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  1. Fishstix

    Hit a log

    I have no idea what its for but I would fix it. My guess is a gusset to add strength to the lower unit. I have a 2001 Yamaha 115 4 stroke. Best running ,best starting,most fuel efficient motor I have ever had.I want it to be the last motor I buy. If it was hit hard enough to take out a chunk like that if may also have some hairline fractures you cant see.When they grind some of the paint back to weld it and if there are any hairline fractures they would be able to see them and repair them. You can take just the lower unit to a shop that welds aluminum . I would not think it would be an expensive repair . Just my two cents..
  2. Fishstix

    Finger lakes Rainbows & Landlocks

    OOps still learnin that one up tops a laker heres a bow . I hope .
  3. Fishstix

    Finger lakes Rainbows & Landlocks

    A couple Cayuga rainbows. Had another nice one out of Owasco but no picture so I put on a boat picture. The picture I wish I had was the one that hit from 100 ft down that came up and jumped probably 4ft out of the water with a mag diver and paddle in his mouth. I have been fighting technology ,Just recently I used the Camera in my phone figured out how to download onto the computer. Im not going to text EVER. Next year going to take more pictures I hope .
  4. Fishstix

    Crack in Big Jon Rigger reel by handle

    Ive melted the cracks with a solder iron, epoxied the repair.I tried to use 2 broken ones to make one. never lasted.........
  5. Fishstix

    Cayuga Cayuga 9/3

    Fisherdude there is nothing wrong with old school.Ive got some pink n orange eveleyes I painted with nail polish years ago when I could not find that color combination.I was surprised to see that combination in your mix. I took the probe off the boat years ago.I catch more fish where they are not supposed to be then where they are supposed to be.This year I got rid of my new high power fishfinder and bought a old Furuno 582l off Ebay. Turn the power up just enough to barely track the balls. I believe fish can feel sonar. Bigger the fish,longer the lateral line,more sensitive to electric fields. I run 6 rods 6 lures, no cheaters. short leads ,and no line anywhere less than 30 lb test year around. Bite slows down " I will key the radio" amazing how many times it will trigger a strike. Stinger you are spot on ,best speed indicator on the lake. Old saying: If the fish are biting 2 rods are enough .If the fish are not biting 2 rods are two many. "Fishey fishey in the brook come and bite on fishstix hook". Alright I got all you guys saying it I hope it helps this weekend
  6. Willie and I are in .We are going to have to do it all Sat.morning. Grand-kids stuff going on Sat afternoon family reunion Sunday. Probably fish S end its closer to home. Ch.68 Good luck to all . .
  7. Fishstix

    Cayuga Cayuga 9/3

    Save your probe money and buy a couple good dipsey wire rod setups. Good silverfish info is hard to come-by Time on the water is the best teacher. Start with Bear or Wizz ask em what people have been buying. .
  8. If those above don"t work out let me know.. boom ,end pully, extension ......etc.
  9. Fishstix

    Cayuga 9/1 rainbow trout

    That rainbow was a little shy of 9lbs. We ran six rods Saturday and they were all fireing. 2 rigger rods ,4 diver rods Targeting 90 to 110 down Did 1 atlantic at that depth, a lot of lakers, and that rainbow.
  10. I know i am old school but Furuno, you can not beat the rotary manual gain. Crank up the power to track the downrigger balls and if anything else is there you see it.
  11. Had another bigger one jumping behind the boat. I will call it a good release. Did not want to keep this one but it deep throat-ed the lure. Its probably my boats best fingerlake rainbow. Hit a laker setup,I was laker fishing. Cayuga is amazing.............
  12. Fishstix

    Cayuga Cayuga 8/19

    That rainbow really was a accidental catch.200 feet of wire,number 1 setting on a mag dipsey,SOG 1.9 Gold orange color lure.My boat caught the big rainbow in Owasco derby this year came off purple paddle with purple glow fly. 175 feet of wire.. Im guessing about 2mph thats the speed I usually aim for.So for color???????? I would agree with Fishing the FL If I was targeting rainbows I would fish that upper water column.Long leads,Probably start with "baby shower" colors. Fish next to or in the scumlines. Run free cheaters.I used to do real well in LO with a lure in the propwash. Nothing quite like a big rainbow jumping behind the boat before you see the rod go off.I have not ran a lure in the propwash in the fingerlakes It might work. Some guy out of Lansing had a bunch of pirate spoons for sale in the classifieds section.They did not last long.Just rainbow killers on Lake Ontario. I would imagine they would be in the fingerlakes. TOP TIP;;You ready ?/// " rainbows like spots"
  13. Sorry slow getting back to you.Fished between Meyers and the coal plant.Had a fairly steady pick but a south troll was better than a north troll . Went up east shore. orange and gold were our best colors . That bow in the picture came on a hot spot paddle with a spin n glow.

  14. Fishstix

    Cayuga Cayuga 8/19

    Another one from Tuesday I guess I got the picture thingy figured out.
  15. Fishstix

    Cayuga Cayuga 8/19

    This is one rainbow we caught Tuesday on Cayuga,really hated to keep it but it deep throat-ed the hooks. I hope the picture thingy works. It hit a laker lure. 200ft out on wire.