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  1. Thanks Greg.. I had sent it to your old Paypal address. I have resent. Please check your PM too.
  2. Greg, I'll take 16 Red. (no black) Paypal sent Mark
  3. 58Johnson

    Cayuga 2nd annual Margeit memorial fishing tournament

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  4. Does anyone have any results for Sodus Pro Am events? 1K/day Captain Jack's Day 1
  5. 58Johnson

    Cayuga Salvation Army Derby

    Ron Seacord (from Salvation Army) sent the following: Thanks to all who participated in the Derby. The weather and the fishing were great. Attached is information for Barney's Hospicare derby. (edit:see separate LOU post for entry form) Thanks, Ron Seacord SALVATION ARMY 2018 FISHING DERBY July 15 NAME HOME TOWN A DIVISION LAKE TROUT FIRST Derek Foot 11#15 McLean, NY SECOND Robert Kelly 11#1 Bloomsburg, PA THIRD Perry Saville 10#11 Moravia, NY FOURTH Bruce Wolf 10#8 Aurora, NY B DIVISION BROWN,RAINBOW & SALMON FIRST Willie Durbin6 13#10 Brown Trout Moravia, NY SECOND Don Lewis 12#6 Brown Trout Cortland, NY THIRD Bob Tellolson 9#8 Salmon Moravia, NY FOURTH Jeff Alvord 9#3 Rainbow Trout Moravia, NY BASS (tied) FIRST Ken Whittier 3#7 weigh first Ithaca, NY SECOND Matt Nash 3#7 weigh second Ithaca, NY YOUTH FIRST Aurora Gumtow Moravia, NY 9#8 Lake Trout SECOND Tom Kravatsky Uniondlae, PA 9#1 Lake Trout THIRD William Drake Dryden, NY 7#13 Brown Trout
  6. Here is the entry form for the Barney Baldwin Second Annual One Day Fishing Derby (August 4th 6am-4pm). BARNEY.pdf
  7. 58Johnson

    Cayuga Salvation Army Derby

    I heard that Bear is moving his Barney Memorial one day derby to the week before (Saturday Aug 4th). I will check with Bear to confirm. Sept 8,9 is the Fall Barney and Bear Derby
  8. 58Johnson

    Jigging reports for Cayuga?

    Last week on Wednesday the water off Long Point was very accurately decribed as "Fresca" cololored! The water last weekend had changed some and was definitely more "baby puke milky green".
  9. 58Johnson

    Cayuga Salvation Army Derby

  10. 58Johnson

    Cayuga Salvation Army Derby

    Day 2 - Final Results
  11. I looked at some pictures of bad BG Algae blooms. What I saw today off Long Point was minor. It was not thick enough to foul lines or stick to the boat. We will see..the heat is on...
  12. The lake was fairly calm today. The blue green algae was all over the surface. Looked like tiger stripes of oily paint on the surface.
  13. 58Johnson

    Cayuga 1st

    45-50 down over deep
  14. 58Johnson

    Cayuga 1st

    Had a short flurry (Lakers) early then not much until lunchtime when the Lakers went nuts. Heat ran me off the lake. Tending to the riggers was like doing a workout next to a blast furnace. All spoon bite. Temp/Depth seemed to be key.