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  1. New, unused Garmin PS30 for sale, $1425 firm. Can deliver at a reasonable distance from N. PA (Sayre), or ship for a fee.
  2. Have an extra free dozen of these I used for Seth Green rigs, I always hand-lined everything (leaders/spoons) past the mainline into a box without taking anything apart, doubt they would wind well (if at all) onto a reel, but anyhoot....just shout, you're welcome to them!
  3. Nice perch! Is that a PS30 screen by chance? Just curious, adding one to my boat and can't wait to test it out. Thanks!
  4. also experienced an overall slow jig bite in the green sea this weekend, visibility was maybe 3-4' mid-lake.
  5. Thanks Frogger, appreciated - I think I'll dust ol Vicky off this weekend and give it a go, miss those hard strikes!
  6. Enjoyed pulling copper since my childhood (hence my nickname here) until the zebras took over. I mainly jig now, but have been thinking of getting the victrola and twin minnows out again for old-time sake -- just curious how you avoid a constant mess these days with all the zebras? Thanks
  7. Thanks, appreciated! I will have them on the way as soon as check comes. Have a great weekend Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. That's true, usually trolled down the middle (out deep anyway) with the wind to keep from losing a rig on bottom, as well as to avoid any sharp turns.
  10. Great video Pete, thanks for stirring up some great memories! My dad introduced me to rig trolling at a very young age, two rods with five spoons out each side. Rods were around six foot each with Penn reels loaded with braided dacron. Every 50' of dacron "topline" was marked, we usually had 100' of topline (rig not included) out one side and 150' out the other. Life was a bit wild at times pulling these out of the back of a 14' boat. Once swivel connecting the topline to the rig was visible, we pulled the rig in by hand without disconnecting the leaders, laying the loops of line in a box and covering with a sheet of cardboard every two spoons or so. Fun times and very effective!
  11. My fishing buddy Tucker, as a pup in the white boat and taken a couple years ago in the black one. Goes ballistic over sailboats (?), but absolutely loves the water, sometimes a little too much...
  12. ...not sure if they even made as far N as Long Point on Sunday, was returning south a short time after I saw it pass by King Ferry.
  13. Thanks Mark, interesting - just found it odd to see the water splash every few seconds behind this boat with a deep thud.
  14. Saw this vessel heading north yesterday on Cayuga, created a loud "thud" and splash (shown) behind it about every 5 - 10 seconds. (Soundings?) Sorry for crappy iphone pic, just curious, thanks.
  15. Hey Joe, hello and welcome back! I just switched ff's this summer (again!) from an old Lowrance X85 to a Garmin 93sv plus (Gt-52 'ducer) unit for jigging and it works great. I like the 200kHz vs.the chirp setting for clarity. It's definitely overkill for what I use it for (almost entirely jigging), but the ease of use and large touch-screen is super. I haven't taken the X85 'ducer off the boat yet either, that was a wonderful unit for jigging lakers. Good luck! Mike
  16. Echomap 93sv plus, working great so far. (I still have the old x85 transducer on the boat, just in case lol)
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