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  1. Shameless Plug..... The Reel Rage trolling spoon manufacturer is a stand up guy. I do not know him other than that I purchased some really, really nice custom painted spoons from him. He was great to deal with. We all screw up. I would be pretty sure (if that IS the spoon guy's boat) that it was just a whoops. Hopefully he did not cut off your copper. Add this to your 'You should have seen what happened to us on the lake today!" stories and go enjoy the great fishing Cayuga has to offer.
  2. Just park in the upper lot by the entrance booth and they will leave a note on your windshield to pay on the way out.
  3. I had a great transaction with Landshark too. Sorry to hear you had some communication issues. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. Fleas are at a medium level. Definitely 30lb test needed. This hot weather will make them much worse. Weeds have been my enemy. Need some steady winds to blow them away.
  5. Be sure to get a two cylinder. That will rule out the six most likely. A single cylinder will vibrate just like your two-smoke.
  6. The Sutton logo (777) is the third generation logo. This is thought to be when John Stafford purchased the tooling to make Sutton’s. Generation 1 Scott R. Sutton 1864-1911 Generation 2 George Wells 1911-1929 Generation 3 John Stafford 1930-? Generation 4 John, Jack and Jeanne Stafford (It is rumored that John or Jack had a hard time hand stamping the spoon numbers in the center of the logo so they redesigned the logo to make stamping spoon numbers more efficient) Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  7. Here is a 77 that has the mark of a third seven. The spoon is the shape of an 88 (see third picture for comparison) but slightly smaller. I had never noticed the third 7. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  8. Nearest launch would be Treman state park in Ithaca Next closest would be Meyers Park in a Lansing Taughannock state park has a low bridge to get under. You might not be able to get under. I would avoid After that you would need to head a ways north to Deans Cove on the west side and long point on the east
  9. Lakers in shallow and suspended out deep. Some small salmon. A few browns around that have been small to medium sized. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  10. Cayuga Pike - 5/24/20 - non targeted catch and release - stickbait destroyed
  11. My favorite online source is: https://www.simyamaha.com/
  12. Nice...great variety of fish in that lake!
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