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  1. Owasco

    Thanks for the update. How was the water level at the launch?
  2. I have caught a lot of fish on his spoons. I also did not have my order filled last Fall, but paid with PayPal. I took someone's suggestion and wrote a negative review on his FLT Facebook page. My one star review knocked his ratings down from a 4.6 to a 4.5, so if more people write a negative review it may help other customers from buying from him. Won't help to get your money back, but might help stop him from filling up his wallet more.
  3. I-81 North through Binghamton construction update This for those of you that travel from PA and NJ. If you are traveling 81 North through Binghamton, by the end of April it will be down to one lane. They are putting a temporary bridge up as they rebuild one of the overpasses. Traffic will be backed up real bad during the day. Traffic may not be too bad during the early morning hours. Not sure when this new overpass will be completed. Here is an alternative route: Take Exit 2W to Route 11. Route 11 will turn into Court St. At the 5th red light, take a right onto Broad Ave. At the 3rd red light, make a left onto Bevier St. At the 5th red light, take a right on to Front St and in a ¼ mile take the entrance to 81 North. If traffic is really backed up, you can take Exit 1 off of 81 North. At the bottom of the exit, make a left on to Cederhurst Rd. Then ¼ mile up the road, make a left on to exit for Route 11 North. At the bottom of the exit, make a right on to Route 11. Go about 5 miles on Route 11, which will turn into Court St. At the 5th red light, take a right onto Broad Ave. At the 3rd red light, make a left onto Bevier St. At the 5th red light, take a right on to Front St and in a ¼ mile take the entrance to 81 North. At this point 81 South through Binghamton will have 2 lanes, but it looks like they may be having everyone exit off the highway and go through Binghamton to get back on 81 South. That will be a real nightmare when that happens. I will update you with an alternative route when they start that project.
  4. Review of my winter boat cover The last thing anyone is thinking about is storing their boat for the winter, but here is my review of the winter cover I used this year. This year I decided to try something different than shrink wrapping my boat for the winter. Because of where I store my boat now, I would have had to have use a mobile shrink wrapping service and they are scarce in my area. I am posting this review because I did not find a lot of information online about some other alternatives to shrink wrapping except to build a frame out of wood or pvc pipe and use a tarp. I used ¾ inch electrical conduit pipes to build the frame and connected them together using Kover Klamps. I had to custom bend a lot of the pipes, so that was probable the worst part. Since I did not have any rails on my boat, I had to anchor the frame to my Traxtech rails and a couple of spots to the floor on my bow deck. Then I wrapped all the conduit in pool noodles and pipe foam. I bought a heavy duty vinyl tarp, lacing the tarp under the boat and also secured the tarp to the trailer frame with nylon rope. In Binghamton, we had 135 inches of snow this winter as well as a number of days with high wind. One storm this past March, we had 3 feet of snow and I did not have any snow on the cover the day after. The frame and tarp worked very well as I did not have any water or mold in the boat. I spent about as much on materials as I would have for getting my boat shrink wrapped. The frame and Kover Klamps are now reusable each year and I should get another winter out of the tarp, so I should see some savings over the next couple of years. For my 18’ boat, I ordered a 20x30 tarp and the length was a little too long so I had to make a wrap around the front. Next time I will order a smaller tarp. Obviously shrink wrapping is the best option, but possibly this post may help someone build a better winter cover system.
  5. I use a portable Uniden VHF radio. It is just for emergencies and weather alerts as Verizon has a few dead spots on some of the lakes so my cell would not work in case of an emergency.
  6. It's been awhile since I used mine, but it had the ripper blades on it. I asked my buddy as he has a 30 also and his has the ripper blades.
  7. I have the FX100 for a year and it has been worth the money so far. I also have used a Shappell wide house 5500 for the last 3 years and have gotten my money's worth out of that. I realize we are talking different models here,but overall I have been impressed with the Shappell shelters for a lot less money than other brands. I think my FX100 is warmer than some of my buddy's flip-overs because the material is thicker. My only complaint is that it is a bench seat and I added a cheap plastic seat just for some back support.
  8. Thanks for the reply Windburn. Probably will pass on the Billboard sign then if it is heavy and stiff. It might be waterproof, but I see it being difficult to get this to attach securely.
