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  1. Went 2 for 2 on Lakers and pulled it all up by 11. Wind picked up and waves were 2’ pretty consistent. One came on a flatline near shore, other on a flasher 100 down over 225’. Lots of bait spread around with fish just as spread out. The water temp was 2 degrees warmer than last week in the same area. It’s getting there. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. Treman water right out from the docks is 2.9ft, canal along the east side goes to 8ft along the concrete, then go right between the concrete and red lighthouse it’s just shy of 4ft. Those all are below the bottom of my boat. I don’t have an offset programmed in. Don’t go west of the red lighthouse and concrete Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  3. I’m launching out of Treman in the morning. Went last week and it was low, but I only was nervous a few times. I’ll post and share tomorrow what it’s like.
  4. There you go! I drew a line to the sewer plant over at that corner and assumed. I guess when you assume... It does disappear deeper into the lake than my sidescan and Downimaging can show. It’s an impressive piece of hardware. The ultimate geothermal system!
  5. http://www.cayugalake.cornell.edu/weather.php Try this link. It’s from the permanent weather station in the water on the south end. Water temps, air temps, wind and direction. Turbidity too, but the inlet will mess with that a bit compared to the lake in general. Hope this helps!
  6. I love the side imaging for early season (like now) on Cayuga. It shows bait and fish along the sides because I run nothing straight below this time of year. I have a Humminbird Helix 12 SI G2N. Found this gem the other day when I was out. Saw something on my general sonar, but the detail on the side imaging is incredible. I assume it’s a sewer pipe, but I could be wrong.
  7. GPS shows 2.2 with a down speed of 2.3 headed south. Best line for us has been dodging around the boats in close anchored or drifting. There were piles of fish on the bottom in there yesterday.
  8. Was out last night (9/11), found temps down 80. Today it’s down 50. Shows 49.8 at 51 feet. 3 for 7 now. 1 salmon around 19” and I figure the rest were Lakers. They are liking small silver and black scorpions on the 250’ copper, 10 color leadcore and downrigger parked at 51’. Speed is on the higher end: 2.4-2.5 at the Ball. GPS shows 2.1SOG headed north. Biggest laker today is around 7lbs.
  9. I tried a few different colors and depths on a flasher and couldn’t make them take those. There was about an hour when it didn’t matter what color or how deep or shallow we were running the stuff. Everything took hits. Makes for a fun little while, but couldn’t find that school again. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  10. I was wondering what all of you were up to just inside of us. We were playing around in the 185-220’. Saw the same current issues. All of our bites were headed west, in a wide range of depths. 45-80’ down on the riggers, 10 color lead cores and 212’ on the dipseys. Had to fight the speed headed back East. Ended up 6 for 12. I assume all kings. Couldn’t land a good hook set on the bigger fish on the dipsey. Took some drag and slipped the hook. This silver streak did most of the work for us today. Can’t find a replacement anywhere. I think it’s Peppermint Patty? The rest were green and blacks.
  11. And the saga continues! I figured this was worth adding to this thread. I was using some Brocraft versatrack rod holders with Cannon plastic rod holders. It was nice being able to move them, but wow did they flex bad when a real fish took the dipsey. Some measuring and thinking later, I decided to add tracks to the gunwales between the consoles and rod boxes. 36” tracks fit perfect. 2” ahead of the rod box edges and 3” from the inside edge. The port side was a lot more difficult to put in than the starboard side. I had to take a bunch of screws out of the side and pull it open. Also I had to take the bottom two rod tubes out. That’s the only way I could reach up under and tighten the bolts down. The backing is 1” thick plastic I had laying around. The starboard side I had to take off the control vinyl covered piece and also the bottom two rod tubes. Same measurements again for placement and same backing plate. This whole process tightened up everything. Paired up with some Cannon rod holders it’s pretty slick. Even my trees fit on the track and made them more solid. I had a pair of 6” tracks and pedestals for my downriggers in the garage so figured I would make those work as well. I tried the pedestals and tracks once before but they seemed to flex the gunwale too much for comfort. I used more of the plastic backing and made two sections 8”x21”. Took the back sides off and pulled out the foam. I had to take off the cleats this time also to be able to fit the backing plates under there. Through bolted the tracks in and ran the clear bolts back through the new backing. Stuffed all the foam back in and screwed the side panels back on. That shored it all up and it’s a lot more comforting knowing they have that much more of the torque spread out under there. I may get 12” tracks this winter and bolt them in to help spread it out a bit more, but for know it’s good enough! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  12. I’m located in Orangeville, Pa but travel to the finger lakes and lake O regularly. Forgot that part.
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