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  1. A lot slower today but got a few nice ones including this 5 pounder my daughter reeled in
  2. Cayuga was a lot slower today for us. Only 3 fish compared to 16 yesterday and no silver today
  3. What a day! Boated 16 fish from 6am to 11am. 10 LT, 4 RT and 2 LLS. Needless to say my friend and I were busy and had a day to remember! All 30-50 feet down in 60-100 FOW. All on riggers and small dipseys. 10 of the fish went for the Michigan stinger purple glo alewife. Purple black and white were productive colors. Kept some teenagers. Put the babies and big boys back. Largest fish was 9 lbs LT. Going back tomorrow with my 11 year old daughter who loves fishing for Father’s Day.
  4. Nice! Heading there tomorrow for the first time as well
  5. Thanks guys, going to give it a go bright and early tomorrow. Still not sure if I’ll launch at Deans or Taughannock
  6. Dan P

    Canandaigua Canandaigua 6/16

    My understanding is that is about max speed for the Sutton’s. 88 for me seems to be the most consistent for lakers
  7. Going to try Cayuga for first time. Coming from Canandaigua area. Deans cove looks like the best launch option. Please let me know if I should be looking elsewhere. Which direction should I troll from there? What to use spoons,FF, cowbells? Any other thoughts or advice for Cayuga would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Dan P

    Canandaigua Canandaigua 6/16

    2.2 to 2.4. went out again this morning. Nice 20” bow on pink and purple Michigan stinger. Two lakers 17” and 22” on Sutton silver 88. About 60 feet down in 100 fow. Bow came at 30 feet over 100 fow
  9. I’ve been very happy with the Okuma GLT series both downrigger and dipsey rods. Great product for the price
  10. Dan P

    Canandaigua Canandaigua 6/16

    Start 6:30 at north end. Didn’t mark much on west side, went over to east side, more marks. Got two small bows, one 16” and one 17”. Both 30 feet down in about 100 fow, on silver Sutton 44. Surface temp 64. Done at 9:30.
  11. Dan P

    Canandaigua Fleas

    Idk. There is none today but they were caking up my lines good when I was out about a week and a half ago. Surface temp is 64 today
  12. Dan P

    Canandaigua Fleas

    On Canandaigua this morning, fleas vanished
  13. I’ll take them. Send $ now
  14. Brand new to musky fishing. I’ve fished trout my whole life. I live in Canandaigua. I’m wondering what the best lake(s) would be to start musky fishing? Also, what the best time(s) of year are? And techniques? I have trolling gear.
  15. What is FF? I e seen that on other posts and not sure what it stands for
  16. Dan P

    Canandaigua Fleas

    I was last out on Canandaigua last weekend and the fleas were there for sure. We had a lot of strong wind the past week so it’s possible the lake changed
  17. Guys I got the perspective I was looking for, and then some, I think we can call this thread done, thanks all
  18. Reading a lot about this setup and want to get one. Size and manufacturer recommendations please? Also the meat, should I just buy some sawbellies and freeze them or is there a better way? I fish mostly out of Sandy creek
  19. I use Okuma downrigger 7 ft rods on Canandaigua lake for the same type of fish your describing, they work great and feels like you got a big fish at the average 20” LT. if your not running downriggers they make a 7 1/2 ft lake trolling version. Best part is there only about $30. Here is link: https://www.fishusa.com/Okuma-Classic-Pro-GLT-Trolling-Rods?quantity=1&L-Model1=2301
  20. Alright, definitely good to know larger line reduces fleas, did not know that. They are already bad in Canandaigua. How long is recommendation for the fluoro leader? Direct tie to mono or swivel?
  21. I know there are some preferences that vary but looking for some opinions here. I’m transitioning form Finger Lakes to more fishing on the big lake. I’ve upgraded my rods, reels and lines but think my lines maybe still undersized. I’ve caught some kings this spring with no issues up to 17 lbs but I’m worried about what could happen if I got something bigger (which I fully plan on, Lol). I also enjoy the brown fishing. Can the same rods/reels/lines be used or is it best to have different downriggers and planners I have 15 lbs mono with 20 lbs fluoro leader dipseys I have 50 lbs braid with 20 lbs fluoro leaders
  22. Dan P

    Skaneateles Skaneateles reports?

    Ok, thanks for the info
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