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  1. Hi all. Looking for some advice on Cayuga for the fall. I have no issues finding Lakers. Doesn’t seem like anyone does. I’m having trouble getting anything but Lakers. Spring and early summer I can find salmon and rainbows, but August-September I have issues getting them. Anyone have any advice on where to look? I chase bait and temps all over the place and still can’t get away from lake trout. Thanks!
  2. We also fished there Friday afternoon. 50 feet down was 62 degrees. 80 down was still 53-54 degrees. Pulled a couple Lakers out from the deep rods but the grass and weeds were outrageous. I think I even saw an 8 foot 4x4 floating along at one point. Nice to see a rainbow go back in. Good work! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  3. Well done! The curse of that kind of leak also is the more water that comes in, the lower the boat sits in the water, and the more the water comes in. Glad you sealed it up! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. The only thing I could figure was that battery wasn’t quite as charged as the other one and the balance was off somehow. Tech support was pretty generic. I’m not an electrician by trade but work with it everyday I’m at work. And it’s DC. 2 wires. Simple enough! Haha
  5. Eh, drill and rivet! Haha! Gives you a reason to buy a new cheap tool and learn a new skill. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  6. Please share the easier way to wake it up. I was going to disconnect the jumper between the negative and positive then flash it. But just thinking about it makes me annoyed!
  7. So I stand a bit corrected here. Tracker riveted the covers on, not screwed. To reseal these you’ll be drilling rivets and re-riveting or screwing the covers. I also noted one of the drain holes has a loose insert. I’m sure that’s letting water in mine as well. I’m sure a few smacks in a rubber pallet will tighten it right up.
  8. The Dakota Litiums are good in theory. But! I just put those in 2 weeks ago. (Watch for discounts. They have codes) I got my pair of 100Ah lithium’s for $1450. You are correct with a new charger also. Noco genius makes a 10amp x 2 channel. The one tracker has in there is only a 5 amp x 2 so it is a big upgrade for recharge time! Now the negative. Ran them in a 24V lineup series for maybe 8 hours and my trolling motor stopped working. Acted like the breaker popped open. Left the water on day 1 of a 3 day Lake O trip and checked them with a meter. 1 battery read 13.5volts, the other read 0.18volts. No bueno. Called customer service and got a voicemail so I left a message. Never got a call back. Sent an email to support and it was a day later I got a response. Meanwhile I ran to Advance auto and bought 2 new 27 series deepcycles to toss in and get the next 2 days back and not have to head 4 hours home to get the deep cycles I took out to put in Lithium. $240 I won’t see again except for those 2 new batteries I had to buy up in Pulaski. Turns out it was the Battery Monitor System built into the lithium batteries had tripped for whatever reason. To reset it you have to either a/ hook it onto a not-smart charger (ie not a Noco that is onboard the boat) or b/ flash the terminals with another 12volt source. I knew the battery had this BMS to balance the cells and protect against whatever it protects against, but it could cause issues being too smart of a circuit. I will say for the 8 hours they worked right it was a constant voltage at my trolling motor with no issues. Maybe it was in my head, but it did seem zippier. The one battery that didn’t fault was probably still around 90% capacity after 6 hours. I believe it would go 2 days at 4.5-5 speed on my Terrova. I’m putting the lithium back in this weekend and carrying a 12 volt spare source or jumper cables to flash the battery if it does it again.
  9. Before you buy another hatch, try taking it off with all those little screws and sealing around the cover where it touched the aluminum with 3M 4200 sealant (Home depot carries it normally!). You could do 5200 but 4200 would be enough. Both are rated for submersion, but 42 is removable. Try Vaseline on the actual cover that twists off. I haven’t checked for a gasket on mine, but I’m assuming it has a small o-ring in that lid. If Vaseline is good enough to seal and lubricate the o-rings on my fish hawk probe, it’s good enough for a handhole cover from China! Haha
  10. That is a pile of added in weight. But the redundancy the awesome. Why did you go with the 31’s over the stock 27’s? Do you get to places you can’t recharge your batteries? I could go almost 2 fishing days (15-16 hours) on the 27’s it came with after 2 seasons of fishing before they would get low enough to be an issue. Water that close to the drains it would have been in there a lot with just a small riffle on the water.
  11. No doubt, could be a crack somewhere. If you can find it I would fully trust tracker to fix it. You won’t see the boat for a few months, but it would come back fixed. I had the leaf springs in my trailer fail. All 4 stretched an inch or 2 because the heat treat wasn’t right. This let both axles hit the keel and make a good mark on it. Dealer took it and inspected. Tracker requested it back so off it went to Missouri. 3 months later I had it back with no dents, new hull paint and 4 new leaf springs. $0 besides the gas to take it back and forth from the dealer. Sadly it doesn’t take much chop to get water in that splash well through the drains. Full tank of gas, 2 guys and fishing gear along with 1-2’ waves and it has water in and out all day long. I try to run the bilge pump when I think about it when I’m on the water and it always pumps for 30 seconds to a minute over around 3 hours. 5 minutes of runtime overnight is excessive. That would be about 70 gallons of water with an 800GPH bilge pump. That’s a lot of rain and a lot of seepage through those access holes. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  12. No rivets in these boats. All welded. I get water in mine also. I can almost for sure say it comes form the access handholes in the motor well. No water in my bilge unless I get some waves in there. Plug up the self bailing holes in the back and fill that up a bit. Wouldn’t go over the gas fill or the boot that the wires some through, but I bet it’s coming in there.
  13. That’s a fancy one! Stuff north wind, they probably are Canadian beach balls!
  14. It was tough. We stayed out until 2:30. Worked into 90FOW right of of Mexico and found some bait, marks and temp. We could watch the streaks on the sonar looking at our stuff but no takers. Tomorrow is another day. We stopped and picked up some herring for the meat rigs. Headed west right away and going from there.
  15. I wish. We’ve covered close to 30 miles looking for anything. Besides a few random fish and bait balls, we aren’t finding much.
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