  9. I am going to try to cover my boat this winter with something other than shrink wrapping. Building a frame out of 3/4 EMT conduit and Kover Klamps. I see that people are buying used Billboards as a tarp because they are made of an inside and outside layer of vinyl and a middle mesh layer. If you do a Google search for "Billboard Tarp," you will see what I am talking about. Some places also sell new Billboard signs. There is also a pipe seam sewn in on the length, so seems like it could be used to tighten the cover to the boat. Just wondering if anyone has used one of these Billboard signs as a winter boat cover and if you have any issues securing the material to the boat or trailer.
  10. I have a 14 Starweld 1800 with a 115 Etec. I had similar issues with listing and not getting as much speed as I felt I should be getting for the first 2 years I owned the boat. I had to find another because the dealer no longer worked on Etecs. When I took my boat to another dealer, they told me I was under propped. After putting on a different prop, it was a totally different boat. I realize we are talking about different brands of outboards, but I would not assume the dealer put the correct prop on.
  11. Sk8man, been fishing solo a lot this year because it is getting harder to get a crew together. I enjoy the quiet time on the lake I had the last two weeks, but it is difficult to get lines out and net fish solo sometimes.
  12. I was putting the cover on my boat on Owasco just before dark and decided to make a few casts. Tossed a pink (bubblegum) Zoom Super Fluke off the dock and got this slob Smallie. Was not prepared to catch anything of this size, so took a quick picture and tossed him back. Not sure of the weight, but he was north of 5 lbs. I know where I will be at tonight
  13. Owasco

    I haven't found the fleas too bad trolling around the north end the last couple of days. I marked a lot of bait in the upper 50' water column but could not get any takers. Most of the marks I saw were on the bottom. Had no luck yesterday trolling so jigged up 3 lakers around Burtis Point. I may try using some cowbells tomorrow as the top bite is not as good as last week. I think the wind from Friday and Saturday changed lake conditions.
  14. On Vacation at Owasco for two weeks. Here is quick fishing report so far. 7/17 - Started trolling at first light from north end to the south. Down riggers at 90' over 120-130 with DW Mtn Dew Crush with Green flies fired quick. Had 4 lakers by the time passed Burtis Point, then bite slowed. Increased trolling speed to 2.8 - 3.0 over middle lake and rods with torpedo weights with purple FLT spoons kept hitting for the next few hours. Fleas were horrible. Moved in closer to shore in 90' and bounced some cowbells off the bottom and picked 2 more lakers. Went 10 - 12 on the lakers. Got off water when rec boaters swarmed the lake. 7/18 - Wash out with the thunderstorms. 7/19 - Fished solo and the wind really picked up. Gave up after an hour or so as it was too hard to get lines out and keep boat on corse. 7/20 - Fished solo, starting from the north end to the south end. Messed around with different depths for the first couple of hours. Marked a lot of small bait balls and fish in the top 50' water column. Trolled down the middle about half way down the lake and trolled north on the west side of the lake in 90 - 100 FOW. Still marked a lot of fish and bait balls on top so put 5 color lead core rods on planer boards and picked up a few small bows. Not sure if the thunderstorms and wind turned the lake over. 7/24 - After some windy days, finally got back on the water. Trolled from the north end south down the middle of the lake. Marked a lot of bait and fish in the upper 50’ of the water column but could not get any takers. Got the riggers out and went deeper, still no takers. Fleas were on the swivels and snaps, but not clogging up the line. Quit around 10:30 as the rec boaters got bad and it started getting hot. Went out in the afternoon and jigged around Burtis Point. Sweated to my butt off, but managed 3 average size lakers. 7/27 – Got on the water at first light and trolled from the north end south down the east side of the lake in the about 100 FOW as the middle had not produced for me. Quit around noon as it got hot again. Decided to go out in late afternoon and target bass. Fishing in front of large home I hear what sounds like someone hitting golf balls. I look up and this guy is hitting golf balls with a driver directly in front of me. WTF? After a heated verbal exchange, I left. Ruined the rest of the day fishing for me. 7/28 – Headed out again at first light and decided to troll from the north end south down the middle. Marked a lot of bait and fish in the upper 50’ of the water column but could not get any takers. Did not try trolling deeper than 75’. Fleas were a little thicker on the line.