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  1. Fishstix

    Rainbow Trout Lures?

    Google the word "Tamiron" Then click on honeybee. pink,blue and white spoons seem to work the best for me. Pirate watermelon with seeds work well also. Dam Im getting old.
  2. I have a garmin 73 DV came preloaded with lake maps. It has nowhere near the accuracy of the above map. Would a Garmin Bluechart G2 vision HD VUSO42R/Great lakes -010-C1122-00 Be the chip I need to get the accuracy of the above map? Or is it the same chip that comes preloaded in the 73DV. There are several chips of that number on ebay. Any suggestions on the correct chip number? Im probably not computer literate enough to update my Garmin .
  3. Fishstix

    Season on Cayuga

    We used to winter fish a lot ,seems like the best bite was first week of deer season. Small suttons on top off planerboards trolled slow did the trick. Had a couple hard learned lessons winter fishing. It takes only a small layer of ice at the launch to break the transducers off the back of the boat.Another time we were out fishing and it started to snow we laughed about it as we were in an enclosed cuddy with a propane heater. It snowed enough they salted the roads.Road salt and boats dont mix. Ate the wireing out of the trailer rusted the chrome on the boat just a big mess. I dont winter fish any more. Used to launch out of deans cove or Treman on the S end . There used to be a sandbar at the end of the docks at Treman dont know if its still there.
  4. If a guy wanted this detail for his Garmin gps for the fingerlakes . What chip would he buy? Just askin for a friend
  5. Fishstix

    Shorelander trailer brakes

    They were the original brakes. The rotors were really scoured on the back axle. Back axle the pads were completely worn out metal on metal. Front axle probably had 1/8 inch of pad left.I changed the calipers on the back axle because the pistons had traveled so far I was afraid they may leak after they were pushed back.The wheel bearings were original I did not bother to clean them , just knocked out the races and installed new bearings. You see a lot of boat trailers broke down along the road.hopefully mine wont be one of them...
  6. Fishstix

    Shorelander trailer brakes

    I just did the trailer brakes on my 2001 shorelander trailer. I thought I would pass along a little info I learned about them. They were 4 wheel disk surge brakes . When they are right you can slide the trailer tires in A panic stop. The new rotors came painted . First thing I did was spray brake cleaner on them, didnt work, Then tried to wirebrush the paint off. You DO NOT take the paint off the rotors you leave it on. Something new to me. Next time I do them I would probably drop the axles and do the brakes out from under the trailer .The cap bolts that hold the caliper are tight to the axle you need a allen wrench to get them out. It would be a lot easier with the U bolts out of the way. Got my parts at local NAPA store. Had to order them in. 4 new seals ,4 bearing sets. 4 rotors , 2 calipers , 4 sets of shoes, tube of marine grease about $450 bucks. . There are several ways to bleed the brakes on the internet I went old school,Two people, pry on tongue with 2x4 hold, open bleeder,repeat till air stops comming out. Takes a day start to finish with regular hand tools....
  7. Fishstix

    Cayuga Cayuga 10/7

    Thanks for the report.I hope to get up there today.
  8. Fishstix

    Cayuga 9/30

    Ive always used a clinch knot its always worked well till I went to 40lb test. Thanks, Ill try a uni..
  9. Fishstix

    Cayuga 9/30

    We launched out of Treman Sunday probably around 11am. Inlet was a mudpuddle. Headed over to east side by the drop off and started to set up. Just got a couple boards out and riggers down and got weeded up. This year weeds have been our plague. So we pulled our lines and headed across lake to west side. Set up area of Yacht club cleaner water and cleaner screen.Ran 2 leadcores 4 dipseys 2 riggers. 1st fish was a good one it broke the snubber on the dipsey 2nd time thats happened this year. Next fish pulled a knot in 40lb test ande I think thats my mistake it happened several times this year since I changed to 40lb test ande line.Ive got to find a better knot or go back to 30 lb test. Lead cores with a mix of spoons were silent. The divers with a mix of spoons and paddles were silent except for one hit. Caught a couple lakers off the riggers down around 100ft on cowbells.Trolled probably 1/4 mile past tounganock . Not a skunk but Cayuga has us so spoiled . Regular colors.
  10. Salmon Chaser now there's a name I have not heard for awhile. Its been to long since I been to Hughes and I miss the gang. I still fish with Willie and talk to Mackerel on occasion.
  11. Fishstix

    Finger lakes Rainbows & Landlocks

    Nice fish Vogel451. Did that landlock jump? Been wanting to get up there and do some fishing but its been to bumpy when we get there.
  12. Fishstix

    Finger lakes Rainbows & Landlocks

    Ric66 Ive had it since 02 . I bought it from a private individual but it originated from Snake creek marine in Montrose Pa. Do not know if they are still in business. The company that makes them is on the left coast.
  13. Fishstix


    Launched at Treman on S end. Mud water color out past the dropoff ,Set up deep in front of the Yacht club. Trolled north into mild whitecaps. Lots of weeds and junk in the water. Slow bite 4 fish . All rigger bite no diver bite.
  14. Fishstix

    Hit a log

    I have no idea what its for but I would fix it. My guess is a gusset to add strength to the lower unit. I have a 2001 Yamaha 115 4 stroke. Best running ,best starting,most fuel efficient motor I have ever had.I want it to be the last motor I buy. If it was hit hard enough to take out a chunk like that if may also have some hairline fractures you cant see.When they grind some of the paint back to weld it and if there are any hairline fractures they would be able to see them and repair them. You can take just the lower unit to a shop that welds aluminum . I would not think it would be an expensive repair . Just my two cents..
  15. Fishstix

    Finger lakes Rainbows & Landlocks

    OOps still learnin that one up tops a laker heres a bow . I hope .