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  1. You are a great dad,love to see those kid fishing pictures.. Parking lot full? That has got to be like 100 boats.
  2. Congrats to the winners.We fished Saturday only.To my surprise Canaidaigua Lake was not in my GPS . Just a beautiful lake to fish could not decide which cottage I wanted. Caught three or four fish nothing big. Launch was open when we launched. .Thunder boat was just launching when we left around 3:30ish.I will look forward to this derby next year.All the fishermen on the lake were very courteous.
  3. I wonder if they will go after texting while boating.. You have any ID? About what? Thanks for the heads up. I am sure I am compliant but I have never had my trailer inspected in 20 yrs.I think I will get it done. I know it will pass.Don't want the hassle. BTW I don't text.
  4. Fishstix

    Rt 14

    Trying to decide which way to tow the boat to Canadagua lake . Is rt 14 smooth between Watkins and Geneva? Thanks Stan
  5. July 13-14 Perhaps someone more computer savvy can paste the entry form. Its run out of Bears bait in Lansing.
  6. Great to see a optimiser report. I still run the blue and white. Caught a boatload on copper and orange.Great pictures.. They work slower to ,when its bumpy they are just the ticket. Nothing wrong with Old School,unless its rap.
  7. Sk8opedia It will be our first time fishing this derby. Fished Canandaigua Lake many years ago. On the south end ,we fished for rainbows.Its about a 2 hour trip for us so We will probably only do one day Sat or Sun which ever day the weather looks the best.My fishing partner just turned 77 this week so I cant push him to hard.I will try not to rock your boat to hard when we head to the weigh station. Good luck to all participants.
  8. Putting up this post with absolutely no information other than the date. June 15,16 My favorite lake. Quality fish, generally smooth water. decent launch sign up at south shore marina.
  9. Fished this morning the same water we fished the last two days. We are trollers. Lake was flat. Ended up with one hit and one rainbow 20". All lamprey scared up.... Threw it back... Had just a OK screen. We did see some fish but no bait in the area. Strange lake you could put in a waypoint on some fish. get turned around and they would be gone. Also I noticed the fish had a yellow sheen to them.Not a white color on the bellies. As far as I can tell we ended up 2nd in senior division. Our 8 and change laker was the 8th largest fish caught. All it takes is one...
  10. Today we fished the same water as yesterday with the same lures. Boated 5 fish. Caught one that was 8lb and change. Was 4th on the board this morning probably gone now. One more chance in the morning. If they are biting one rod is enough.If they are not biting one rod is to many.....
  11. Fished hard a good 10 hrs . If releases count I had three.
  12. I would imagine not much boat traffic memorial day. Water is still cold and I think most fishing boats will be on Seneca. I do not fish for atlantics specifically but do catch a few fishing for lakers.They can be anywhere so most all the state launches are good. Silver fish fishermen are pretty tight lipped.
  13. No pictures .Actually it was caught on Saturday and I did not think 11.6 would hold.
  14. The great bite is still on at Cayuga lake.We targeted lakers and Saturday we could not keep 6 rods in the water. At one time had none down. Sunday was a bit slower start till we found them then it was game on.Plenty of 5 to 9lb fish . I want to thank Bear for putting it on . Good to see the guys at the weigh in. On to Seneca......
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