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  1. Does anyone know what stage of the spawn the smallies are in for the most part? I'm really hoping that they have mostly spawned and moved back out deep before opening day rolls around. It just kills me to ride around that beautiful river only to see boat after boat sitting shallow ripping big girls off their beds. I will be like a kid in a candy store getting ready to spend a week on the greatest place on earth.
  2. I fish a lot here in central Pa. on the Juniata river which is a trib to the Susquehanna. We have seen the exact same thing here and I feel the water quality is better than it has been for many many years. I talked to a PAFBC guy this spring and he said they were going to do a study and see if they could figure out what was happening to the walleye's. I think one of the biggest problems is that they are so dang good to eat that as soon as they get close to legal size they get harvested.
  3. Ok, guys I need some insight. I have ran a tracker 175txw aluminum bass boat for a lot of years and several years ago I put a minn kota ultrex with a 52" shaft on it. I recently baught a tracker 175wt combo deep v boat and would like to just swap out trolling motors and use my ultrex with the 52" shaft instead of buying a new one. I'm getting mixed answers when asking people if it will work or will it cavitate too much? Do any of you guys have a similar boat with the 52" trolling motor on it? If so, how does it work? I know some are going to say to put it on and try it but thats a lot of work and several holes that I'd rather not have to deal with if I don't need to. Thanks for any advice.
  4. Had the pleasure of spending all last week on the river. While we had a couple rough days fishing because of the weather we were still able to catch a boat load of fish. We mainly fished for bass in the mornings and afternoons then turned to eyes in the evening. Every trip in the boat we had enough activity to keep it interesting with some real excitement mixed in. I was able to witness the largest fresh water fish I've ever layed eyes on one evening when a musky tried to steal an eye from me. We were able to get the entire thing on video so that made it perfect. I'm 100% sure the fish was ATLEAST 55" and probably pushing 60". We ended the week going in to Clayton to watch the Elite's for a weigh-in. I know most of you guys on here don't care for tourney fishing but this was definatly something that every fisherman should attend some time. I sure hope that this fishery stays thig good for my grandson to enjoy when he gets older.
  5. You have it dialed in Kevin, your grandkids are lucky to have you for a pappy. They will be great fishermen when they grow up.
  6. Great job and great eating right there. Headed your way in a couple weeks, hopefully there is some around then.
  7. We spent all last week in the A bay area and amazingly enough didn't loose one hour of fishing due to weather. The bass fishing was rather tough this year. Not sure if it was the constant north east wind that had them shut down or just in a spawning funk. Surprisingly enough we were able to find a school of eyes that stayed in the same spot all week. My son and I were able to boat 12 nice eyes and lost a few more. I know that doesn't sound like a bunch to some of you guys but for us, catching eyes on that river is a blast and we were very happy with that number of fish. I cant wait until August to come back for another week.
  8. Great catch Kevin, I'm patiently counting the days until I can spend a week in paradise
  9. Spent all last week on the river anywhere from A bay to Singer Castle. This was the first time ever we didn't loose a single minute of fishing for weather. Beautiful cool crisp mornings, great sunshine all day and tremendous sun sets every evening. Boat traffic wasn't bad at all and the fishing was normal (GREAT). We mostly targeted smallies but got a wide variety of fish including pike, bowfins and large mouth's. I can honestly say we caught fish from 1' out to 70'+ deep water. All I can really say is you locals have the world by the ass up there. The only thing we needed to worry about was the water level. It seemed to be roughly 16/18" low and that sure does make a difference. If you headed that way any time soon just use caution when boating, the rocks up there don't move when you hit them.
  10. I just purchased a used boat with a minnkota trolling motor on it that can be switched back and forth between 12 and 24 volts. The previous owner has wires going everywhere and not hooked up to any batteries. There is three wires coming off the pedal, Red, White and black. I've never wired one that has had the third wire so I'm not sure what would go where. Does anyone have a "wiring for dummies" scamatic I could see?
  11. Another sweet limit, we fishermen will do just about anything to catch a fish.
  12. I had two friends up last week and they got ran out within 15 minutes of crossing over and fishing. The funny part is that one of them had a season license from earlier but the other one had just purchased a 1 day license. Why would they sell him a 1 day license if they knew he couldn't use it. (being sarcastic, I know why. MONEY)
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