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  1. Lightweight Rain Gear Suggestions

    Frabill stuff is a great deal. The limited sizing selection is a factor there. That's high end stuff at a great price. I found the better FroggTogg line. That looks really good. The Red Ledge is a new brand to me. It is available at a local store. Ill take a look in person. The easily packs away feature is great. Thanks for the suggestions. I had not looked at any of them before you folks pointed them out.
  2. What are your suggestions for summer weight rain gear? I have shredded several cheapie suits. The only cheapie suit that lasted was a yellow Big Bird suit, but that one is on its last legs. I'm looking for something that will last several seasons at the least. What brand do you use? Do you prefer bibs with a jacket? I'll spend the $100 plus if I can find a durable rain suit that is summer freindly.
  3. Thank you

    Aaron...Your 110% positive attitude towards everything (including fishing) is great to be around. We have all caught fishing fever but you pretty much made all of us look lazy with your go for it attitude you displayed this year! It was a blast getting you on your first silvers. The rainbow pic says it all. Beautiful fish.
  4. Cayuga 10-3

    Stix you have a PM
  5. I'll take 4. Check your PM.
  6. New rig

    Aaron..Is this you in your old boat? ...I thought so.. Congratulations!
  7. Dewitt, Manlius, Fayetteville, Cicero, Camillus, Baldwinsville are some of the most desirable areas that have good schools (but may stress your budget). Clay, Liverpool, North Syracuse are also good areas. There are more nice areas too. Again, hit the suburbs - all have some areas that may suit your needs.
  8. Absolutely stay out of the main city proper. The suburbs are much, much safer. The city has degraded to the point of being nearly unlivable. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portal:Syracuse,_New_York/Suburbs
  9. Vacation coming up

    Stoneam you have a PM
  10. Les, I found the bait situation today (friday 6/30/17) in the exact same depths as you listed. Most of the bait was bottom oriented and in 40-80 ft of water. I could only find a few isolated suspended clouds of bait out over deep water. Those deep water bait clouds forced me to fish down 45-70 ft. Only small shakers were hitting out over the deep water. Could not find the Bows or bigger Salmon out deep (I fished the upper column too) and surprisingly no Lakers either. ps. The bite turned on reasonably good fairly early, just no big fish. Then died out to nothing.
  11. Cayuga Friday Morning

    Snuck out before work. Fished north of Boy Scout camp. Small flurry of bites early then slow. Nothing big. Trolled all the way back to Taughannock and got a nice Brown. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. What's the feedback on Cayuga?

    Lake trout are mainly on the bottom. Anywhere from 40 ft deep to 120 ft deep. Lake trout are the easiest fish to find and catch on this lake. You will also pick up lakers higher up when fishing for rainbows, browns and salmon. Bows, browns, and salmon are located in the top 30 ft of water or so. Look for bait on your fish finder and fish around that. Green is a favorite color for Cayuga, but colorful stuff is working now in the turbid water we are seeing. The gold backed silver Sutton spoons or for that matter any Sutton spoon is the universal Finger Lakes spoon. In non Sutton, Bows like pink, orange and other bright colors. Weeds are beginning to show up. Hopefully the wind will blow them to one side of the lake or the other. If fishing is a chore because of the weeds, pick up and run to the other side of the lake. Good luck!