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  1. 58Johnson

    Cayuga Salvation Army derby

    From Ron Seacord (Salvation Army): RONALD SEACORD <[email protected]> Entry Form: FDpamplet2018 v3.pdf Please let your friends know about the Salvation Army Fishing Derby. Salvation Army Fishing Derby 80%/20% split. July 14-15 Cayuga Lake and tributaries $25 entry , $5 optional lunker pool All persons in a boat must be registered. Division "A"-------------- Lake Trout Division "B"-------------- Brown, Rainbow and Salmon Division "C"-------------- Bass Weigh-ins at Bear's bait Shop, Myers, NY Final weigh-in at 4:00 Sunday 7/15/18
  2. 58Johnson

    Cayuga Trolling Cayuga lake

    sgilbert14 you have a PM
  3. 58Johnson

    Barney Bear derby results

    Stan, Here is day 1 results. See you in the fall at the Barney & Bears Fall Derby.
  4. 58Johnson

    Myers Launch Water Level

    Water level is way up. You can launch a bigger boat no problem. Watch out for a submerged log and branch right in the travel path 10 yards before you enter the channel on the way out . The tip of the branch has been showing but might go under if the lake level rises.
  5. 58Johnson

    Fly Fishing the Fingerlakes

    Here is everything you will need: http://fingerlakesanglingzone.com/default.asp
  6. 58Johnson

    Cayuga Friday

    LShark you have a PM
  7. 58Johnson

    Anyone use a tablet for navigation?

    The 58Johnson tablet referred to by Stoneam2006 that I use is an iPad mini with ATT cellular service. The app I use is Navionics Boating App for iOS. I pay for the Navionics+ in app purchase. It is less than $20, a true bargain.
  8. 58Johnson

    Lightweight Rain Gear Suggestions

    (OP) Purchased Frogg Toggs Anura Jacket and ToadSkinz Bibbs. Fit is excellent. I followed thier recommendation NOT to go up a size to fit over layers.They even recommend going down a size if you are unsure. I am shorter and 2 bills plus and went with medium bibs and a large jacket. Both fit really well. I would normally go with large pants and shorten them and x-large jacket if it were not Toggs. They are a little stiff, but wearable. Sheds rain/snow great. The only gipe is the zipper on the jacket is pretty flimsy. I greased it up with a product called Snap-Stick that I use to grease my canvas zippers on the boat. The bibb zipper is much sturdier. Thanks to all for your ideas. https://www.froggtoggsraingear.com/AnuraJacket.shtm
  9. 58Johnson

    Cayuga Cayuga 4-2-18

    Did you fish all the way up to Canoga or did you stay south of Taughannock?
  10. 58Johnson

    Myers/ Toughanic water levels

    Vogel451- Does Meyers still require you to make a hard right after the handicap lift/transient dock and then do the big U run all the way down the slips? I beached out when I headed straight towards the channel a few weeks ago. Also..can you give us a fishing report on your trips? Thanks
  11. 58Johnson

    Bear's spring fishing derby?

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  12. 58Johnson

    Meyers Launch condition

    I launched out of Meyers today. I have a very shallow draft boat (Arima) and I had an adventure getting out. You must turn to the right at the end of the mooring area/handicapped lift and circle all the way around the outside boat slip area (in a big U). You can't cross over the middle, you have to make the big U. I got stuck near the last dock before the channel. I never figured out the right way to get through there. I backed out of my stuck and made it through by cutting the corner pretty tight then swinging wide as I reached the channel. Lots of mud kicked up but I made it. Stay in the middle area of the channel. I had the spotting help of another fisherman who had driven down to check out the launch. I owe him a beer for his advice! I got stuck coming in in the same area as going out, but got unstuck by using a little motor power. I ran sticks off boards and only managed to mangle some mini salmon with the multiple trebles. Oh yeah, the person who said no ladder needed...you are a funny guy. Check the picture out! (I can literally drive my boat under the dock)