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  1. Sold my boat and am selling off my remaining trolling gear. Just want this stuff gone so selling it cheap. First item for sale is a box of trolling fly supplies to tie your own flies. There are various trolling skirts, hooks, beads, rattle tubes, and prepackages lures. Price is $40/OBO. (Sold) Second item is 2 Offshore Pro Mag Planner Boards - $20. (Sold) Third item is 2 Okuma 45 L reels spooled with Blood Run Spiny Water Flee line, paired with 2 Ugly Stick 8'3" trolling rods. Price is $75/OBO. (Sold) Fourth Item is 2 Okuma Classic Pro Downrigger rods - $25. (Sold) I will give preference to local pickup on these items in the Binghamton NY area first, can do a short drive if necessary. If you want these shipped, you will have to pay for the shipping. Text me at will try to get back to you as soon as I can.
  2. Hi my name is Lewis and I have a 2013 Starweld and I’m having a hard time figuring out we’re to put my cannon mag 10 electric downriggers? Heard you may be able to help

  3. I am selling a Lot of 6 Hammerhead 5/0 Spinners (2 each of Monkey Puke, Lake Trout Killer, and Silver), 3 Gambler Rigs, and 24 various sized Spin-N-Glo Rigs. Everything in this lot have never been used. Price for the whole Lot is $60, add $5 for shipping. Located in Binghamton, NY if you want to pick-up. Accept PayPal.
  4. Selling 2 Cannon Uni-Troll 10 Manual downriggers. Each downrigger has 200’ of 150 lbs stainless cable. 3 digit depth counter, 24-53" telescopic boom, line retrieve, rod holder, and Black’s release clips. Also Included is 2 Cannon low-profile swivel basses with 2 Cannon Backing Plates. Price is $225. Prefer to do pickup in Binghamton, NY or will drive a reasonable distance to meet you half way. Won't go lower than $225 as I feel like I am giving these away. Also selling 2 12lbs shark type downrigger weights. Bought these from a guy on LOU that made these, think his name was Rich (username: Bickinibottom). Price is $40 for both weights. Prefer to do pickup in Binghamton, NY or will drive a reasonable distance to meet you half way.
  5. White/green Spindoctor and green/white flies were the only thing that worked today for us fishing around Myers.
  6. The vessel was just above Myers today. Pissed me off because I had just got all my lines out twice today and he had his tow line stretched across the whole lake. Had to pick up my lines up and move. Was not happy.
  7. You did not say if you use the motor to troll or just to get from one spot to the other. If you mostly troll, you can't beat an Etec. I have a 115 on my boat and it trolls all day long with no issues so far in 4 years. The Etec is going to weigh less than most 4 strokes if weight is an issue. You also can't beat the winterization process and less maintenance costs.
  8. Alex that is a nice Walleye. That's on my bucket list for that lake. Probably catch one when I don't try to target them.
  9. Yes, l got him on a green flasher fly setup. I forgot the name of the Spin Doctor, but it is green with white tape and green dots and was on the 1st hole. The fly was an green Atomic fly.
  10. We fished yesterday (8/20) until the rec boaters got bad around noon. We got about a few Lakers on green flashers and flies on dipsy down about 100' or so. First time using my wire dipsy setups. Fished straight down the middle of the lake. Got a few Silvers on GLT 44's around mid- lake before it was too hard with the rec boaters around. Got this big boy in the picture waiting to go the smoker this morning for my lunch today.
  11. Today was slow. Most of the marks were down 100 ft with a few sporadic ones mixed in the water column. Trolled about 7 hours and got skunked. The only good news is fleas were not bad.
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