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  1. BBob I bet your a blast to fish with.
  2. These are MAG size 5" Brand new.Ive had them a few years. 16 lures total. Im just thinning my herd. Offers or. $67.50 shipped USA .Paypal accepted. These are really nice. Just a terrible picture you must magnify it to really see the lures. I was watching a Canadian fishing show and they were catching big lakers on these.So I bought a bunch and never used them...
  3. Old School .Some used with a little tarnish some new. All are great spoons.$57.50 shipped USA paypal accepted. Last optimisers I have..
  4. I purchased a assortment of squid .I wanted to give them a try in the Fingerlakes,they almost look like the jigs the guys jigging use.This one is white glow pulled behind a trashcan dodger with peacock tape. I run them on the riggers or divers . I wanted to put this on the board you do not hear much of squid anymore.It put many quality fish in the box this year.......Just something to think about this winter we all need more tackle....
  5. Cinnamon PM me your address I will send you a 71
  6. I ended up finding 4 sutton 72s 2 are silver silver,2 are silver copper. Ive also got a sutton 71 silver copper.... I do not know how scarce they are...
  7. Going thru my stuff I found a Sutton 72 if someone needs one. Kinda rough but you cant beat the price...
  8. Good selection of colors For clear days and overcast days. clear water and stained water. Some are new. Some are used with chew marks..$35.50 shipped in USA Paypal accepted.
  9. This is messed up but these are the optimisers I have for sale. 4 different parcels. Thanks for hanging with me......I dont know why they did not download in first post.
  10. Forget this post something went wrong and did not download pictures. correctly. I will work on it and try again Thanks
  11. These can be run up to 5mph plus... i dont remember exactly. Great on bumpy days if you can not get your speed right.or when you can get your speed right Some of these colors are prototypes . Six optimisers per set plus a regular mag spoon is included.Some have seen action some are new But they all are very fishable. When I fished LO many rainbows,browns and salmon were caught on optimisers.I dont fish LO anymore time to get rid of stuff. $32.00per set plus $5.50 shipping Look em over but dont overlook em Paypal works great. Yes I will combine shipping for more than one set.
  12. Thats why the call them silvers.
  13. Interesting. its a dark picture so its hard to tell but I would say brown. Looks like The jaw extends beyond the eye. Nice fish anyway.
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