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  1. I was using a black dipsey, #3 setting to pull it out away with the o-ring. My leader from the dipsey to the lure was probably close to 10 feet. Also ran a shorter leader and that one never got touched. I ran long leads the whole time to try and be sneaky behind the balls and dispeys. Even my leadcore leader is 40 or 50’. Seems to help. Also the Fish Hawk was pretty important. The south to north troll was really far off from the north to south troll because the current was pretty fast in the fish depths. At least a MPH difference depending on the direction compared to what the GPS was showing as speed. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Got out from 7am to 11:15am before the wind and waves came up. Went 16 for 17 lakers and salmon. Most lakers were the 7-8lb range, all the salmon were sub legal. Speed at the ball was 2.2-3.0. 70-250FOW. 10 color leadcore did the work, but dipseys at 130 and riggers at 45 and 60 both took fish as well. Bright scorpion size spoons and standard DW’s in black/silver were the tickets. Light fleas, top water was 68, below 60’ down was mid 40’s. Every fish we got was super fat, healthy and were ready to go back in.
  3. Cool sketch! I love who it was checked by. [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. I knew it had to be a simple solution. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. I am having some issues keeping braid in my current clips. I just put Sufix 50# braid for backing on my copper and leadcore setups for chasing kings. Normally I don’t need the extra line in the finger lakes, so it’s never been an issue. I’m currently using Laurvick clips and Scotty mini’s on my planer lines. The braid will not stay in these for more than a few minutes no matter how deep into the clip I set them up. Can anyone offer some insight on different clips to hold the thinner braid? These clips work great for mono backing, but didn’t have the same luck with braid. I’m going to venture a guess and say the regular (non-mini) sized Scotty clips are what I’m going to need. At $10 a pop I wanted to make sure it’s what I need before I spend that kind of money on releases. Thanks!
  6. I have this barely used Airmar P66 I had for a Furuno unit I don’t own anymore. Worked fine the 1 time I used it and took it off the boat. Model #525STID-PWD Frequencies- 50/200 I’m not sure how long the cable is but that can be looked up. New on Amazon it’s $116 as of today. Will sell for $60 shipped.
  7. 1.8-2.3 on the gps. Fishhawk didn’t show much different on the surface.
  8. Now you have! Haha What did the laker weigh? Looks like a tank!
  9. Nice! I was wondering where you came from. That doesn’t look like a pike. That looks like massive chain pickerel! I hate those toothy critters. Fun to catch, but they are slimy, smell and the teeth can tear you up if you aren’t super careful. We had one line yesterday get taken, pull a bunch of drag and it was heavy, then nothing. Reeled in a snipped off line that looked like it was chewed on a little. I bet it was one like you got there.
  10. On Sunday it was. Looked like a 16footer side console? Same color as my Targa
  11. I was honestly surprised to see just one other boat out besides me. Both days weren’t terrible weather or anything crazy. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. Did a second day in a row out of Treman. Weather forecast said below freezing temps and ENE wind. Expecting little to nothing for fish action. Boy was I wrong. Launched and motored up the east side around 730. First fish was 5 minutes after the first rod was in the water. Steady action all the way until 1pm. 5 color leadcore, flatlines, dipsey diver at 165 out and riggers at 25 feet. Spoon and cranks. Didn’t matter the color or style. The fish preferred a deep diver rapala shad, but we caught fish in everything we had out. Tooled around between 30FOW and 150FOW. Water temps were still only 46-47 degrees. Ended the day with around 20 fish in the boat. Mostly salmon 14” to 25ish” and a couple Lakers. Biggest laker was just shy of 10lbs. We lost multiple fish that were bump and goes or only only for a bit and pulled the hook out. Had 1 broken line and another fish pulled a split ring apart from getting wrapped up. Even caught an orange rapala with 150’ of line still attached. The 2 coworkers I brought along have never been out fishing on the lakes. I hope they don’t expect this kind of trip every time they come along. They had some fish for the freezer and we threw back most for another day.
  13. 30-110 would be my best guess. Ran the inside otter boat within 10 yards of shore when I was in close. Lots of suspended marks in deeper water between 60 and 100. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. Nice. That made my tracker feel like a John boat! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  15. Proline with twin Evinrude 250’s?
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