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  1. Fishstix


    Ran 40lb test ande clear yesterday on Cayuga,no fleas.....
  2. Fishstix

    Cayuga Salvation Army Derby

    The fishing on Cayuga is just outstanding. Steady pick from around 8;30 till we picked em at 2;00.Us old fat guys soaked in sweat.Many 7 to 8lb fish all healthey. Weighed in the 2nd place LT as of 3:00 dont know where it stands now' Spooled up with 40lb test ande line ,no fleas. Few fleas on the wire a couple inches was the most I seen. Fished the long pt area heading back there tomorrow.
  3. Fishstix

    Cayuga Salvation Army derby

    TTT I have not dropped a line in Cayuga this year. Anyone know where the big ones are hiding?
  4. Fishstix

    Spiny Water Flea BEST LINE?

    I have been running 30lb test ande pink as long as I can remember.I will give it a good soaking this weekend and see how the fleas are ,usually they don't bother it much. I will post results...
  5. Fishstix

    Keuka 6/23

  6. Fishstix

    Owasco owasco derby results

    That is a big pike. Like to see a picture.
  7. Fishstix

    Drifting Live Bait for Trout

    I haven't done it for years but If I was marking fish on the South end say 30 or 40 ft down. I would lip hook a sawbelly and cast it out 30 to 40 ft from the boat. Then hook up a bobber up to that line and cast the bobber out to get it away from the boat. If the lake is flat, many brown trout were caught with this method.
  8. https://give.salvationarmy.org/event/ithaca-fishing-derby-2018/e173384 July 14 th and 15th Time for all those big lakers I been hearing about to show up. I hope the link works to the derby ,you can register online.
  9. Fishstix

    Seneca Seneca lake

    I have no theory as to what is going on on Seneca.Everything goes in cycles.We fished hard three days with one 3.5 lb lake trout to show for it.I look at it as I did not do my homework. There were some decent fish caught just not by me.Someone knew where the big fish were and what to use for them.
  10. Fishstix

    Memorial Day Weekend Big Fish Friday

    I just went back to work today after a couple weeks off. Im on ''light duty''. I have to work Friday so take me off the list.
  11. They will be interviewing the guy that caught the winning fish last year on Fishstix boat. It will be a telephone interview live between 11 and 11;30. I will not be able to listen as its to far away . If someone manages to catch the interview there might be some good information.I hope its not to good . If someone hears the interview let us know .
  12. Fishstix

    Barney Bear derby results

    Thanks,nice size fish.
  13. Could not fish it this year,sure would like to know results.
  14. Good luck to all in the derby. I look forward to these derbys plan all winter what to run and where to run it.I Fell off a loader and tore up the ligaments in my knee.Im not working because of it .No way I can climb in and out of a boat or up and down stairs.So BandB derby is out and the NLT derby is a maybe.
  15. The rules do not say you can't have more than one fish . I would think you could load the board if fish were legally taken.