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  1. Wow, now there is a fishing boat that is very cool. You dont see many around. If its in good shape it wont last long.Some one from California will probably buy it and bring it back. Good luck with the sale.
  2. Fished both days on the water by 5:30 . We caught around 60 fish all lakers but could not break 8lbs. Even with heavy line 40lb test and wire divers the fleas were terrible. Hung off the hooks like icicles. Constantly cleaning, Just a beautiful lake and its amazing the number and quality of fish there for all the fishing pressure it gets. There is always next year.
  3. All kidding aside that is a really cool picture and catch. Actually that picture should be in a fishing magazine. I would nickname that rig" Mr Ed."
  4. Thanks for the reply. I had a newby in the boat for the Seneca derby and she got discouraged with the slow bite.I hope to get things crankin on Owasco. I keep reading about fleas It just seems early. I am still running 40lb test line fleas wont bother it. I will have two days to try and figure the fish out. Sounds like you need to get something around 9lbs or so for the derby. Good luck with the rest of the FLTA season
  5. The Owasco derby is coming this weekend. FLTA, how the bite was last weekend?
  6. Did you horse it in and say Whoa when you brought it up?
  7. Bstone that area is definitely fish rich waters. Something that is not discussed here much but your boat may be hot. Meaning its putting voltage in the water chasing the fish off. To check it lower a downrigger ball in the water then with a voltmeter go from the battery ground to the downrigger cable. If there is voltage ground your riggers and everything metal in the boat. It really works . I have a fiberglass boat and still run a extra ground wire. My theory Bigger fish = longer lateral line = more sensitive to electricity I can not tell you how many times a rod has gone off when I keyed the radio. Especially on Lake O. Good luck. You could probably find a witch doctor in Ithaca like the guy does on river monsters. They have everything else down there.
  8. There is some good news. With the quality of fish being caught it will be very interesting.
  9. Every year I say I want to go after them. Never make it.I caught a little one surf fishing . Fought like hell.Those big ones must be a blast . Thanks for the pictures.
  10. I run two dipseys on each side. I run a 10ft rod on the outside. It helps get your line out away from the inside rod when letting your dipsey out.
  11. Nice, thanks for the picture.
  12. Good guess would be 14lb..
  13. Flat lake ,slight breeze. Fished deep 120FOW and down. Crazy hungry big laker bite. No lampreys. Probably caught my biggest laker today. I never lifted it out of the water ,slipped out the hook and let it go.
  14. I will be out. N end somewhere. Rookie crew ,should be fun.
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