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  1. Fishstix

    One for the Money, two for the Show!

    I have so many lures in the boat I cant find what I want now. Trying to sell off some stuff. Then I see these.. Ahhh maybe one or two...
  2. Fishstix

    Best boards

    Otter boats I had my worst tangle up ever with a otter boat. The section of towline that hooks to the front of the otter boat broke. That let the otter boat swing around behind the boat and tangle with the otter boat on the other side. I turned the boat sharp to try and keep the otters away from each other. Ended up with toplines tangled,dipsey wires around down rigger cables and fishing line around the prop. Lucky the lake was flat./ Moral of the story is replace the towline that hooks to the otterboat anually. Yes I still run otter boats its the speeding up and slowing down when you get them adjusted right that triggers strikes....
  3. Fishstix

    for sale : usa Items for sale

    I will be a back up buyer for spinners and cowbells ,can do PAYPAL.
  4. This came with a furuno fishfinder I bought on Ebay. The fishfinder works fine and the guy said the Data converter worked fine. I have no way to test it. I have no use for it. The way it is set up now the 183 end connects to Furuno NEMA Other connector goes to CAN. bus.2000 . See pictures below. Black end goes to Furuno . White end to CAN bus. Please correct me if I am wrong on CAN bus end. These retail around $190 and up . Will sell for $99.00 Offers considered. shipped. Paypal or good check.
  5. I run that 582 fishfinder.Very dependable unit. .
  6. Put me on your list. I would be interested in your 587. PM me Thanks
  7. Try the words" evil eyes" in your heading.
  8. Fishstix

    Peanut rigs

    X2 what Bandrus1 said. Cant tell the length but I like 20" of leader. Also those peanuts are more speed forgiving than people realize.
  9. I just swallowed hard and cut off a Couple new Taloras yesterday. Went to harbour freight and bought a 30 tooth per inch mini hacksaw for 5 bucks.Made a perfect cut. Got my twilli tips at fish USA. They have the 1000ft spools of 30lb test wire line on sale right now.
  10. Fishstix

    Wanted Furuno gp1871 F

    I was talking to a guy a couple weeks ago who had just installed one . He said it was unbelevable. Turn it on with factory settings and go. Price of the 1871 is tempting. I currently run a old 582L that still works fine.
  11. Fishstix

    7 vs 19 wireline

    I bought a couple TLA100MH2 . I will get a fine tooth saw and cut them off. Actually my kids got a pretty clean cut on my spinning rods with the trunk of the car. Might do that . Thanks for the many replies....
  12. Fishstix

    7 vs 19 wireline

    This has probably been hashed out here before but I just purchased a couple Talora diver rods. I had a couple heartlands with twillitips many moons ago.Then I switched to Okuma rollers about 10 yrs ago. I am now switching back to twilli tips , Ive been sitting here looking at these new rods and reading where guys can not get the tips off or end up cutting the end of the rods off.. I have also been reading that using 19 strand wire you do not need a twilli tip.I use my diver rods a lot. If I bought 19 strand wire do I have to cut the tips Off? How is the 19 strand for fleas.? Ive got the twilli tips already.
  13. The annual outdoor show is this weekend . They do not advertise much but really pack em in. It is located at the high school between Spencer and Vanetten on RT 34. Bring the kids lots to see and do. Google Spencer Vanetten outdoor show for more info.
  14. Ive got one make me a offer.