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  1. You have a PM Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  2. Ric66 you have a PM Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  3. Um...wowser...nice rig! Will look for you out on the water. Are you based on Cayuga or are you a traveller?
  4. there is a little magnet weight attached to the spool along the outside outer edge. yours is missing.
  5. i watched a 18-19fter launch successfully on Thursday. They went pretty much straight out motoring with their main tilted up some.
  6. Worked great... Ended up going twili tip after having a torpedo tip break (probably my fault). I used a scoring all the way around with a box cutter and then heat technique. Pulled firmly and the tip came off.
  7. Boatcraft Marine and Express Detailing are near Canandaigua. Check Craigslist Rochester/Services/Boat Detailing. (I have not used either one.)
  8. Head north from Taughannock along west side..you won't have to go too far to get into fish.
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