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  1. We fished hard for this derby . Fished different area of the lake than we usually fish .Caught a lot of fish but biggest was 9lb.Last weekend we caught a 12 out of that area. The fishstix winning seems to be on hold. Did not fish the derby last weekend out of Ovid on Cayuga .By the time you picked up and drove around the lake it would probably take 1.5 hrs. off the fishing time.A 2nd weigh station at Deans for the Barney derby would be great to get more entrants. I personally like a one day derby, my fishing partner is getting up in years and a couple long days on the water whip him. It does me to. Who remembers the old wildman derbys ending with a pig roast at O maleys? Great times.
  2. Cayuga

    Thats a beauty. Can I borrow it next Saturday?
  3. Fishing the fl You take a voltmeter set it on 20v dc.Clip one lead on your downrigger cable with the ball lowered in the water. Clip the other end to the neg. battery terminal . Should read 1v or less. If voltage is high you could be scareing the fish away. This is something to be done anually as you add new equipment change things around etc. When you do this test make sure there are no other boats around as you may pick up a field from a HOT boat. This is probably a subject for the This old boat section. There is a lot of information on this subject Just google grounding downriggers. You will be amazed at the different things that cause small electric currents. Years ago I had a trophy boat that was hot . Cleaned the engine ground on the battery and it cleaned it up.
  4. 1 a little bit fast 2 sounds like a new boat setup. Something that has not been discussed on this board for years,make sure your riggers and boat are grounded. Look up scotty blackbox..
  5. Johndf02 The roller rods seem to have less resistance when reeling in . The tekota reels have a better drag for letting the divers out.They are like little winches reeling them in. I run two divers on each side of the boat. If I freespool the divers out sometimes they get tangled. So I let the divers out with the drag. Twilly tips and 47lc with wire work ok I just want something easier to reel in. I dont know why but my short diver rods have been catching most of the fish. My 10ft rods have been slow. Riggers have just been OK.
  6. Fish depot I probably should have changed my wanted add .I got a couple rods.Still looking for reels. Thanks for the reply...BTW your not working for DDS are you?
  7. Shorter than 10 ft Shimano talora wire line dipsey rods,reels After fishing on a friends boat last weekend I decided its time to upgrade my short diver setups.Ive got a pair with 47lc reels and twilly tip rods but those shimanos out perform them. I would like to find a pair of shimano Tekota LC reels and a pair of wire roller rods.I will be running the 30lb test wire.Some place in south central NYS Ithaca area. I dont mind a drive if the price is right.I dont know about shipping buying used stuff it would be nice to get a look at them. PM me if you have a pair . CASH in hand.My wife has paypal if its something to be shipped. Thanks Stan
  8. Sk8man I had a camper up at Hughes almost 20yrs. Best thing when the bows are around is swing a rigger around into the propwash.Drop a spoon down 5 or 6 ft and 5 or 6 ft behind the ball. Where you can just see the spoon.Those bows hit and jump right behind the boat. My spoon choice was pirates but everone has their favorites.
  9. Cayuga

    my best was 9. 15 . That salmon and brown were world class fish. Caught lots of fish both days just could not get a big one to go. Shout out to bear for hosting .
  10. Fishstix will get in. August is filling in fast.....
  11. Cayuga

    Good job Bellis boys. West wind messed me up. Caught a lot of fish ,had way way to many tangles. Boat crabbing most all day. Rigger would go and come up under the divers. divers would go and get into the riggers. Found some better fish late in the day so Ive got a good starting place in the morning.
  12. Cayuga

    Im guessing with the quality of fish being caught bottom will probably be 10lbs. But its awfully hard to throw back a nine. I will have a extra man on the boat . I will be able to throw down some silver fish stuff and not brake up my laker program.
  13. Cayuga

    Up dates on the leader board are always nice.I dont want to kill a fish that will not make the board. If someone finds out what the weights are during the derby.Let us know on 68. Thanks,and good luck! West is best.
  14. Cayuga

    Bump back to top.
  15. Nice report , gives me the bug to get back up there. 4th of July weekend is usually a smokin good weekend for Kings there.