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  1. Yeah I agree I just didn’t bother people were getting too stupid already...I unsubscribed and moved on but thanks for calling it out...please show us the ticket... Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  2. Downloadable from cannon Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  3. Well there are two ways boats are towed, astern and alongside. When out in open water subject to waves the astern tow is best. Once protected waters are reached then an alongside tow may be established. There are well documented procedures on the net on how to do both. That said I don’t recommend doing it without training and considering all the risks. I do it but Ive also been trained how. One thing everyone on both boats need pfds on and there are many considerations to think about before you do it. I would consult a seamanship manual for all of them, I don’t have the energy to put them all here. Failure to do things right can easily get people hurt or killed and sink boats. However, that said there is not too many more hopeless feelings than stuck on a boat with no help in sight. Just learn the dangers study and if in doubt call for assistance. Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  4. Funny this argument of safety vs tickets and money. Statistics show the quickest way to reduce accidents and fatalities in an area is aggressive enforcement and tickets. So whine all ya want. Hypothesize about the dark motivations of the evil in the system... but some morons only understand the stick and have no common sense... to rhe poster wondering if he was required to have a fire extinguisher on your open boat with an outboard ... do it because it’s smart... you have gas on board man seriously ....
  5. Actually your post is factually inaccurate. The Finger lakes connected by the canal are in fact under the control of the United States Coast Guard. Regardless of the time of year the USCG Oswego will respond to a mariner in distress. It might be by helicopter if required but respond they will. If there are more local assets those might be utilized first. The USCG has limited assets and reach and as such created the USCG Auxiliary. The Auxiliary is made up of volunteers and focuses on boating safety, education, marine patrols, and search and rescue. These folks go through detailed depart of homeland security back ground checks and training. Understand that a vessel displaying the USCG Patrol signs are under active orders and under the direct control of the USCG in this area Oswego Station. With the exception of police powers they carry the same authority and responsibility as any active duty coast guard personnel. The boat crews receive intensive training and train continuously throughout the season to respond to emergencies and keep people safe on the lakes. Cold water operations are limited for everyone including all local responders. The Auxiliary does stop operations on the lake by order of Oswego when water temps drop to low as to require survival suits. Hopefully this clears your confusion
  6. Well practice with them and it won’t be on paper. 🤔👍
  7. A flare serves as a night time or daytime visual distress signal that can be seen from long distance over water. Primary use is night though. Find yourself broken down at night trying to get a boats attention a mile away you will be happy you have it and expired flares make good training .
  8. Saturday June 22nd is Marina Safety Day at Treman Marine Park in Ithaca. There will be boat inspectors on site issuing inspected stickers by the United States Coast Guard auxiliary. Given increased enforcement from other agencies it would be a good time to have boats inspected and labeled as inspected. There are also educational classes planned through out the day. I will publish to the site the Agenda for the day when it is complete. The agenda and fliers have been added to this posting. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app 2019 Marina Day Flyer (1).pdf 2019 Marina Day-Allan H. Treman State Marine Park.pdf
  9. If there is enough interest I would be happy to arrange a special Lake Ontario United Finger Lakes courtesy inspection day with our vessel examiners in Ithaca. We provide a sticker that lets everyone know the vessel has already been inspected and should result in a free pass on it from anyone seeking to stop or bother you at launch. We do this as a courtesy from the United States Coast Guard auxiliary. We do travel around to marinas doing it on Cayuga from time to time as well. We could set it up at the launch ramp at Treman Marine Park...
  10. This is a great app everyone who goes on the larger waters of the Great Lakes, finger lakes, and costal areas should have on their phone... besides emergency contact information it also has an emergency button that gives your exact gps coordinates to help in your rescue.... Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. See the above posted chart for New York State by lily depends on boat size and questions are good other people learn whether they post or not they are in column of visual distress device
  12. The finger lakes are connected by the canal, and thus count as navigable waters of the US and fall under the United States Coast Guard AND the State in which the body of water resides. If not connected via the canal the lake only is under the state laws.
  13. An even better one https://www.uscgboating.org/images/420.PDF Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. Here are some resources to help https://www.boat-ed.com/newyork/boating_law.html https://www.unitedmarine.net/boating_safety/required-boating-safety-equipment.aspx Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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