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  1. Consider it sold...PM me we will set up payment. We {my wife] does paypal . Fishstix 607 659 5912. No text.
  2. I always figured if you have to go down 50 they can come up 10. Seen one years ago ,I think it was at Ekerts in Ithaca.I know this post is no help.
  3. . I will consider it, but I would really like a larger screen. I looked up the 582l and they are supposed to be a great fishfinder. Has yours had the screen replaced?Price?

    1. Hillbillyx-press


      Screen not replaced. Works well. Comes with bracket. Manual. Power cord . Cover . No transducer.  450.00 shipped 

  4. PM me if you have either one for sale in good operating condition. thanks Fishstix
  5. Furuno Fishfinder

    I had a Furuno FCV 667 that I ran for about 13yrs. It got so I could not turn the brilliance up enough to view in direct sunlight. It was a great fishfinder I could track downrigger balls and see the thermalcline .I still have the p66 transducer on the boat. At that time a Furuno was out of the budget. So the last 5 or 6 yrs Ive been running brand X.Three different units to be exact I spent enough money I could have bought a Furuno. The 1870f and the FCV628 are the basement models. I was looking for some feedback on these. There has been a lot of good info on this thread lets keep it going.
  6. Furuno Fishfinder

    I am in the market for a new fishfinder. Trying to decide between a FCV 628 or an 1870f. I don't care about sidescan or chirp or GPS. I just want a good fishfinder that lasts more than a year or two before it starts freezing up ,losing bottom,shutting down.etc. etc... If anyone out there has one of these units I would like a few reports. I will be running a transom mt. transducer.
  7. National Lake Trout Derby news

    I had a picture of " Make Fishing great again " hats in the above post. But for some reason they did not show up.
  8. National Lake Trout Derby news

    Hope this stirs up some interest.
  9. National Lake Trout Derby news

    Most folks don't know what a fishing DERBY is. Just a thought but if it was advertised as a fishing CONTEST.Everyone would understand what was going on.Could draw a little more attention..
  10. New York fishing license sales drop

    Bottom line..... There are not many farm boys around anymore.
  11. Cayuga Cayuga Lou All October 15th

    Im thinking that with all this south wind we been having the warm water will be stacked up at the n end of the lake. Im changing my fishing plan. Any one know the height of the bridge at Toughannock?
  12. Tow vehicle ramble

    Tow vehicle ramble Ive got a 2001 21ft Arima sea ranger with Skip tower. Boat loaded weighs about 4900lb . Trailer has surge brakes with tandem axles. I miss the good old days when you could weld the hitch on the back of your car and go. I dont want a truck, I drive a truck , I want smooth quiet and something I can open the doors up in these skinny little parking spaces they have now. Anyway my last tow vehicle was a 2013 4runner and it did a excellent job bought it new but It was noisy on the road and rode stiff. Rated to pull 5000lbs.The wife hated it. It was showing some rust so I figured I would trade it in while,it still had excellent trade in value. .The search began. no newer cars have any towing capacity. I ended up buying another Toyota. A 2015 highlander limited AWD V6. Rated to pull 5000lbs. I was leery of it . smooth ,quiet, small enough to open the doors. drives like a car. Ive towed my boat with it a couple times now with it up and down the hills of Ithaca .probably have 200 miles or so towing with it. Highlander does a excellent job towing, brakes stop you, tail does not wag the dog, plenty of power. If you find one make sure it has Factory 5000lb towing package. Im not a Toyota salesman . I just figured there are other fishermen out there with the same vehicle requirements I have. Yes I realize Im pushing the towing limits.
  13. cayuga this weekend

    Put in at Deans.On the water 7am off at 12;30 . Caught 3 fish for a box 1brn 1bow 1laker. Lost a drag screamin fish when I put the rod in a rodholder to net another fish. Threw back several small fish. For the screen we had it should have been a banner day. Gold was the hot ticket.....
  14. cayuga this weekend

    Coffee is almost ready heading to Deans . Ch 68
  15. Cayuga 10-3

    Cayuga 10-3 I have not posted anything in awhile . We launched at treman around 8am . Ran out to the drop off . Had a good screen so we set up. Did some east and west with no action so we went up the east side of the lake. Had a good screen lots of bait up in the 50 to 60 ft range. Trolled past Meyers. No fleas,very little seaweed. and two very small lakers to show for our efforts. I was thinking of fishing the S end for the LOU derby but it looks like I will be joining the pack at Deans cove. Fish were there on the s end but I could not make them bite. I ran spoons, stickbaits ,flies, paddles , peanuts ,spin n glows and cowbells of all colors. Also they are still charging to launch. And if someone parks a car in the marina parking lot thats 7 dollars also......