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  1. Fishable water closer meaning it gets deep faster?
  2. Being new to fishing the big lake I’m wondering the pros and cons of the different places to launch in the greater Rochester area? I live in Canandaigua so Irondequoit bay is probably the closest. But Genesee River, braddocks, and Sodus are all about an hour or less.
  3. Thanks for all the comments, appreciate it
  4. Any report on Skaneateles? Thinking of heading over that way this week
  5. Dan P

    Canandaigua 6/6 southend

    3 lakers and 1 brown today
  6. I see the separate reports for the finger Lakes now. New to the site here. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction
  7. Dan P

    Canandaigua 6/6 southend

    Going out tomorrow for bows and browns on Canandaigua. Anyone have any ideas of what’s been working would be appreciated.
  8. Anyone been on Canandaigua lately? How is fishing, what’s working? going tomorrow target bows and browns
  9. Thanks off shore 4. Very helpful. White meat rig? GPS you refer to is to know your speed?
  10. No gps. Just a basic fish/depth finder. Is this gps chart plotter something on more robust fish finders? How is it used?
  11. Ok. Caught some kings this spring for the first time by going where the other boats were. In summer they will be a lot more spread out I’m assuming. Any advise on how to approach summer kings would be appreciated. I have downriggers and dipseys I’ll be running.
  12. Ok. I thought you might have to go out 10 plus miles. But it sounds like there is good fishing even in the summer Just a few miles out. Thanks!
  13. Is it okay to take a small boat (16 ft) into deep water if the wind and weather forecast are calm for the entire day? How many miles out of Rochester in general does one have to travel out to find summer (late June into July) kings?
  14. Fished Canandaigua most my life, tried Lake Ontario several times this spring. Did pretty good, but slowed down past couple weeks. Looking to learn from this site.
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