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  1. took my father in law out Saturday on Cayuga. Picked up this nice 30-1/2" 10 lb laker. Mother in law reeled in a 29-1/2 " laker on wednesday.
  2. Saw this boat out there Saturday near Aurora. We were too busy hauling in Lakers to notice the antics though.
  3. The wife and I took our nephew trolling for lakers on Cayuga, his first time. Picked up a nice dozen. Biggest one was 27 3/4 inches, with a couple more at 27. Caught on cowbells, yellow and purple. Green/yellow spoon on the yellow cowbell and pink/white spoon on the purple one. It was a perfect day, flat water, not too hot.
  4. Left the dock at 6:30, lines in the water at 7:00, off Aurora. Started off with a double, caught fish every 10 minutes for an hour till the cooler was full. My twins reeled them all in. The largest one was 28.5" long. Cowbells on downriggers.
  5. Nice day saturday on Cayuga. Started out at Dean's Cove and got skunked. Headed toward Aurora and had 4 lakers on. Lost one. 3 on cowbells off the downrigger (had a double), 1 on white flasher fly on a dipsy.
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