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  1. Wow that only took a year or so...lol Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  2. Lewis863

    Cayuga Salvation Army Derby

    Guys be careful dragon boat races from tfalls today restricted patrolled area so please stay clear of the boats participating
  3. Lewis863

    Cayuga (7/5)

    I’ll defer to copper on that one he is the jigging talent in the room ... trolling I go for the fish with no bait... less competition... so I use the Lowrance with fish reveal (that I bought from copper aka mike lol cause he didn’t like it more than his old system ) I can detect fish easily sitting on the bottom or suspended in the column... but on your unit use max mode on your sonar and pay attention to the live bar to the right you should clearly see your jig and the live bar should show you fish coming for the lure don’t try to use downscan I don’t think it will help you .. google your unit and jigging to find some videos
  4. Cannon Unitrol manual down riggers with base plates and additional double rod holders so there are three on each rigger for sale... retail cost for rigger is 170 plus 60 for the extra rod holders for a retail total of 230... will let them go for 125.00 a piece, end tackle is in perfect condition wire is in perfect condition just upgraded my platform and don’t need them. Manual clutch driven for deployment..fixed booms.. Traxstech gimbal mount not included but if interested make offer Captain Mark Www.indepthfishingadventures.com
  5. Lewis863

    Cayuga (7/5)

    What model do you have?
  6. Lewis863

    My Wife's fingerlakes rainbow.

    What lake?
  7. This little guy deserves some serious credit. I take a lot of people fishing I have grown men complain about reeling in 6-10 pound fish on a dipsy out 250, this little guy not only boated 4 fish on the same dipsy out 250 and didnt lose a one...AND even helped me clear the lines when we were done for the day, mom pitched in for a double as well while grandpa coached ... If I had a trophy to hand out it would have gone to him hands down.... Captain Mark Www.indepthfishingadventures.com
  8. Lewis863

    Cayuga ,deans cove

    Yeah my charter trip today landed over 20 fish in 5 hours missed or lost 10 or more lake is rocking
  9. Lewis863

    Cayuga fishing

    Yeah 5 weeks it was down have 4 charters over thu to Sunday your Lowrance is doing well
  10. Lewis863

    Cayuga (7/5)

    Copper liner can outfit you with what you need he makes his own and they are good stuff
  11. Lewis863

    Cayuga (7/5)

    Follow johns advice he’s a jigging master 1 oz is too light 1 and 3/4 at least If you don’t have a gps stabilized trolling set up and good electronics and knowledge of lake could be challenge ... 80 foot is a good depth to start launch Meyers go north east side north of power plant in that area is generally good I’ve seen John there lately also north on other side of lake near kidders ... fish will be moving deeper as temps rise in water...we have been getting lots of fish 50-90 ft down some were in 40-50s though I suspect that will go away as thermocline develops . Your issue will be holding position if you don’t have a gps stabilized trolling motor as wind on the lake is usually present in am dies off mid morning and picks up again afternoon if all else fails pm me I’ll be on charter that afternoon and I do plan to hit the area there or marine radio boat name is Avalon the fishing has been hot and don’t be afraid to do mid morning when wind typically settles the jigging thing is a real touch game speed and manner of retrieve is nothing like Bass... If you don’t succeed and you want to hop a charter let me know Captain Mark
  12. Lewis863

    Cayuga fishing

    I have been quiet the last few weeks so I thought I would share some pictures from my recent trips with you all... enjoy... Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. Yes it does ....should have add d that...no restrictions on the other two and you could launch a 50 footer at treman, best launch ive seen in years wide huge and many lanes
  14. All the way at south end is treman marina great launch or taughannock falls west side or myers east side about 1/3 up
  15. Ok there were no takers on the group as a set, they are all up for bid individually, best offers take the items don't need the stuff anymore so highest offers take them......