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  1. Cayuga

    I ended up going to the Salvation army place on Albany St. to sign up. The Salvation army store on rt13 has no affiliation with Ithaca Salvation army,they are out of Binghamton. Go figure.... I do not know of any other walk in places to sign up. Bears bait in Lansing ? Have to call him. If anyone knows of a sign up place please post it.
  2. Salvation army Derby FDpamplet2017.pdf I hope this works. Just trying to create a little buzz for this derby.I fished this derby last few years. Yes, they do send you a 1099. I am going to go to Ithaca today to try and sign up . They do not publicize this derby very well I will try to figure out locations to sign up. I will be going fishing somewhere that weekend it might as well be Cayuga.Ive got some local made trinkets (lures) to try out. You never know when you might get a big one. I will have my Navy son with me that I haven't seen in a couple years. It will be nice to have a young reel er in er. I will tucker him out in the skinny water reeling in. Then let him rest over deep water looking for a big one....
  3. Great report. I fished the hell out of my boys when they were young. Best thing for them. Owasco ended my winning streak. Had to settle for 2nd place lake trout. Had a great time on a beautiful lake.
  4. You just take the rubber band and do a half hitch around your mainline and clip it in your release.The rubber band is between your mainline and the release.. They make fishing rubberbands. The lite ones seem to work fine. I used to save the ones the pennysaver came in . Put them in the sun and they got brittle yet still strong . Pop like a release. This is going to sound crazy but...As for downrigger balls tangleing. I have Rh downrigger balls and Lh downrigger balls. They are the round ones 10lb but the tails are bent slightly so they swim out away from each other. .you look down from the top you might see a small bend in the tail. Yours might be tuned so switch sides. Also you might have 2 lefts or 2 rights, All you need is 5ft or less to run cowbells behind the ball. Saves tangles..
  5. Stoneam your speeds fine. I shoot for 2 to 2.1 SOG. Sometimes faster to get away from the dinks.I dont want a lot of fish just a big fish. Also run a rubber band in the releases and watch the rod tip.You do not want to be towing around a small fish when you go by a big one.....its very easy to do. I run gambler stuff along with some of my own. lunker in Barney bear derby came on a Gambler rig. I always have a couple sets in the water. 20 years or so ago I used to catch browns on cowbells on the s end of Cayuga. I would run them probably 200 ft behind the ball,way back . I can not make that work anymore. Stoneam you keep this board interesting with your reports.We were all where you were at years ago. Advise.... If you have something working and it quits working leave it out there . Dont put something out that you never caught a fish on.Maybe the fish quit biting. And if they start biting again you have stuff out that you never caught a fish on. When the fish are biting you experiment with different stuff.
  6. The stuff I have working in Seneca and Cayuga does not work in Owasco. It may if the North wind we been having stacked up the warm water in the South end and the active fish are deeper.80 to 120 Going to try for lakers early then switch up for silvers.Just see what happens. BTW there is a certain degree of luck in these derbys.. Im luckey because Final Flight has to work . Ill be on 68 if someone wants to yack.I know a lot of times when you key the radio a rod goes off.
  7. Fishstix boat is in....
  8. Pre fished Owasco today to get ready for next weekends derby. Got out around 7 30am fished till 2ish.Worked the s end and middle of the lake. Caught our fair share of lakers biggest around 7lbs. All fish came before 10am. When the sun was high in the sky ,no bites. Anything gold color seemed to be the magic . Few boats out had the lake to myself. All fish returned to fight another day. Did not see a single lamprey scar... Cottonwood fiber in the water. Harder to clean than fleas.....
  9. Owasco Lake June 17&18 South shore marina
  10. Fishstix NLT derby results Best picture of the 12lb laker Ive got. I would like to thank all the sponsors. The guys and gals working the weigh stations did a great job. Only caught 6 or 7 fish last weekend a couple 5lb to 7lb. we let go. but the right one hit at the right time.Fished hard all three days . Willie just turned 75 last week kind of ironic. Wish I could get my grandson in the picture interested but I guess its a computer world.Had a lot of fun cleaning weeds. Very nice trophy. On to the next one hope my program is still working.. Thanks to HOLY MACKEREL for the contraption.
  11. Seneca

    I never ran cores or any toplines. I had enough trouble with weeds on my riggers and divers. I could not believe the amount of weeds floating this time of year. Sometimes it was hard to get something down before it was weeded up.
  12. Seneca

    I dont know where to start on the Seneca derby. It was a tough bite but the right fish hit at the right time. We fished hard all three days Sweating out the 12 lb laker we caught on the first day.It was the first fish weighed in at the station. I would like to thank all the organizers and sponsors who ran a very good event. Its a coincidence that Willie the guy i fish with turned 75 this week. That $7500 check made him smile. As far as particulars go it came on the n end over 140 fow dipsey diver 150 feet of wire out , brown and white color lure. We fished from Sampson north and it was tough to find something to fish for . If you caught a fish on something you might as well throw it away, you could not catch another fish on it. Two 1st place derbys in a row for me and Willie I cant wait for the next one..Owasco I think.... Sorry no pictures keep forgetting the camera .
  13. I usually take the top screws out first . Just in case you cant get them out. If you take the bottom one out and drain it and you cant get the top ones out you got a problem..
  14. I usually put them in a plastic garbage bag then put them on ice. Also if you put them upside down it seems to keep the poop in better . They are not so pretty when you weigh them with all that crap and slime stuck to the outside but Ive also lost in derbies by ounces. Headed to the weigh station in Sodus several years ago with a salmon . Waited probably an hour stopped in traffic because there was a foot race going on. Tense moments.
  15. Seneca

    Ive had it close to 20 yrs .I can tell by vibration and sound if my speeds right. I will be in dock 69 at Sampson for the derby . Staying in cabin C3. You can never have to many rods in the cuddy. I have 26 rod holders on this boat and if I can find a empty one when I have a fish or two flopping on the floor im happy. BTW this is my first attempt at posting pictures There might not be we go...