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  1. http://www.boatersland.com/lowrance-hds-9-carbon-structurescan-3d-c-map-insight-pro.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI6OikvpnM3gIVRIGzCh0eyARMEAQYBCABEgJht_D_BwE 1791 new in this ad... and 2500 cdn transfers to 1892 us right now...buying used electronics are always a gamble especially sight unseen...just trying to let you see what your market is looking at to help you unload it...I personally might consider it at about 1/2 of retail but not more than that. I am currently reworking my dash and looking to network two hds units and go with a total scan transducer...so I can use side scan down scan and the mapping all on bigger screens... Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  2. At the current exchange rate that is more than one can be purchased new in states Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  3. Lewis863

    Season on Cayuga

    There are sand bars as the water drops worst is off the boat yard restaurant sailboat was stuck on it couple weeks ago south of treman launch
  4. Lewis863

    Boat winterization questions

    Two years unless they are agm even bringing damn things inside then my rv battery stays on charge outside lasts 10 years ....less vibration yes but still
  5. Lewis863

    Boat winterization questions

    Yes as long as they are plugged in they will be fine that many years on marine batteries is unusual
  6. Lewis863

    Season on Cayuga

    Snowing .... it’s freaking snowing for the second time in pa while I butcher my sons largest kill to date
  7. Lewis863

    Boat winterization questions

    Or take a pvc pipe large enough to cover that screen put a 90 degree elbow in it cover the screen with it fill it and run pump
  8. Lewis863

    Boat winterization questions

    On inside of boat there will be a hose from the through hull fitting disconnect it and feed it into a gallon jug or plate full of antifreeze
  9. Lewis863

    Boat winterization questions

    The only ingredients are propylene glycol and water nothing in that causes pin holes or reactions it is basically a double alcohol Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  10. Lewis863

    Boat winterization questions

    As said earlier... and I have multiple pumps on my boat make sure you run pink antifreeze through any pump and all water lines, if you have an outboard engine winterization is easier if you have an I/o and you haven’t done it before get some help before you ruin the engine Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  11. Lewis863

    Season on Cayuga

    No they just do ....
  12. Lewis863

    Season on Cayuga

    And you need a smaller boat ... low bridge Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  13. Lewis863

    Cayuga Cayuga 10/7

    My baby is headed back home tomorrow sitting on the trailer...taking my first crack at a shrink wrap job on my own in next week or two ...I will say winterizing an etec two stroke outboard makes me so happy I bought this boat... done in two minutes at the ramp before pulling...just have to do the main water system bilge pumps and wash down pump and shes ready for layup....sigh...sorry to see the season closing .... Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  14. Lewis863

    Trolling Southern End of Cayuga Lake

    How far back on dipsys