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  1. Barney and Bear derby dates May 20 & 21 Retie your knots and sharpen your hooks.....
  2. Seneca

    Ok guys I rented dock 69 . Thanks for all the replies. Early this spring I rented cabin 3 .I would like to get into big fish friday . We will see how work schedule goes.
  3. Seneca

    Final Fight I would like to be a little closer to the weigh station so I dont have to haul my heavy ,very heavy cooler so far.
  4. Sampson park favor needed I need a dock for a 21ft boat for the memorial weekend lake trout derby at Sampson park. Last year the one I reserved was falling in.I could not use it. Can someone give me a couple good dock numbers to try to reserve? I only need one . Thanks Stan
  5. After I re read my post it just didnt make any sense. Ill try again.When you called me on the radio I answered your call. But you kept calling me and when I answered you did not reply. I think you were transmitting but not receiving. I know my radio was working ok because I talked to someone way up by AES. This post makes sense............
  6. Final fight. This may sound odd but I could hear you but you did not respond to me. I know my radio was working I talked to a guy way up by AES and I was on the south end of the lake.BTW the browns were there, boated 8. . Spoon bite ,green and white.
  7. Good report, That purple froggy spoon your holding ups a king salmon killer also.At Hughes its known as "Barney"
  8. Ill have to give it another shot sometime. Thanks ,fishstix
  9. Several years back when meat was the hot setup on ontario I ran it in the fingerlakes . Never had a touch on it and I gave it a full day.
  10. Not exactly a fly twinkie rig but I run a homemade triple spin n glow twinkie rig behind a 11inch paddle . I run it off a mag dipsey. Pick your color but I run the favorite rainbow colors......Small size spin n glow. And yes it works in the fingerlakes.
  11. Cayuga Treman Launch Took a ride up rt 89 yesterday. Stopped at Treman launch. My guess would be the lake was down 3 to 4 ft. I would not try to launch my 21ft boat there. There was good color on the south end seemed to break about at the dropoff. Rode up to Deans Cove there was a couple trailers in the parking lot. Its been awhile since I launched out of Deans.So I dont recall how deep the channel is. I would not try to launch my 21ftr. there either. This is just a launch depth report from someone who has tore up props and knocked transducers off the back of the boat in past years. Use your own judgement.This break in the weather has me itchin.
  12. Ive got several big Jon parts downriggers . Arms,motor mounts , ball cradles. If you could send a pix of what you need or a good explanation of the parts I probably have them. Im on unemployment right now so ive got time tto ship and the price will be right. Make offer....
  13. Reel Potential sorry I took so long to get back.those rods look a little to stout for the fingerlakes. Thanks for the reply Fishstix
  14. Cabin fever already. My best fish seem to come off dipseys.. I now run the walker mag dipseys .It would be nice to get a couple more down inside my 10 ft roller rods. Anyone else doing this? Any advise? Im thinking I can run outside on a 2 to 3 dipsey setting and a 1 setting on the inside.
  15. Looking for a couple 5 ft to 7ft wire dipsey setups. I really dont need more stuff in the boat but I would like to run two dipseys off each side of the boat.My regular rods are 10ft rollers and I want to run them inside. Good linecounter reels and medium to heavy action rods.My best fish seem to come off dipseys so I would like to get a couple more in the water.