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  1. I am old school.Back when I started in the fingerlakes old timers used to say on overcast days run black and purple. Silver copper, silver gold, brass, white or green on days when the sun is high depending on water color. That being said I have dodgers , rota-tors that I have painted up black and purple . My thought if it works on overcast low light days it should work deep. It does...I also will run copper gold deep. As for ROYGBIV I run red trebles. But its really hard to tell if it makes a difference. I think red hooks look good.
  2. They are some real beauties. Thanks for the pictures.
  3. I finally graduated to a smart phone. A different perspective.
  4. Had to go to Ithaca today. I dont believe your going to get out of Treman. The lake is super low.
  5. I just measured one they are 3 1/2 inches long. These are not the smallest. But I know they make a size larger. Sorry I do not have any...
  6. 10 flatfish, new in package. w/echip all great colors USA paypal accepted. No shows to buy stuff this year. $45.00 +$5.50 shipping No tax
  7. I have been trying to remember where you live its only been 20 yrs.I remember a hilltop with a bend in the road. Shoot me your ph number
  8. Bill $ 60 shipped I did not really want to get rid of all .of them .They are all NIP Tamiron. I go applachin way Quite often . I will consider them sold .We will get together. Geezz that had to be a record fast sale.
  9. Yea I have 7 more new ones. You have a good eye , These are made in Webster.
  10. $35.50 shipped Paypal accepted. Continental USA only You do not see these for sale often. Brand new..... Deadly planerboard spoons.
  11. Back up buyer shipped to 13743 with paypal
  12. I can purchase a new one but I thought I would check to see if anyone had one. I thought maybe if someone bought one and did not install it for whatever reason.. This is the one for a yamaha 8hp. Thanks...
  13. I usually do not give out my flasher fly information however.I am covid landlocked and bored . I see other guys givin out info so I will give out a little of what works for me. Its very different than anyone else.The rainbow in the picture is a Cayuga lake rainbow. It was caught on a atommic fly on 40lb test andie mono line pulled behind a 11" Hot Spot flasher . Off a Mag dipsey with wire line. You need the heavy line to the fly to get the fly whippin to trigger strikes. You don't get many bites but when you do its usually a dandy. Color, length of leads, speed all depends on time of day,, water color , time of year, and mostly luck .. experiment
  14. If you have a test light Ground one end connect the light end to either S or I in the diagram above . Have someone hold the key in the start position. You should get voltage to either the S or I when you turn the key off and on [start position] I think its the I terminal its one or the other.If you get voltage to it and the solenoid does not Click you have a bad solenoid. If you get no voltage to the S or I terminals you have half split the problem .The problem is forward of the solenoid. Fuse , switch,wire anything . neutral safety switch. Good luck.....
  15. Just got my flier in the mail. Its still on with a $10,000 grand prize. May 29, 30 and 31. I did not see on the flier a place to sign up online.If there is one please correct me. I know its a little tough fishing but your odds are better there on winning than in that damm casino.We look forward to it every year. 315 789 5520 is the number to call for info. Good luck to all. Sign up everyone.
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