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  1. I have a 15 ft fiber glass center counsel boat. It’s a 1982 privateer in excellent condition. I put a few fiberglass floor in it a couple years ago. It has a 1978 mercury 70hp engine on it. The engine needs over $1000 of work so it figured it was time for a newer one. I’m trying to figure out how much weight it can handle. My current motor weighs about 230 lbs. I’ve found a mercury 75 hp 4 stroke that weighs about 380 lbs. The HP should be fine but I’m concerned about the extra weight? To add to the problem I just got an 80 lb kicker. Can the boat handle this extra weight. Of course I’ll be calling my mechanic today but was just trying to get some feedback.
  2. Just spent a week at Angel Rock cottages right by Carleton island. You can catch perch all day around there with worms. We found if the gobies start taking your worm, best thing to do is move until you hit the perch again. Good bass around feather bed shoal right by Carleton island on worms and minnows. Bass masters were all around that shoal all week. Beautiful area there, good luck!
  3. Thanks for the reply. Does it have power trim? Where do you live? I’ll talk to my boat mechanic and be in touch
  4. Good morning out there! Thanks for the Canandaigua report
  5. I have same question. What jigs to use in finger lakes. If someone could post a link to the jigs that would be greatly appreciated
  6. Rochester area, would travel to pick up motor. Let me know if you have anything that may work for me
  7. Dan P

    A Fatty

    Kevin, you catch these on riggers, dipseys or top line?
  8. Beautiful fish there!
  9. I’m looking at buying a 2008 8 hp Tohatsu 4 stroke kicker. I’m trying to confirm it is 2 cylinder not 1 before buying it. I can tell all the 2020 8 hp models are 2 cylinder I’m just not sure if it was different in 2008. I’ve tried looking online but haven’t found what I’m looking for. Does anyone know or know how to find out? I asked the seller and he was not sure.
  10. Upstate NY area. Looking for kicker. Ideally something less than 10 years old, 4 stroke, 2 cylinder, electric start, long shaft.
  11. I normally review the wind and regular weather forecast before deciding to go. What is a good spot to look up wave forecast?
  12. Beautiful! Fishing with the kids is the best
  13. Out of Deans, crossed lake and trolled south into the wind. Happy my son came (brought lots of snacks, Lol), usually only my daughter is interested. He caught his first trout. Had a blast! Got 4 lakers all in 4 to 8 lb range. 60 feet down in 100 FOW. No silver.
  14. Nice! Heading their tomorrow morning. Thanks for the report
  15. Will definitely try out the brewery! Thanks for the starter tips. 🍻
  16. Normally go to Canada mid July fishing for a week. Can’t go because of the border. Instead staying by Millen Bay across from Carleton island in the 1000 islands. Never fished here before, looking for advice. I enjoy trolling or still fishing. Any advice on target species and techniques for this time of year and this area would be appreciated.
  17. Going to the 1000 Islands near Clayton, NY in mid July. We want to trailer the boat to somewhere along the east side of Lake Ontario and spend a day targeting summer salmon. Looking at the depth charts the north east corner of the lake is very shallow. We could drive all the way back to the Oswego area but I'm looking for some launching recommendations between Henderson and Pulaski? Or would that be to shallow in that area? Also, recommended strategies in these areas? Thank you!
  18. I've found natural and stocked fish look different
  19. Caught this one with no hook, line wrapped around fin. Took forever to drag in, he lived though
  20. A lot slower today but got a few nice ones including this 5 pounder my daughter reeled in
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