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  1. TTT they do not need to be linecounters.
  2. Looking for 1 or 2 good working 800 LC'S. PM me with price shipped to 13743. Due to scams I will only purchase from LOU member thats been on this board awhile. Paypal
  3. Ive got my dock reserved for the Memorial LT derby. Lots of campers so I would imagine docks will go fast. Number to call 315-651-4949. HOPEFULLY they keep derby going..
  4. We have had such great weather. Put my boat away early. Gas Prices is my excuse.
  5. I remember bringing up the downrigger ball on Cayuga years ago and having lampreys on it. They would let go when the ball cleared the water and stick to the side of the boat... very poor fishing... Last few times going to Cayuga this year the bite is not as good as it has been. Its probably me but I think the waters a different color somethings going on. There has not been many Cayuga reports lately, If folks are not catching they generally have nothing to report. Been skipping the fingerlakes alot this summer.Going up chasing salmon on Ontario. I think Pappy above has the right Idea. MSGA. I have a late lake ontario report from Saturday.
  6. Some real nice fish showing up. Not that I want to get older faster but looking forward to next years derby.Even if you think they wont make it they stand a better chance in the lake than in the cooler.
  7. I had a dock .Did not fish much. 7 lakers and a LL. Brought up downriggerball in 80 fow and it was warm. Did tubing and sightseeing. The fish I caught were small very stressed . released and some probably did not make it. Fished both deeper water holes. 2 rod spread to turn tight. As you would imagine suttons. Guy next to me caught this pike. Nice lake ,extremely busy on weekends.The homes around the lake are just amazing. All the restaurants in area that we stopped at were great. Thanks to those who responded.
  8. Thanks for great report. Love happy kid pictures.Might give Seneca a shot this week.
  9. Thanks for long winded reply... I went to walmart,autozone central tractor and advantage auto parts.. No one had lower unit lube.. I will run the 75/90. Hughes Marina.... Had a camp there for about 15yrs... Might be looking to come back now that fishing is better.My camper was next to Mackerel...
  10. I have a 2000 115 Yamaha outboard. I have awalys used Yamaha gear lube in the lower unit.. I did not have enough so I went to the parts store to get some they did not have any marine gear oil...14 mile round trip. I looked in the spec book and all it says is SAE90 Hypoid gear oil.. I have 3qts of Valvoline Full synthetic 75w-90.gear oil left over from another project. Should i use it? Not being cheap but I have so many odds and ends oils.
  11. Thanks for all the replies.. The lake is in my GPS. If I can catch a couple for the grand kids I will be happy.
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