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  1. Copperliner

    Good read

    ...and also on eBay for less
  2. Copperliner

    Guides on cayuga

    Jigging?, no brainer: John Gaulke - http://fingerlakesanglingzone.com/default.asp
  3. Copperliner

    Cayuga 2018 Season

    Glad that worked out and it's serving you well! I happily resorted back to my "old-tech" unit, hopefully it lasts longer than I do!
  4. Copperliner

    Cayuga 2018 Season

    definitely a fun summer, nice job Capt Mark!
  5. Thanks for sharing another great video & awesome fish Pete!
  6. Copperliner

    Back to Jigging

    Keep after 'em and be safe out there - love to read your reports
  7. Copperliner

    Back to Jigging

    Hi Pete, Glad that you're back on the water jigging, sounds like a blast - would be honored to be your cameraman anytime! Keep after 'em, Mike
  8. Copperliner

    Cayuga (7/5)

    Sean, pm sent
  9. Copperliner

    Cayuga (7/5)

    For jig & fish-watching, you usually need to tweak your sensitivity setting higher and stay vertical over the cone if possible. I use a simple old X85 Lowrance, sensitivity 100%, zoomed in on bottom third of column, 193kh. Pic of jig falling and rising on left, lake trout everywhere else...cat n mouse game
  10. Copperliner

    Cayuga (7/5)

    Glad to help, nice looking weekend on tap -- good luck!
  11. Copperliner

    Cayuga fishing

    Great to hear!
  12. Copperliner

    Cayuga fishing

    Tough to beat nice fish and a lot of smiles! ...great to see your boat is back in action!
  13. Copperliner

    Cayuga (7/5)

    Sure thing Sean - will have some in the mail to you today, not sure if they'll make it to you by Thurs though with the holiday closure. Glad to help, no need for any payment - hope the kids catch some big ones!
  14. Copperliner

    Cayuga (7/5)

    Sean, give me a holler if your jighead order doesn't come soon, I would gladly send a few heads n tails priority mail to you - I've been doing fine midlake using 3/4 and 1oz, 75' avg., usual white or chartreuse plastics.
  15. Copperliner

    Cayuga Jigging Report - 6/23 & 6/24

    I'm in a tiller, usually staying vertical by using the outboard or trolling motor on my bow. A drift sock may help also, or even cast upwind enough so your jig will be visible by the time your boat is drifting by your jig.