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  1. I appreciate that..... but I don't want to run a charter anymore, it was fun.....I want my life back I have a full time job this boat is for fun only...and maybe a few old clients that have become friends.......I don't have any problems finding those that want to crew the boat fish or otherwise lol
  2. So after 5 years of operations of Indepth Fishing Adventures I sold the boat and business to Zach who worked to learn and earn his license and will be running it full time. Also a long time member here. I will be moving to recreational fishing and doing some fishing on Ontario next year!! My new to me ride is below… little smaller and faster …. For all you regulars thanks for the support and encouragement over the years it was a fun ride… but on to the next chapter …
  3. For anyone to call a Charter Captain on this forum "an idiot) for speaking his mind respectfully is unacceptable, and frankly why I stopped posting on here very often. Nick openly shares on this site and has shared with me during a National Tournament mind you good intel. I went to Seneca this year for the first time to participate in the tournament and we caught Landlocks, Rainbows, and Lake Trout in decent numbers. We had the 7th or 8th largest in the tournament, and we won the LOU big fish Friday. I had no problem finding fish in the lake and getting them to bite. Is the lake still recovering from its issues, yes but it is far from dead. If you can't find and catch fish look in the mirror and figure out what you are doing wrong, its you not the lake. The same colors, presentation, speeds and strategy I use on Cayuga works there too.....there are less fish...but they are indeed there. Be respectful on here and you just might learn a thing or two....Most of the guys on here are classy good fisherman, but a few bad apples ruin it for the rest and drive off people who don't want to deal with it......... my 10 cents (inflation) lol Mark
  4. Ive run rods with twilleys and roller tips...I vastly prefer the roller tips, comes in easier especially with fleas the roller tips grind right through them. I am a charter and use them a ton.....still have to watch your guides even with rods set up for wire it will gouge them and eventually cut your wire so get a dremel and flatten them if they start a groove.
  5. Early to bed early to rise fish all day and make up lies…. Less you got pictures and proof it never happened….
  6. Yes I even ran a second one down to verify because I was shocked. I have two probes and I have the little hand held
  7. We had a similar result lol I thought maybe since my boat was in Seneca it just brought the Seneca curse with it. My son and I were studying up can’t find any postings or references of water being that warm so very deep …our releases on the small fish died I’m sure 60 degree water didn’t help
  8. Besides getting blown out by 930 seeing the strangest temperature swings I’ve seen ever. Water tested by Ithaca yacht club in middle of lake … Myers…. T falls .. Atwater, just shy of sheldrake in middle and shallows ….Water down 80 feet running 60 degrees water down 90 feet 58 down 100 running 55 … could not find any water in 40’s anywhere in 20 miles of lake even down 120 feet … fish very difficult to find last week had thermocline at 30 foot with water below 30 around 47 water in same spots last week down 80 was 43 …..I know it’s the massive continuous wind but wth ???? I’ve never seen such warming of the water like this …
  9. Actually it does help I’m tracking the source of a problem and I want to be fair and accurate about it… that’s why I’m asking
  10. If anyone purchased fuel from Sampson Marina during or around the tournament and is having engine issues please reach out to me ….. never mind problem solved not fuel related ..
  11. Great report and article we fished it hard our first time ever on the lake we topped at 8.5 pounds we landed about 20 fish we lost 9 hours of fishing time Saturday due to a mechanical issue. We caught Salmon 4 pounds Rainbow 3 pounds and a 6 3/4 and 8.5 lb laker to round out our top end of weights… we brought up a lamp Rey and we saw a lot of scars on salmon and lakers. I was just thrilled we landed as many as we did being our first time with very uncooperative weather we arrived Wednesday planning to sonar the lake on Thursday but got blown back lost that day. Congratulations to the winner my hats off to you…
  12. We are in … coming to Seneca for the first time for the tournament!!!
  13. Not to be too snarky, but Reel Doc has been doing it right and doing it on the lake for many years prior to posting corrective posts perhaps you should take a look at the individual you are posting about......... Nice post Doc..........
  14. Requested additional photos Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  15. Nope I bought them Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  16. Views of the intake port to Cornell from the unit to show it’s capabilities Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  17. I recently moved to the HDS live units and have this unit left over. It is fully functional factory checked. Paired with its Total Scan transducer it has fish reveal, down scan, and side scan used as primary sonar on my fishing charter for three years. Images of actual unit… in dash currently removed has power cable and transducer. Purchaser pays shipping 600.. complete Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  18. Docks are underwater at tfalls, docks are at water level in Treman. I have been advised water levels are not peaked yet and may rise substantially more. Large amounts of debris in the lake please be advised to be careful!!! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  19. Both events went off with no injuries only had to stop a couple boats that were approaching the line at high speed. I saw several fishing in the course and left you all to do your best to avoid each other as you all have the same rights to be there. I appreciate the comments and everyone working to share the space ! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  20. Women’s swim hits water at 7 am Sup cup 730 with activities in the park starting earlier than that… Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  21. In addition to the fishing derby out of Myers there is a Women’s Swim scheduled in the vicinity of the Ithaca Yacht Club involving 200 plus swimmers and a Cayuga Lake “SUP” cup event including 2-300 stand up paddle boarders that will be racing a course that crosses the lake between Myers and Taughannock and back again. Please be careful out fishing…if you are anywhere south of Taughannock Falls State Park it will be a very crowded morning with some 4-600 people in or on the water. There will be the Sheriff, State police, State Park Police Jet Skis, and Coast Guard Auxiliary working the events. Be safe out please. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  22. Hope all is well with you ! Things have been busy so I haven’t been on board much Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  23. I will say my wire line with roller rods make short work of them Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
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