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  1. 10-4 - I was afraid of that (trying to avoid pulling up the deck if I can) - haha - but very much appreciate the info!!
  2. Hey Rookie Fisherman - happy new year! I was looking at this option with my Tracker as well - but was curious about how you secured the motor to the transom. The riser works well for sure - I have my wood chunk all cut / treated, did you just use some stainless lag-screws to bolt the motor on to the transom/hull or did you even bother with that? I got a kicker with power trim / etc. so am thinking that even if I secure with a Jack Plate or the riser as you did - I'm still drilling into the transom to secure the motor to the transom. Anyway - if you think of it - shoot me a response - would very much appreciate it!
  3. I actually lucked out - bought mine used from a guy listing it as "long" - but turns out it is an extra long shaft. Works great!
  4. Am considering a fish hawk in the coming year(s) but am hoping since I'm only trying to do the motor right now it won't be a huge ordeal. I see the U-bolt being in the way for sure, and I was secretly hoping to be able to access the inside of the transom from those black threaded discs in the splash-pan to let me get in there to mount the motor, but the riser plate I'm looking at putting on to fill in the gap above the transom I may have to pull up the floor anyway - so we'll see when she comes out of storage this weekend. I'm fairly north so we're still dealing with ice - including an inch of snow from last night!!
  5. it's the base model 150 merc 4-stroke (2018) - and yessir believe it's all hydraulic.
  6. Hey Eric, I'm assuming the boat is long since sold, but I was wondering if you could help me as I have the 2018 version of that boat and I'm looking for info on where I can get the bimini top / covers / walls like your boat had - any info would be very much appreciated sir!!
  7. Ahhh very good - that's the ideal setup for sure - someday but the kicker was the big item on the list this year - perhaps fish-hawk or bimini top next year - we'll see what gets approved at the budget committee meeting.
  8. good point Rookie - I steer with my electric motor as well. Found trying to run on just electric for propulsion and steering last year I was killing both batteries in 2 hours, and combine that with wanting a secondary engine for fishing offshore - the kicker was a no-brainer.
  9. Hey SteelyDan - I went with a Tiller model as well - I found the driver's seat and the main engine controls area a bit busy and I didn't want to add in a 2nd set - so I'm going with a 9.9 Evinrude kicker - 4 stroke with the e-trim/e-start/etc. I'm going to link the 2 motors with a bar so i can steer with the wheel - but have my first mate (my 10yr old) bump the throttle when needed. Keep me posted on your adventures on the 2020 version - still loving my 2018 with only one season on it so far!
  10. 10-4 - will look to see what access I have for sure - woke up to fresh 1" of snow and 50mph winds this AM Boat is sleeping until the weekend I guess. I am hoping those black round discs in the splash pan near the big motor will give me enough access to get the nylock nuts and a socket wrench back there but I shall find out soon I'm sure. REALLY not wanting to pull up the floor if I can avoid it.
  11. Hey Rookie Fisherman - I'm trying to use a plate that essentially does what you did with the block of wood - did you still not have to pull the flooring up to get access to the inside of the transom for the bolts on the kicker itself - or are you just using the clamps? Any info would be very much appreciated!!
  12. Hey Cody - reviving an "old" thread - was actually looking online for what kind of mounting plates guys used for their kicker as I'm running into that same issue my 2018 V18 Combo - where that gap from the top of the transom into the 'throat' of the clamp on the motor - i was looking at a plate like the one attached but I see in one of the comments above inserting a block of wood painted black seemed to do the trick. So sounds like pulling up this floor/deck at the stern is going to be a bit of a pain in the ass - trying to print this thread out and sum up the tips / tricks (which I hugely appreciate) as I think I have to do the same to get access for the transom bolts (rookie guy me thought I could use lag screws vs. bolts). Any other thoughts since doing it would be very much appreciated folks!! I am dreading popping up the floor on this still relatively new beauty!! lol The plate below in the photo is the one plate I was looking at - and this one is the other: https://www.rnrd.com/marine-products/kicker-plates/. Essentially I would have to bolt the plate as well as do the transom bolts through the stern as well I think so I'm still pulling a floor up
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