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  1. She's ready

    Nice ... just got mine home
  2. Well I went and did it.......

    It is in South Carolina long trailer trip this weekend
  3. Well I went and did it.......

    And you would be right
  4. Well I went and did it.......

    Pics Captain Mark Www.indepthfishingadventures.com
  5. I went and bought a Proline 2950...1998 with twin 250 Horse power Evinrude Etec engines 2012 models with 300 hours each. It is still pending the sea trial and final inspection, but the engine downloads from the computers showed no issues of concern, both engines operating normally and in normal ranges...It still has to pass compression check, gear lube check, and my inspection but looks like it is a done deal unless I find something to stop me....I will post the pics in the next post. I have to haul it up from a few states away but Cayuga is about to get a larger charter boat, and it will hit Ontario at least one two two weeks out of the year. She has a 10-8" beam, 29 foot at the water 30 bow to stern, plus a large swim step. Full cabin and mid berth.. Needs some love on upholstery and a small area of headliner, and a washdown pump...but all that is stuff I can do in a weekend......next is outfitting with Traxstech probably with gimbal mounted rails........
  6. Crappy, with a side of...... more crappy.......and for dessert.....yep....you guessed it crap....... welcome to sprinter......global warming....yep......feeling it already.
  7. Talk me out of buying this sweet boat

    Well pap we have something in common ... except I just ended the deal because my partner was too annoying and I really wanted my own ride
  8. Talk me out of buying this sweet boat

    Gas tanks can be a real gut punch on any boat and they are damn impossible to inspect ...
  9. Talk me out of buying this sweet boat

    Oh They are out there just gotta poke and look carefully cause there are also nightmares among them ... I just restored a pursuit Denali for a friend... the boat sucked up 15 k real fast plus several hundred hours of my labor ...corroded gas tanks, corroded cracked cooling manifolds were the big ticket items but the labor hours all the pumps and rewiring all switches and it took two years to work through it all straight because of neglect and ignorance...if he had to pay me for my labor he would have been better off sinking it in the ocean and walking away
  10. Boat to chose... want opinions duck!

    Hmmm aluminum is light make sure you test one out in wind and waves... I’m in the middle of a 2950 purchase pending sea trial weighs 7500 without the dual 250 hp engines so it’s stable in big water ...and waves in 96 they removed all wood from boat so no rot issues all hulls I’ve seen so far are tanks...
  11. Talk me out of buying this sweet boat

    Very little corrosion visible clearly stored mostly out of the water...i see nothing to prevent a closeup visual inspection, followed by a boat survey, and a mechanic to look at the engines, followed by a sea test, make sure the cylinders are scoped, compression tested and a solid review of maintenance records to the recommended maintenance schedule. If he is a competent boat owner he should have it all...the distance makes it a challenge though...going through that now myself on a purchase under contract...dont leap before you look close and get an expert opinion if you are not one... dont fall prey to “other people are interested” line of bs...
  12. Talk me out of buying this sweet boat

    Dont let the nay sayers and salt haters dissuade you... a craigs list buy is in my opinion a little riskier because when you start dealing with an expensive item you want a third party sometimes to make the interactions less personal.... the only thing salt use means is check the electrical wiring connections for corrosion and the rest including pitting will be obvious. There are three things to consider...1. hull 2. Engines. 3 Electronics... get a hull survey if you dont know what you are looking for or at with fiberglass... if there is wood involved in the construction at all then that boat is old enough to have issues developing...be thorough and dont let love of the boat get involved... 2 the engines on it are great direct port high pressure injection two strokes every bit as powerful, fuel efficient, and low emission as a four stroke. The reputation on that particular power package is strong, check the net you may not want or need to consider repower... i just bought a boat with evinrude etec 250s and they are two strokes and retail for 22000 a piece...that particular engine was ahead of its time...but do a sea trial..do a compression check, drain the gear lube prior and see what is on the magnetic drain plug and strain the lube to look for metal flakes, small fine shavings ok...metal flakes no good... replace the lube and run the engines for over two hours...high speed low speed and in between..use it how you plan to use it..when done drain and inspect the lube again it will appear milky till air settles out...you are looking for any separation or indication of water in it...be critical of any hull mounted hardware make sure it was sealed well and tap the fiberglass around it to see if there is rot...this particular engine had a forward flush port so easy to flush after use...given the distance you would travel make up a thorough list of everything above you plan to do on arrival and give it to the owner, tell him you expect it to pass everything or no deal... arrive at a price before you go...if he knows you know what you are doing, and there really is something wrong with the boat he probably wont waste your time.... now my post has two hot spots in it that can ignite a firestorm of two stroke vs 4stroke, and salt vs fresh haters and lovers...please resist the urge to attack..I wont engage... peace brother and good luck with your purchase im in the middle of one now if you want to discuss pm me... Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  13. Boat to chose... want opinions duck!

    Yeah no... looking for walk around that 28 is identical to the pursuit Denali right down to the rear berth buried under ladder going into cabin the extra couple feet width in beam give a much better access to cabin and rear berth ... but nice boat
  14. Boat to chose... want opinions duck!

    The Abaco at least the ones on the market didn't see true walk around.....they seem to be very much like the pursuit I'm getting away from.....
  15. Boat to chose... want opinions duck!

    yeah nice looking boats but prices....ouchey most of the stripers that big are really newer and picesy