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  1. Copperliner

    Cayuga Jigging 06-15

    Highly recommend John also - my dad and I spent a day jigging with him many years ago and it was a real eye-opener, haven't touched my trolling gear since.
  2. Copperliner

    Drifting Live Bait for Trout

    ...have also used sawbellies (vertically) over the years on occasion, they do seem to prefer a jig though which is fine by me.
  3. Copperliner

    First time pulling copper.

    ...regarding zebras - I have a copper-pulling lake-neighbor on Cayuga who uses a heavier spoon (fixed, single hook Pfleuger, Sutton 22S, etc.), but also adds a small plastic swimbait threaded over the hook point. Adds a bit more action, but says it more-importantly assists as a "zebra-guard", similar to a weed guard for bass. Says it works well, I'll have to try it... JJBat150 - As far as jigging goes, thankfully zero zebra issues so far over many years (single-hook jig with hook point positioned skyward). Jigs with a treble hook are another story...
  4. Copperliner

    First time pulling copper.

    x2 what Frogger said -- Twin Minnows are laker candy, favorite was usually black with white belly, although I'm not sure the color really made a difference. Also not sure if they're still being made, but did see a few at Bear's shop at Myer's recently. I used a 10 - 15' heavy mono leader tied to a barrel swivel from the copper, the stretch helped a bit. Also replaced and used a heavier-duty and larger (#2) treble on the Twin Minnow. Put the victrola away and began jigging when the zebras came to town, became a lot of work to constantly pick them off the hook and/or have my leader cut up. Really miss it though, probably one of the most fun and effective way to catch lakers. Keep bangin' that bottom - when in doubt let out more copper... :)
  5. In Like-new condition (Purchased new this spring and tested for only approx. 10 minutes - works fine, but found it overkill for my simple needs!) -- Lowrance HDS-7 Carbon Gen 3 with latest update installed (yes - fish reveal!), includes (also like-new) downscan-capable Lowrance HDI transducer (83/200/455/800), heavy-duty RAM-111 (size C) mount, Russell Marine tempered glass screen protector (installed), manuals, power cable, Lowrance cover, and an extra Cabela's neoprene cover. I have also included a helpful Lowrance HDS Carbon & Gen3 installation and training 2-DVD set by Doctor Sonar (not pictured). Sorry - I have already submitted the warranty card. Please see Lowrance website for sonar and transducer specs. Priced to sell at $975 for all. Paypal accepted and includes FREE shipping to lower-48 address. Thanks for looking!
  6. Copperliner

    Laker jigs

    I pour my own laker jigheads, mostly up to 1oz. Glad send you a few "free samples" if you wish, just pm address.
  7. Copperliner

    Tying the Firetiger Trolling Streamer

    That's a great looking streamer Pete, thanks for sharing!
  8. Copperliner

    Laker - jigging sonar

    pm sent
  9. Copperliner

    Laker - jigging sonar the reviews of the Helix and almost bought one, but couldn't pass up a good deal found on a hds gen3. Thanks very much again for everyone's input, always appreciated!
  10. Copperliner

    Laker - jigging sonar

    Thanks Squealin, that's great to hear - very appreciated. Seems like info-overload with many these sonars (and a lot of marketing bells/whistles of course). I'm narrowing choices down though and that Helix is one of my top pics, really like it's simplicity.
  11. Copperliner

    Laker - jigging sonar

    Thanks bullwinkle - I also tried a Garmin unit years ago and had some issues, I'm sure they're units are better now. I may give the Helix a try, like the larger screen too. Appreciated, Mike
  12. Copperliner

    Laker - jigging sonar

    Thanks cronoticed, that dragonfly sounds neat, I'll check it out thanks. I'm fishing solo most of the time, but would be neat to share the screen with someone else.
  13. Copperliner

    Laker - jigging sonar

    Thanks, I'll have to ask him about it, appreciated.