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  1. Without looking at the receipt from buying my kicker, I believe it’s also an XL. It’s a ‘19 Mercury Pro kicker 9.9.
  2. I did this same thing, but didn’t go past the cleats towards the transom. I also use mag 5’s with the short booms to limit the torque on the base. It flexes a little, but so far nothing noticeable with stress or anything. It may be one of those “what just happened??” Moments when it all let’s loose and goes to the bottom, but I doubt that. I use 12 or 14lb sharks that have had a fair share of bottom, rock and tree hits in their life and never had a problem yet! I did try the versatrack mounts from brocraft and honestly never made it out of the garage with them. Two chrome plated bolts holding the whole thing on didn’t sit well with me. I have half a thought to get a 1/4” thick plate of aluminum, paint it black and make it the same width of the top of the gunwale, and through bolt everything to a long plate under. That may spread the stress out to the edges where the structure meets the top and limit how much pull is on the thin middle. I’m no mechanical engineer, but it makes sense I suppose! My whole setup is flush mounted now, but I’d really like to get 6” pedestals under them to limit the lean out to hook the line on. That will be an over winter project this year unless I get a few good days at home with nothing better to do!
  3. 3 for 4 here. All clones around 20”. Any size to yours? We are debating headed west of the plant out deeper.
  4. We are in between 25-35 FOW just east of the plant with a bunch of other boats. 2 for 3. Small browns is all we got in the boat. The one we lost was bigger. Alewife black silver spoon, wonderbreak moonshine spoon and mixed veggies were the colors. 20’ down.
  5. Very nice! We spent most of our day there also in the pack. Saw all those marks and couldn’t turn a one. Glad you found some!
  6. Anyone having any luck this morning? Marking fish in 50 FOW all the way down on the bottom with a random suspended fish here and there. Straight out between Mexico and the plant. We have 6 rods out covering top to bottom, but nothing yet.
  7. Glad to wake up from sleeping for working nights and find all these replies! I was hoping when I wrote this thread someone could use it in the future and it worked! My reason for pulling the floor was a double dip. I had all my electronics to run to the back (fish hawk, sonars) and Tracker helps us out so much and bread ties the factory installed stuff together under the floor. It’s not zip ties, but literally long bread bag wires. When I tried to pull the Lowrance transducer cable back through it just wasn’t coming. I also had to remove the u-bolt for clearance issues. That may or may not have been left off after the fact. [emoji51] I use my kicker solely for pushing and currently have a Minn Kota powerdrive with ipilot for steering. It works well, but the autopilot still doesn’t like an outside push from the kicker and does lose its mind from time to time. I just ordered the terrova with ipilot link to network to my Humminbird. Supposedly that’s pretty slick, but time will tell once I can get out of the house for non-essential stuff! An after thought where I mounted the kicker was I didn’t think of turning clearance where it is. I can’t get a full turn out of it without the tiller handler hitting the side of the boat. Not a big deal for me since I use the electric to steer, but just be aware if you use the kicker to steer. And the Tohatsu! I had a an 8hp 4stroke on my previous boat and that little motor ran like a champ. I didn’t have electric tilt on it and ended up just ordering a merc 9.9 kicker for the tracker to match the main (pricey OCD issue!) I heard they were made by Merc also and it seemed to run like it. I had a remote throttle controller with it and you could dial it in nicely.
  8. I was using a black dipsey, #3 setting to pull it out away with the o-ring. My leader from the dipsey to the lure was probably close to 10 feet. Also ran a shorter leader and that one never got touched. I ran long leads the whole time to try and be sneaky behind the balls and dispeys. Even my leadcore leader is 40 or 50’. Seems to help. Also the Fish Hawk was pretty important. The south to north troll was really far off from the north to south troll because the current was pretty fast in the fish depths. At least a MPH difference depending on the direction compared to what the GPS was showing as speed. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. Got out from 7am to 11:15am before the wind and waves came up. Went 16 for 17 lakers and salmon. Most lakers were the 7-8lb range, all the salmon were sub legal. Speed at the ball was 2.2-3.0. 70-250FOW. 10 color leadcore did the work, but dipseys at 130 and riggers at 45 and 60 both took fish as well. Bright scorpion size spoons and standard DW’s in black/silver were the tickets. Light fleas, top water was 68, below 60’ down was mid 40’s. Every fish we got was super fat, healthy and were ready to go back in.
  10. Cool sketch! I love who it was checked by. [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. I knew it had to be a simple solution. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. I am having some issues keeping braid in my current clips. I just put Sufix 50# braid for backing on my copper and leadcore setups for chasing kings. Normally I don’t need the extra line in the finger lakes, so it’s never been an issue. I’m currently using Laurvick clips and Scotty mini’s on my planer lines. The braid will not stay in these for more than a few minutes no matter how deep into the clip I set them up. Can anyone offer some insight on different clips to hold the thinner braid? These clips work great for mono backing, but didn’t have the same luck with braid. I’m going to venture a guess and say the regular (non-mini) sized Scotty clips are what I’m going to need. At $10 a pop I wanted to make sure it’s what I need before I spend that kind of money on releases. Thanks!
  13. I have this barely used Airmar P66 I had for a Furuno unit I don’t own anymore. Worked fine the 1 time I used it and took it off the boat. Model #525STID-PWD Frequencies- 50/200 I’m not sure how long the cable is but that can be looked up. New on Amazon it’s $116 as of today. Will sell for $60 shipped.
  14. 1.8-2.3 on the gps. Fishhawk didn’t show much different on the surface.
  15. Now you have! Haha What did the laker weigh? Looks like a tank!
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