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  1. We had a great derby..12 fish first day. 7 the second day..Only saw a couple lamprey marks. We put one in 1st in womens division. All laketrout. Looking forward to next year.Congrats to winner.
  2. How are the launches at Meyers or long pt. ?
  3. Neighbor kid home from college wants to go .I hear Hughes is to low to launch . Where is there a launch out your way to put a boat in? You are absolutely correct about the lime green Yozuri... Really enjoy your reports.Keep em comming.
  4. Use red wire or red tape on ends of all positive wires..... green or black on all grounds... I like the purple battery goop on terminals. Get some heat shrink and learn to solder. Good luck.
  5. curious if this will make it to the board. Lots of good info.
  6. Thanks for reply's. Time to get a slip lined up.
  7. Memorial weekend....Anyone heard anything?
  8. This was Cayuga lake down by the fish ladder. Im guessing around. 2004 -2006 . Used to bring downrigger ball up and they would be stuck to the side of it. Ive got to say DEC did a good job getting them under control.
  9.  Just read up on your post about lead-core.Fishing news is scarce  this time of year. Things have been crazy for me. Did not fish much. I got four ambulance rides to the hospital with heart problems.  had a triple bypass that didn't go well.  Luckily [if you want to call it that]  Im a disabled vet otherwise I would be buried in Hospital bills.   Hopefully I will be squared away for next year...   My only project has been a electric winch on the boat trailer.   My fishing partner is in his 80s now.He cant help much with loading process.  You have been fishing alone for awhile I will probably be doing the same.  Last spring copper and orange were the colors for atlantics on the s end of Cayuga.  About all the fish info Ive got.  If im healthy next year I plan on joining the Thursday night lake league on Cayuga.

    1. stinger


      Gee Stan that sound terrible. I’m sorry to hear about your health issues. That’s a bummer. I also am a disabled Vet but am plenty mobile right now. Agent Orange is starting to creep up on me. Dealing with hypothyroidism but that’s being contorted with meds. Hope that it stays that way. I’m waiting for the Syracuse Vet Hospital to arrange a appointment with a Hematologist here in Binghamton (Broome Oncology). My white blood count has been below normal a couple years and it just took a nose dive so the blood lab took my samples Thursday. The doctor hear said “ be sure you don’t cut yourself until we find out what is going on”. Ha ha, he doesn’t know what happens on the boat.

      Anyway. My last trip was Saturday. It was a great day fishing took nine rainbows, seven legal, two short. A few lake trout also. Deepest set was 60'. Most everything was caught between 35'-60'. Have to put the boat away now. I’ll probably fall into a minor state of depression for the next five months.    Only got one legal salmon this year. I’m losing my touch but the rainbows were willing to play. The pic is of the two I kept Saturday and released the rest.

      Hope you mend up real good this winter so you can get back to your normal fishing schedule next season.

      Rainbow Trout.jpg

  10. Looking for a roller boat trailer. Dual axle. in real good shape . For a 22ft Islander. Its not for me but putting this add up for friend.He plans on really using it so it needs good brakes tires etc...Galvanized would be the best but will consider painted. Pm me for contact or put some pictures up with this post...... . Located in central NYS or reasonable distance . Thanks Stan.........cash.....
  11. Had a guy send me this But it don't look right.I was not there.
  12. Half spilt it.Hook a test light between starter solenoind and ground.Hold key in start position. If the light lights its the starter. If it doesnt start its something else.Yow can also tap lightly on starter with hammer... Old school...
  13. Stan Winnick 24 Bank St Candor NY 13743 I hope all goes well .I sent payment. I will be out for a couple days.. Thanks Stan
  14. Cost shipped to 13743. paypal available.
  15. Thanks for the report.Heading out of Hughes tomorrow. We are taking a young man with us to reel in.
  16. Could not fish it this year but that is one dandy Laketrout. That rainbows so big it makes bear look small.. Nice fish.
  17. Shipped to 13743 total cost Paypal
  18. What a beauty. and thanks for the great story. congratulations !.
  19. Havent been there for awhile unless Im reading the chart wrong is it down 3ft?
  20. I cant read it..Does the one on the bottom say limbo trophy?
  21. Ive got $7500 that says there is fish. Going to try to add $10,000 more.
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