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  1. I was up all last week and you really had to keep an eye out for floating debris. There wasn't a ton of it but you had to be mindful.
  2. This was going to be my exact post except for I've been using my black and decker for at least 20+ years and its still the original set of blades. I've used it on every type of panfish, bass, pike, trout and who knows what else. The new Bubba cordless look very inviting but that sure is a lot of new fishing lures.
  3. regardless of the water level we will be up, ng is not a problem. I was just wondering if there was a site that I could keep an eye on it. In '17 we had one of the best years ever and I can't imagine that this year will be any different.
  4. I'm looking at upgrading my current 12v trolling motor to a 24v. Currently I have two batteries in the back of the boat. One for the trolling motor and one for the starting motor/electronics. I don't really have room for a third in the back so here is my question. How far apart can two batteries be that are wired for 24v? can one be at the back and one in the front? I am willing to give up some of the storage in the front for a second battery but not sure it ill work being approximately 10' apart.
  5. Do you know if there is a online gauge that can be found?
  6. I'm getting very anxious to head north to the great St.Lawerance. I can't seam to find any up to date water level info so I figured I would ask the guys that know best.
  7. I'm assuming that you mean largemouths, if so, we had several of them at 4lbs or a little more. No real big one but decent. I'll be curious to see how the big boys do next week.
  8. Just got back from a week of fishing in the Chippewa bay area for bass mostly. Smallie fishing was tougher than normal for us but the large mouth were everywhere. The smallies seemed to be on NO pattern at all. We caught them from 5' to 45' and couldn't find any schools at all to sit on. All in all we had another great week on the SLR so who could complain about that.
  9. Nice catches guys. Try to hold them off for another week until I get there for the second go around.
  10. They may not fight as hard as smallies but I will assure you that they will taste better. I don't fish for perch when m up there but I have to ask, how the heck are you fishing for them in that deep of water?
  11. That is what I was wondering also?
  12. It was literally all over the board. From top water to 35' down. I know this doesn't help much but it's what was working.
  13. We spent the last week fishing this area for bass mostly. We had one of our best trips in a lot of years on big fish. We were getting small and large mouths both. We kept a few for a fish dinner but almost all of the bass were released for next trip. My son however did get in to a BUNCH of good perch that made the trip home with us. I also got several very nice eyes that will be taking an oil bath one of these days. We were very worried about the fish not spawning yet due to the weather but very few we cleaned had eggs, that's a good thing. You guys that live in the TI region ae so blessed with the scenery, I hope you take it in every morning and evening.
  14. Like my dad always said after he retired, "I have no idea how I ever found time to work".
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