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  1. Before you buy another hatch, try taking it off with all those little screws and sealing around the cover where it touched the aluminum with 3M 4200 sealant (Home depot carries it normally!). You could do 5200 but 4200 would be enough. Both are rated for submersion, but 42 is removable. Try Vaseline on the actual cover that twists off. I haven’t checked for a gasket on mine, but I’m assuming it has a small o-ring in that lid. If Vaseline is good enough to seal and lubricate the o-rings on my fish hawk probe, it’s good enough for a handhole cover from China! Haha
  2. That is a pile of added in weight. But the redundancy the awesome. Why did you go with the 31’s over the stock 27’s? Do you get to places you can’t recharge your batteries? I could go almost 2 fishing days (15-16 hours) on the 27’s it came with after 2 seasons of fishing before they would get low enough to be an issue. Water that close to the drains it would have been in there a lot with just a small riffle on the water.
  3. No doubt, could be a crack somewhere. If you can find it I would fully trust tracker to fix it. You won’t see the boat for a few months, but it would come back fixed. I had the leaf springs in my trailer fail. All 4 stretched an inch or 2 because the heat treat wasn’t right. This let both axles hit the keel and make a good mark on it. Dealer took it and inspected. Tracker requested it back so off it went to Missouri. 3 months later I had it back with no dents, new hull paint and 4 new leaf springs. $0 besides the gas to take it back and forth from the dealer. Sadly it doesn’t take much chop to get water in that splash well through the drains. Full tank of gas, 2 guys and fishing gear along with 1-2’ waves and it has water in and out all day long. I try to run the bilge pump when I think about it when I’m on the water and it always pumps for 30 seconds to a minute over around 3 hours. 5 minutes of runtime overnight is excessive. That would be about 70 gallons of water with an 800GPH bilge pump. That’s a lot of rain and a lot of seepage through those access holes. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. No rivets in these boats. All welded. I get water in mine also. I can almost for sure say it comes form the access handholes in the motor well. No water in my bilge unless I get some waves in there. Plug up the self bailing holes in the back and fill that up a bit. Wouldn’t go over the gas fill or the boot that the wires some through, but I bet it’s coming in there.
  5. That’s a fancy one! Stuff north wind, they probably are Canadian beach balls!
  6. It was tough. We stayed out until 2:30. Worked into 90FOW right of of Mexico and found some bait, marks and temp. We could watch the streaks on the sonar looking at our stuff but no takers. Tomorrow is another day. We stopped and picked up some herring for the meat rigs. Headed west right away and going from there.
  7. I wish. We’ve covered close to 30 miles looking for anything. Besides a few random fish and bait balls, we aren’t finding much.
  8. Anyone lose a beach ball? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  9. Dipsey on 3 setting out 131 took a rip. Small fish, popped off just behind boat. 105fow black/blue ladder back mag spoon
  10. Found a distinct surface temp break. Lots of little green surface algae and crap in the water, surface temp only 2 degrees warmerX down temp still the same.
  11. 63ft down, still 41.8deg, 2.0mph at the ball 59ft, 42.4deg 54ft, 42.4 50ft, 43.0 45ft, 44.1 40ft, 48.3, but bouncing around between 46.0 and 48.3 degrees Hope this helps someone!
  12. Straight out north currently. 120FOW headed East. SOG 2.7, speed at the ball is 2.2. Worked between 150 and 120 FOW. No fish yet, some bait closer to 150FOW but small schools. Temp at 69ft down is 41.8deg. Looks like everyone is east of us.
  13. Went 2 for 2 on Lakers and pulled it all up by 11. Wind picked up and waves were 2’ pretty consistent. One came on a flatline near shore, other on a flasher 100 down over 225’. Lots of bait spread around with fish just as spread out. The water temp was 2 degrees warmer than last week in the same area. It’s getting there. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  14. Treman water right out from the docks is 2.9ft, canal along the east side goes to 8ft along the concrete, then go right between the concrete and red lighthouse it’s just shy of 4ft. Those all are below the bottom of my boat. I don’t have an offset programmed in. Don’t go west of the red lighthouse and concrete Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
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