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  1. Probably 1/2 day 2 or maybe 3 people. Always wanted to fish the bar. Lower part of river. 2 experienced guys we fish the e end and fingerlakes. Im retired now PM me.
  2. Check out the pictures. Prices 1/2 of new price plus shipping. You can look up values on Big Jon site. I am sure we can come up with something. As for shipping I do not know how people ship cheap. Every thing costs me at least $7.50. PLUS this stuff is heavy and bulky. Make offer on whole works.... One of the motors is toast but gears and switches are good. I was going to make a couple planer board reels.Never got to it. Delivery Ithaca, Binghamton,Elmira area or realistic half way meet for a realistic offer on whole works..
  3. This motor came as a spare for a newer ES 1000. How ever It did not fit the rigger. It is to long. It is slightly used . does not smell burnt Looks real clean inside. Outside looks almost new. My ES 1000 rigger motors have internal connected wires this one has external studs to connect the wires. This motor is a inch or so longer than mine. I guess it could be a planer board motor. Look close at the pictures . I am sure someone could use a spare. Its 1/2 the price of a new one + shipping.I dont know what a new one costs. Im very easy to deal with. Trade something???
  4. I will probably polish it up and put it on the fireplace mantle. Someday someone will need this..
  5. I have no Idea what its worth . The owner rebuilt antique wooded boats.
  6. Shaft dia. is 1" there is a 3/4 inch square drive on the end. guess weight 10lbs.
  7. Cleaning out my brother in laws garage I came across this rudder. He rebuilt several wooden boats. He passed away I am sure someone somewhere could use one of these.Its brass I did not clean it up. Any info would be appreciated.
  8. I found a couple here at the house I think I have three more in the boat. The aluminum shine is wearing off in the cups . They both have chew marks.....PM me in the spring .
  9. Are they the ones that are about Mag size have a deepcup.? Kinda optimiser shape? If so I have 5 or 6. I would part with. I know one year they were the only thing I could catch a salmon on.. white /silver glow/silver blk/silver .. some have been doctored up. I would have to look for them . they are all used.
  10. I have always been told that the reel linecounter is calibrated off a full spool.1000 ft. I do not know about splicing copper but I do splice my wire. I do not fish Ontario much anymore so I do not have to worry about a salmon making a 800ft run. I will spool off the existing wire and if I have to add say 200ft I will put splice deep in spool and then add the wire I spooled off. A 30lb test sproo swivel and a couple figure 8 knots works well to splice.. I also use the sproo swivels to add about 10ft of brad to the end of the wire. This way you can break the rods down and not kink the wire. Never had the wire come apart at the swivel. Im cheap to... I have never spliced downrigger cable.
  11. Sherman Brown.. The captains were already mounted on the boat I bought in 2001.. The boat is a 2000. So they were like new when I started running them. Also I am a lot better taking care of stuff now then I was 20yrs ago.
  12. 91 does not seem that old. I have never worked on a 91 Johnson but I would take my time and do it.. I would imagine Steel bolts and aluminum housings. You do not want to break any bolts.
  13. These riggers came used on the first fishing boat I bought . Back in the 80's. I ran them for years then a couple boats later I bought a boat with new captains packs..No way near the quality or speed of my old ES 1000,s..Wore the captains packs out in a few years . Now I am back to my old ES 1000s. That I have been running them again probably the last 10 yrs or so. I was hoping someone out there would have a brass drive gear like in the picture below. Part number on gear is G1043.. I have contacted Big Jon waiting for call back. I currently have 6 of these old style riggers . I fish a lot ,never smoked one of these motors. Only have changed these gears out and switches over the years . As soon as I get to it I have a lot of captain pack parts to sell or trade for ?
  14. You comming to Candor?

  15. Fishstix

    for sale : usa Sold

    I put these up for a friend. frozen bulk, They are a 50 lb box.Two boxes for a totol of 100lbs. He says most are 8 inches some a little longer some a little shorter.He got them mid to late August of this year. He is going out of town for a couple days I just text him I will try and have him take some Pixs. The response, PMs etc. Is really surprising . There is a couple guys who PM ed me within the first hour I put them up. I will let you know if they are sold or not.
  16. I dont really want to drive that far. We do go to Syracuse quite often.

    1. finsntins


      call me,i can probably pick it up.

    2. Fishstix


      I have appt. this afternoon. I dont believe I have your number.

    3. Fishstix


      The owner is going to Potsdam tomorrow . His daughter plays volleyball for the College.  I will give him your number . I have not looked at map but he may be able to go thru Old Forge.....

  17. Fishstix

    for sale : usa Sold

    $200 total Not willing to ship. Located in Tioga Co. NY 13743. We will discuss meeting pt. May possibly deliver for price.... Selling for a friend so any questions I will forward. Thanks
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