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  1. New sticker for trailer,new registration for boat,rewire downriggers,a bunch of new lures,new shift cable on kicker,packed wheel bearings,new 12lb downrigger weights.new dipseyrods new bilge pump new dipsey leaders Fresh oil and gear lube in both motors. Still need fresh gas,no rush.....
  2. Thanks for report. Clean looking fish.
  3. I dont have anything to trade .Put a price on the big jon rod holders with the plate. Im interested as a back up buyer. PM me if interested.
  4. I picked up a couple 12lb balls Sunday from troutman,theylook great.
  5. A+ For a good Seneca report..Thanks.
  6. Looking for 2 flush mount high quality stainless rod-holders. They need to have the gaskets . I will be useing them for a boarding pole holders. To steady us old farts getting in and out of the boat.
  7. 12 size 00 dodgers some new some used. $47.50 shipped in NYS. farther out shipping might be more . Paypal payment only.
  8. Two blue diamond roller rods. Used and show some boat rash,nothing major. Handles show some wear from riding in the rod holders.See pictures. Would probably trade. I am looking for a couple good 12lb down rigger weights for even trade or $65 Shipped in NYS farther away shipping will be more. These will handle Kings.... Paypal or good check .
  9. Usually I start out on the main as its already running get things set then switch over. But you are right ,my mistake. Still one of my favorite pictures....
  10. You will hear about Yamaha now. 20yrs on a 115Hp . Changed motor oil yearly along with gear lube.Impeller every other year.Pull a plug and if they are brown I put them back in. Changed the timing belt last year for the first time. 15 yrs on a 8Hp HT Yamaha kicker same maintenance as the 115. I dont have the hours in front of me now but many 1000's. Neither motor back to the dealer .ever. I run the cheapest gas I can find.Crank over once and they are running. Quiet , they are very quiet. I would not replace with anything else. Not a salesman but I run Amzoil.
  11. Yes it was parked at Hannifins but I bought from owner. Thanks Trorun,,
  12. Usually I figure half the price of new on used stuff .But they are 15yrs old so probably a little less than that. They also must look almost new for top dollar.
  13. Probably 15yrs or so ago when this was the fingerlake board, before it was LOU. I did a little article on cleaning boat windows.The pictures are gone.At that time my windows were 5 yrs old. Now they are 20 yrs old.... I do not use them now as much as when I was on Lake Ontario.Probably 12 yrs up there. I don't tow the boat with them up anymore. Still use them on the fingerlakes.However I still clean them up on a annual basis, These are some pictures of my boat canvas today.It was today's project and I thought I would share with you folks.My camera is old and does not take the best pictures but I do think you can see how good of shape the windows are in.There are a few holes poked in the windows that I taped up with clear gorilla tape. The windows have not yellowed and are still flexible.The canvas is in great shape to.When not in use I fold them up and put them under the seat. I just sprayed it on and wiped it off with a microfiber towel.The last picture is looking thru one of the windows to the outside.. I don't sell the stuff but its something that really works.....Plexus spray,, Its the stuff they use on jet canopy's If its good enough for the military its good enough for me. Hopefully I can follow up in 5 more years,I doubt 15yrs.
  14. Ran down RT89 yesterday I did not stop but Cayuga looked as low as Ive ever seen it.Should have taken pictures. Water looked to have a lot of stain.But You are right the weather looks good. I will probably dig my boat out this weekend just to get the motors serviced and try to find places to put the junk in the boat I bought over the winter.
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