up for the last 11 years. If you have a trip planned and don't go your missing out. The fishing is just fine and like Prof T said, not much floating to worry about. You may have to change up your tactics some but fish are biting.
  4. carpcatcher

    SLR first week

    SLR first week A couple of days late but here is what I found the opening week of bass season. We fished out of Chippawa bay all last week. we fished both in shore and out in the "Blue water". There were plenty of bass around both places and a lot of them were still full of eggs. Later in the week we started catching some large mouth that had spawned out so that was good. We also got some bonus eyes from the deep which were VERY healthy. One thing that I did notice was the fishing pressure. This was my 11th year in a row and some of the guys have been going a lot longer than that and we all agreed that the fishing pressure was greater than we ever saw. Some of it may have been due to the weather conditions that didn't allow for much shoal fishing. All in all it was another great week of fishing on the beautiful SLR.
  5. carpcatcher

    fishing laws

    Thanks Justin, that is the kind of answer that I was looking for. We always try to be a courteous as possible when fishing but I'm sure that some don't.
  6. carpcatcher

    fishing laws

    fishing laws I always spend several weeks on the SLR bass fishing each summer. Every year there seams to be one "Land Owner" that runs out of his house and tries to tell us that it is illegal to fish around his dock. He says that it is a law that you have to be so many feet from docks while fishing. While I feel bad for this guy because he says that people always get hooks in his boat cover and ropes, is there any laws in writing about this in NY?