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  1. I made one out of 3/8 steel and it just folded it. Held on with 3 bolts and a pusher bolt in the center. I also wacked the center bolt with a hammer under pressure flywheel will not budge. I thought someone might have the factory one they dont need anymore.Figure I better get the right tool before I break something. Contact me here or pm......thanks. time to change timing belt
  2. Boat Re-wired & Other Repairs, Before & After

    Electrical issues should be posted under Current Events
  3. losing lake trout

    When they are on top rolling around with their mouth open X2 on releasing pressure so they go back down. Sometimes slowing the boat down works. I run 30lb test on everything.Real short leads so I can gain as much line on them before they get to the surface. On my boat if a fish hits and doesn't take drag we do not want it. And yes a big laker takes drag. Lakers do jump. 9K in Fingerlake derby winnings last year with lake trout......... So sharpen your hooks we plan on the same this year
  4. Spring striper help

    sbascombe keep us posted ,Ive been thinking the same thing. I hear they really fight and are good eating. I hear the Hudson scenery is beautiful.
  5. 2 dipseys per side

    I will add something else to think about. I believe that what you are pulling behind the dipsey has a lot to do with how much the dipsey dives and how far it tracks out to the side. Speed has something to do with it also I believe pulling a paddle behind a dipsey it will not dive or track out as far as pulling a spoon.
  6. Cayuga Status on long point launch

    Thanks for the report.I seen you going thru Locke yesterday,nice looking rig.
  7. 2 dipseys per side

    I run mag dipseys.two per side . one set at 1 other at 3. 6ft 6 rod on the inside and a 10ft roller rod on the outside. I let them out with the drag very slowly. I usually tangle one side of the boat or the other every weekend. But its worth it because my best fish come off the dipseys. 30lb test mason wire.Dont know what else to tell ya.
  8. Seneca Watkins Glen Show

    Ill have to wear my nose,eyeglass and mustache disguise so Sk8man wont recognize me buying stuff at the Gambler display.......
  9. Sea sick

    X2 on the sea bands . Plus no painful urination like you get at the sundowner....
  10. Bear's spring fishing derby?

    I took 1st lunker and 4th in the Bear spring derby last year. Im thinking the payout to me was around $960.. I dont remember exactly.
  11. Sk8man you should be writing for a magazine somewhere.I would imagine a lot of the Lake Ontario boys will be coming down for the derby .I was getting frustrated on Lake Ontario after fishing there 15yrs. I had a place at Hughes and the fishing just seemed to be declining every year ,dam east wind every weekend,100mile one way drive, lawn to mow etc. So I came back to the fingerlakes a couple yrs ago.Smaller fish but a lot easier to catch.The bite may slow down for awhile but I do not think Ive been skunked in the last couple years.
  12. I just got my brochure in the mail. May 26,27 and 28th. PH number for questions is 315 789 5520. I think the website is please correct me if wrong. A message to the people who run this. PM me I would like more brochures to spread around. Yea Im the guy that won this last year, I plan on winning again this year. 10 thousand sweet. Might even buy some new fishing string.Well best of luck to all and let the b--busting begin.
  13. Let me reword my reply. Ill take the rigger and rodholders call me . At 607 659 5912.
  14. Sammy PM me about the rigger. I live in s central NYS. Candor to be exact.
  15. Consider it sold...PM me we will set up payment. We {my wife] does paypal . Fishstix 607 659 5912. No text.