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  1. The fish are excellent to eat my customers rave about them.... and we love them too.... You will find browns where 55 degrees hits bottom...so a fishhawk probe for 150 that you can drop down will record temps in five degree increments to tell you the temp that particular day,.. you can get salmon jigging but easier trolling even then this time of year can be challenge... Saturday was a rough day for me we only landed 7 lost four at back of boat temps and thermocline is breaking up I was reading temps above 50 at 100 feet previous week thermocline was set well at 70 below that dropped into the 40s fast.. that will move the fish around..
  2. Lewis863

    ISO 30 Degree Gimbal Mounts

    I have one Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  3. Lewis863

    Cayuga 2018 Season

    Hey your lowrance helped!
  4. Lewis863

    Cayuga 2018 Season

    The smiles and for many these were birthday trips or father son trips, and to be able to make their day special and for them to see what the lake has to offer is pretty rewarding... i scarcely got a weekend day off since late june...so I am running a little tired...but i have some folks on their second and third bookings of the season coming up that want to fill their freezers so we are in the final push....finish strong sleep in winter...lol Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  5. Lewis863

    Cayuga 2018 Season

    Not to say the season is over by any means but the Avalon will be coming out of the water here in about 5 weeks. I am reflective and thankful of all the help I have received along the past couple of years on here, and from Scott at Blue Moon getting up and running. Feel like I have found a home on Cayuga and plan on running on the lake again next year...it was a very successful season.. never skunked.. averaging 15-30 hookups per trip and I thought Id post some of the cool pics from the season....have fun out there folks lots of fish to be had... Captain Mark Www.indepthfishingadventures.com
  6. I just snapped a dipsy rod this weekend...i would gladly take it off your hands if we can get it to ithaca... Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  7. Lewis863

    Cayuga out of Myers 8/26

    Actually it was a beautiful morning half foot chop to start that clears the weeds and debris then it settled down.. I cruised at 30 mph out and 42 mph for at least part of the way back clean water good fishing
  8. Lewis863

    Cayuga out of Myers 8/26

    I am pretty sure you were trolling around south of the plant and crossed the lake in front of me Sunday morning...im sorry you had a rough day..i would keep a marine radio on board, I dont monitor the site while Im out but you can always get me on channel 16 when im on the water...
  9. Gees i hunt private land for archery and rely on good old fashioned relationships and dont pay a dime...cant fathom writing a check for that... but whatever...
  10. Lewis863

    Life of a FishHawk probe

    Had mine two years replaced batteries for first time mid season this year no issues... do need to watch your frequency conflict w sonar
  11. Lewis863

    Cayuga Myers Entrance Warning

    Thank you Chris I have notified the USCG base commander who will notify finger lakes marine and the rest of the marina there .... I will be out on a patrol Saturday and go look for it as well...
  12. Lewis863


    Here is a comparison of the falls same time last year taken from base
  13. Lewis863


    Taughannock falls
  14. Lewis863


    Ouch thats gonna suck
  15. Lewis863

    Cayuga closure

    No algae bloom currently nor for last several weeks I’m aware of... even when there is it is usually isolated areas