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  1. Laker - jigging sonar

    pm sent
  2. Laker - jigging sonar the reviews of the Helix and almost bought one, but couldn't pass up a good deal found on a hds gen3. Thanks very much again for everyone's input, always appreciated!
  3. Laker - jigging sonar

    Thanks Squealin, that's great to hear - very appreciated. Seems like info-overload with many these sonars (and a lot of marketing bells/whistles of course). I'm narrowing choices down though and that Helix is one of my top pics, really like it's simplicity.
  4. Laker - jigging sonar

    Thanks bullwinkle - I also tried a Garmin unit years ago and had some issues, I'm sure they're units are better now. I may give the Helix a try, like the larger screen too. Appreciated, Mike
  5. Laker - jigging sonar

    Thanks cronoticed, that dragonfly sounds neat, I'll check it out thanks. I'm fishing solo most of the time, but would be neat to share the screen with someone else.
  6. Laker - jigging sonar

    Thanks, I'll have to ask him about it, appreciated.
  7. Laker - jigging sonar

    Thanks Lewis, appreciated. (Would that guide be John Gaulke by chance?)
  8. Laker - jigging sonar

    Contemplating a new fishfinder for lake trout jigging, have been using a Lowrance X85 for many years, which has served fine but has some limitations. Looking at 7" models - anyone using a Humminbird Helix 7 or Lowrance Elite 7-Ti for jigging purposes? Mainly looking for clear jig tracking and picking up fish on the bottom easily - love to play that cat and mouse game on the screen! Thanks, Mike
  9. Sutton Spoon Company

    Sarge5150 - Give 'em a call, they ship! or facebook page
  10. Sutton Spoon Company

    Also (finally) visited the Sutton Co. store for the first time this past weekend with my son, we took the "scenic route" home to PA from Rochester through Naples, interesting shop. I only jig now, but purchased a few extra 44's for old time's sake...
  11. Cayuga Cayuga today

    Holler anytime! I'm out most weekend mornings through the summer picking on lakers with jigs. I'll send a pm...
  12. Cayuga Cayuga today

    Nice looking laker! (unclipped, wild fish?) I'm just down the road from you on Fire Lane 6 - neighbors have been having fun with them recently off their docks too.
  13. Cayuga Lake 9/3 - Largest Landlock Salmon ever

    Beautiful fish, congrats! Not sure if Ray Grandner in Pine Valley, NY is still in business, but very nice work --
  14. Cayuga Cayuga 8/27 PM

    That's a beauty RR, nice!
  15. Cayuga Cayuga laker

    Beautiful Cayuga trophy, congrats!