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  1. Bear's spring fishing derby?

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  2. Meyers Launch condition

    I launched out of Meyers today. I have a very shallow draft boat (Arima) and I had an adventure getting out. You must turn to the right at the end of the mooring area/handicapped lift and circle all the way around the outside boat slip area (in a big U). You can't cross over the middle, you have to make the big U. I got stuck near the last dock before the channel. I never figured out the right way to get through there. I backed out of my stuck and made it through by cutting the corner pretty tight then swinging wide as I reached the channel. Lots of mud kicked up but I made it. Stay in the middle area of the channel. I had the spotting help of another fisherman who had driven down to check out the launch. I owe him a beer for his advice! I got stuck coming in in the same area as going out, but got unstuck by using a little motor power. I ran sticks off boards and only managed to mangle some mini salmon with the multiple trebles. Oh yeah, the person who said no ladder needed...you are a funny guy. Check the picture out! (I can literally drive my boat under the dock)
  3. I took a look at the Meyers launch today. There was little chance of getting out there also. (One hopefull thing was that the nearby creek was flowing strong after the snowmelt.) Shore fisherman went home empty handed that I spoke with.
  4. for sale : usa Spoon lots

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  5. for sale : usa sold

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  7. Lightweight Rain Gear Suggestions

    Frabill stuff is a great deal. The limited sizing selection is a factor there. That's high end stuff at a great price. I found the better FroggTogg line. That looks really good. The Red Ledge is a new brand to me. It is available at a local store. Ill take a look in person. The easily packs away feature is great. Thanks for the suggestions. I had not looked at any of them before you folks pointed them out.
  8. What are your suggestions for summer weight rain gear? I have shredded several cheapie suits. The only cheapie suit that lasted was a yellow Big Bird suit, but that one is on its last legs. I'm looking for something that will last several seasons at the least. What brand do you use? Do you prefer bibs with a jacket? I'll spend the $100 plus if I can find a durable rain suit that is summer freindly.
  9. Thank you

    Aaron...Your 110% positive attitude towards everything (including fishing) is great to be around. We have all caught fishing fever but you pretty much made all of us look lazy with your go for it attitude you displayed this year! It was a blast getting you on your first silvers. The rainbow pic says it all. Beautiful fish.
  10. Cayuga 10-3

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