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  1. I don’t gut immediately. I clip the v under the mouth where the gills come together. Then they go on ice.
  2. We bleed ours, too. Learned the trick from Striper fishing. While most of the filets are orange, some come out very pale, almost white. Even when we didn’t bleed them out, though, I don’t understand the disdain for lakers.
  3. It’s a Traeger. Last time we used the brine from the pic. Yes, I also used it for smoked eel. It’s adapted from “The Quick and Easy Art of Smoking Food: Updated for the 90s” by Chris Dubbs & Dave Heberle. The only downside to that book is you really should read it cover to cover and then you have piece things together to make everything right.
  4. Love smoked lake trout. It’s more mild than salmon and lacks the sweetness but is very good. I prefer hickory for smoking. I also prepare it like other salmon recipes. Grilled after a vodka, brown sugar, salt, pepper marinade. Foil pack with butter, garlic salt, and pepper.
  5. Thank you so much for the feedback. I've still got some time to decide if she comes along or not.
  6. What does everyone think about the algae blooms on Cayuga? I've got a vacation scheduled and wanted to bring my dog out in the boat, but we usually use water to cool things off for her. I'm concerned about her safety with the reported algal blooms. Thoughts? I also read that you shouldn't fish or eat fish caught in/near the blooms. What do they consider "near"?
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