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  1. This was the water color of Cayuga last weekend. We caught fish but they were not in the areas we normally fish. Fleas were manageable . Made up a Skateman line cleaner. It worked OK. But learned another flea trick... When you reel your line in keep the rod tip in the water sometimes the water would wash them completely off rather than plugging up the rod tip.
  2. Water was a yellowish brown green . Did not look like algae . Rippin currents. IMO the lake flipped.My regular areas did not produce fish. Best bite was down the middle...... 1st fish would have made the board but we threw it back thinking we would get one bigger..
  3. The picture of the kid holding the laker should be on the cover of NY outdoors..
  4. looking for a friend. PM me we will try and figure out year ,model and fitment They might be all the same. If someone knows let me know.. I could not get the prefix to say wanted.
  5. I would like to thank Skateopedia,Hop and Troutman 87 for hooking me up with the proper Seth Green leader connectors. JJBat150 that patent is just cool thank you.There was no book to follow so I went by my experience . I had a old rollertip 5ft boatrod with a Penn 49 reel.. I used 7 strand wire for the mainline tieing all connections with a figure 8 knot.I ran them 15 ft apart I used 7ft long 30lb test leaders for the spoons . I have 4 different colors of 30lb I figured that would help with tangles. It caught a rainbow and a brown on Owasco last weekend. Both fish hit the same lure on the middle leader. The rainbow was the 2nd fish and chewed the paint off the lure. A lure I only had one of..... I have several now. I usually just fish one lure per rod and try to keep them properly tended. This meat rod set up is kinda fun. Even with the short leaders the brown and the rainbow got tangled around the dipsey wires. Kinda nice to run something different for a change..
  6. I found it. made in Trumansburg NY. It has a thumb clutch and a spring around the rod end to soften strikes. I can see why the old timers smelled like liniment Running this machine one handed all day.. Ive had this probably 50yrs. Its spooled with copper.
  7. I just remembered I would run a twin minnow on the center leader. It was like a flatfish. Would make the whole line vibrate. I have been looking but I cant seem to find it . Its a pistol grip copper line reel . It was factory made so there must be a few around if anyone has a picture..
  8. Fished the owasco derby last weekend . Fleas are just showing up. Time to take the inline rods out of the boat. This Brn was good enough for 2nd. Dodger fly. caught 3 of them. Plus a few lakers and a bow. Great little lake.
  9. I can not post the entry form ,maybe someone else can.. Headquarters is Bears in Lansing.
  10. Check out the Cayuga lake report 6/14.  Why those guys keep those little fish....

    1. stinger


      I guess those guys are at a different place than we are. So far this year three salmon came home with me. My wife won't eat fish so me and my dog have a go at it once in awhile. My buddy that goes a few times a year likes lake trout so we'll box a few for him when he goes.

  11. I was never good at pick up lines....
  12. What a great group on this site.
  13. Thanks for the replys . I have not ran a Seth Green rig in probably 20 plus years.... I just remember all the tangled leaders. Towing a JUG. But it did catch fish. Hopefully I have more patience now, Autopilot will help. I think the Dollar General pool tubes will help with the tangles. We will see. Sk8o I have the Jans Netcraft catalog I will check for the spring clips . Many thanks to Hop If he has some.
  14. Looking for the beaded chain with the tag as pictured below. I purchased these at Wildmans in Ithaca years ago. I can not find them now. Use these on Seth Green rigs to attach leaders.They worked great you could wind them up on the reel. If someone has a better way please let me know. These may not be available anymore. Thanks
  15. As much as I dislike the State fair I would go just to see this fish mounted........ A legend....
  16. I would like to hear the story. That fish is really something. So many things had to come together to catch a fish like that, Being in the right place with the right lure is obvious. Having strong enough line . Large enough hook, Big enough net. The wind was really cranking up there today boat control would be tough.I am actually surprised they had a scale large enough to weigh it. There has to be a great story. Did you think you were snagged? Dis it hug bottom? Jump? Almost to boat then back down.? !st time miss with net ETC. I hope the guy that caught it chimes in. I wanted to go over and look at it. There was no place to park without blocking people in. The guy gets a free mount. Hope he has a big enough wall.
  17. Frogger I owe you a beer for that picture.
  18. At Seneca lake state park there were folks on the wall taking pictures of all the boats. How my youngest crew member got these pictures from them I don't know.A great picture for me. She goes off to college after this summer and he turned 79 last weekend.Willie and I started in the fingerlakes . Then we each had camps up at Hughes Marina on Ontario for 20 plus years now we are back to the fingerlakes.
  19. Threw this one back ,did not weigh it just did not seem big enough. Hit a laker rig.
  20. Ya gotta be in it to win it.....
  21. Strange water color and lots of scum on top.Also had a couple bug hatches but. We caught a lot of fish during the derby but we could not break 9lbs. Most of the fish we caught were long and skinny. The bad news is ......lots of lamprey scars... You can see some on the left hand fish. Willie turns 79 next weekend. We been fishing a lot of years. We kept three for the smoker if either of these fish had a belly they would probably be board fish. Maybe the big one is waiting for next weekend. Thanks Bear for putting on the derby.
  22. IMO Fish the mud-lines in and out of the clear water.. Surprised no one has mentioned it.
  23. I painted a couple of these up and ran them today. Pulled behind a dodger I did several fish on them. I just used the latex paint samples at lowes $.99 a color.Brushed it on then clear coated. After several fish the paint was still fine. They [email protected] each its a bargain..
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