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  1. For those of us that check the board daily a couple lake pictures. Cold and a little bumpy.... There must be some cool lake pictures out there.....
  2. Dont know what your fishing for . Not the greatest pictures but this is around a 30yr old Furuno 582l with original transducer. Turn it on and away you go.50 khz. I dont still fish but I would imagine you could see your jig. You can see the thermocline. Been looking at a new Furuno 1971F. Just to cure the winter itch. I will still be able to run my old transducer. Hint: actually my upper downrigger ball is to low,they look up to strike.(my thinkin)
  3. No #42 I just checked my sutton box. By the way Ive got 3 miller 66's I will never use if anyone is looking for them. Ive probably got 15 of the #5's. In the early 2000's I took the #1 laker in the NLT derby on a #5 off the boards. Most of them have caught fish.They get bent up easily and the hooks break its hard to get them swimming right after you bend them.The #88 used to be my diver spoon it died the last few years I dont know why. Not much info here just trying to get something going on the fingerlake board. Its 12 degrees.Boat winterized?
  4. Great idea. Thanks for the picture. #5 if its hammered is a real killer.I will look for a 42 when I get to the boat.
  5. I guy I used to fish with had two steering wheels.One with cable for the kicker.One Hydraulic for inboard. worked great.
  6. Anyone on here own one or have gotten their hands on one? I am thinking I should move out of 1980 electronics. That new touch screen looks great. My old Furuno stuff still works fine but I got the itch for something different.
  7. I had the same problem you are having trying to sell my sons Honda accord.Beautiful low mileage car and he was going to Japan for three years.

     What I found out with the high prices of today's vehicles banks are reluctant to loan people money for a used vehicle from a Individual.

      I think its a great price for your Honda. I am not in the market for a car right now . You were curious why no responses, this may be your problem. 

     Good luck with the sale.


  8. Fished the S end Sunday. Targeted lakers for the smoker.Kept a couple 20" Salmon.Could not catch a laker. Salmon were hitting peanuts...
  9. Certain times of the year lakers fight harder. Ive had them jump and rear and tear. But most of the time unless its a real big one you dont get much fight. If I wanted a fight I would skip the wire dipseys and go with light mono on noodle rods.I would run them off the down riggers .I had a couple noodle rods.Its hard to get your releases set loose enough to release with the rods. It limits you to spoons or stick-baits. Even a 4lb laker will give you a fight. Only downfall is its hard to revive a fish after a long fight.You end up keeping more fish . I ran noodle rods many moons ago.Before sea fleas. As far as reels go 300s would be great with 10lb test. Good luck
  10. Just great news ,Thanks for report.
  11. They do catch fish,I used to run a flatfish or twin minno in the middle of the rig it gave the whole rig vibration. If you can not find one I Have a rig someplace with 7 strand wire I will have to look. I am not interested in shipping it. Sk8man could you please draw what they look like when you get them back in the boat?
  12. Glad to see Seneca is turning on. Thanks for the silver picture and the report.
  13. I used to catch some big browns on the south end of Cayuga just off the drop off using sawbellies. If I was marking fish say 40 down ,I would cast a sawbellie 40ft from the boat clip a bobber on then cast the bobber out to get it away from the boat. Absolutely deadly for browns. Now ive got fancy trolling equipment so I dont fish that way anymore. I kinda miss it.
  14. Thanks for posting the pictures and the report. Nice to see some size.
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