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  1. Echomap 93sv plus, working great so far. (I still have the old x85 transducer on the boat, just in case lol)
  2. Would really enjoy that Mark! (...on an old note, finally settled on a Garmin
  3. Nice fish Mark, it's been a fun jigging season too!
  4. hit or miss on the blooms, was clear as a bell last evening (mid-lake)
  5. You will be fine with those sizes, I pour and have used 5/0 (Mustad 32746NP or similar) with 1/2 - 1oz heads without any issues for many years.
  6. I would definitely say on avg over several decades that I have caught larger lakers right on or close to the bottom, either by pulling copper or (esp.) jigging (Seth Green rigs ruled my youth!). Reminds me of catching larger stream trout by nymphing. My pb Cayuga laker though, was suspended high in the column over deep water, caught by dropping a jig to it. Have fun and be safe out there
  7. Thanks Traveling Circus for the jigging confirmation, appreciated! I've been playing with the simulator quite a bit this week and can't wait to test it out, looks great. ***Regarding the rebate - According to Garmin, you need to purchase a separate LakeVu g3 Ultra card to receive the $100 rebate. Details are on the rebate form: http://d35xfqiklvsi7s.cloudfront.net/rebates/75571.pdf (I was curious too since the unit came preloaded with maps, called Garmin to confirm this.)
  8. ...just hoping I can track a jig with it (93sv), have only used simulator so far, really like it's ease of use.
  9. The 94sv is preloaded with coastal maps and comes with a gt51 transducer if bundled. The 93sv is preloaded with lake maps and comes with a gt52 transducer if bundled. After many, many years of using an older Lowrance model, I just finished installing a 93sv on my 16' boat. Really like the simple operation and touch-screen, just waiting to test it out.
  10. Looks great Mark, the fish won't stand a chance!
  11. NILS 6" hand ice auger, brand new and has never touched the ice. $100 "Nils USA Hand Augers feature a one piece cutting head constructed of high chromium steel and features curved blades that quickly cut through the thickest ice. The offset handle design brings the drilling hand out, farther away from the center line of the auger increasing the torque going directly to the cutting head." Rated #1 hand ice-auger by many. Local pickup (Athens, PA), or willing to meet/deliver at a reasonable distance.
  12. I build and use light-weight (component-wise), spiral-wrapped casting rods for jigging lakers, most are MH rated. Reels are left-handed (I'm often running a tiller motor while jigging) low-profile casting reels (Lew's, Quantum) with a flipping switch. (Love that switch!) Usual braid/fluoro setup mostly, but sometimes all-mono. Have fun!
  13. Jigging?, no brainer: John Gaulke - http://fingerlakesanglingzone.com/default.asp
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