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  1. Fishstix

    Garmin maps

    Is anyone running the Garmin Lakevu HD ultra maps in the fingerlakes? Are you happy with it? I have a Garmin 73 DV It has the lake chip in it that came with the unit. Not much detail and way off on location. I want to upgrade to something more accurate without buying another mfg unit.
  2. 24 mag spoons ,all been field tested. Some have some wear.paint chips, scratches, chew marks. A few diamond kings, aluminum nks, and what have you. A bit of minor rust stain on some. Nothing that would not clean right up.Most all of these have caught fish. $77 shipped E of Mississippi river. Paypal accepted or money order USA only
  3. Check out my 72 never been in the rain. original.
  4. I called Pay pal they said everything is ok on my end. They do not know why its not working for you.
  5. Gettin ready for the browns? 12 yo zuri stickbaits They work. Check the chew marks on the chartreuse ones Some brand new ,some hardly used $70.00 Shipped e of Mississippi river USA only Paypal preferred or moneyorder
  6. Works good ,great for planerboard fishing as you can turn and tilt rods at about any angle. Very Sturdy built. I slid it in and out of a berts track or you could mount with 4 bolts. You use a allen socket to turn holders and thumb screw to tilt in and out. $75 plus $14 shipping This side of Mississippi. Pay pal or Money order.
  7. Fishstix

    Fish hawk probe .

    I always figured if I have to go down 50 they can come up 10.
  8. Fishstix

    Fish hawk probe .

    I had a old guy up at Hughes ask me. Temps at 50ft Your marking at 100ft where do you fish? Raise your hand if you know the answer,no shouting. (answer below) There is no correct answer.
  9. Fishstix

    Downrigger Wire Repair

    Buy a cannon downrigger cable terminator repair kit. Ive been playing this game for 25yrs and I can not remember ever losing a cannon ball.Ive snagged bottom had to turn the boat around many times,I even snagged the wreck at Hughes and got my stuff back. It will probably make a ploop sound as the ball breaks off and hits the water. Kits are around $25 bucks. I think there are 4 or 5 cable terminators in the kit. Probably less than the price of a cannonball.
  10. Mix of different Mfg. spoons. Those color stingers will put some blood in the boat. Especially the steelie stomper. Those optimsers are a great spoon ,seldom talked about you can troll them up to 4.5 MPH great for covering water looking for fish." Look em over but dont overlook em" 14 spoons total, all great colors $65 plus $7 shipping USA Paypal available No tax
  11. Fishstix

    Restoring old spoons

    Thanks, With the exception of the heat gun,That looks like a fun project to do with my grandkids, I can see it now,,This one gonna work grampa? Sure, going to bring em by the boatload.. Thanks for the video!!!
  12. Fishstix

    Sold / Closed Gold NKs

    Sold to Hillbilly Express pending payment
  13. Some old school NKs Brass backs or gold backs. The 2 mags are brass and silver. Perfect for overcast sky's or green water. I do not know if you can still find these anywhere. I always liked the blanks ,you could tape them up and put eyes on them. It is fun to get a lure you made up working. 11 28 size 2 mag size $ 52 plus $8 to ship Paypal available