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  1. Barney and Bears Spring Derby 2017 Day 1 Results
  2. Stoneam you have a PM
  3. Thanks for the report..what depth were you at when the bite turned on?
  4. Launched out of Taughannock due to low lake levels out of Meyers. It was passable but pretty low. The fleet was buzzing around the point but word was not much action so I headed north a little. Picked up a bunch of eating sized lakers in 80 to 100. No Salmon. No Browns. No Rainbows. When I got back to the launch I heard that people had a some luck in the shallows for Lakers and Salmon. A big thanks to the person who parked next to me at the launch. They obviously gave me a huge amount of room to back out and swing around to miss a fence. That was cool. Overall not much action but a great day in January to hit the lake. (The Mr. Heater was great running to take the chill off!) Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  5. pap.. I'm with you on this one. The posting/ad was/is pretty hard to understand clearly.. Boosted him up a little with the link and picture to help him out. I think we all agree this was a tough one to figure out. Some of the best deals sneak through the woods wearing camo...
  6. http://ithaca.craigslist.org/spo/5960655586.html Here is one pic...the ad has lots more pics I think there are close to 150 lures being sold I have no dog in this fight... I see some good stuff and a guy who says he will give preferential treatment to LOUers...make him an offer...ya never know unless you ask...
  7. Does anyone want to guess what price they will put on the newly minted 44's? (On the Bay they are going for $15-$20+ new OR used.)
  8. The water is likely to be somewhat cloudy due to the heavy recent rain. Meyers has had tons of debris washed out of Salmon Creek by the storm. The launch is clear but watch for debris out in the lake. Long Point is always a good launch. Less runoff up north may make for cleaner trolling. You will likely need to switch up techniques to see what is working. I like the idea of flasher/fly combos for the fish attracting properties, but I have been amazed at how sucessful things like leadcore have been after bad storms. You just never know in unsettled conditions. Also as was said before, the water remains warm, so you may have to fish deeper to locate fish. Mix it up until they bite. Your timing might be great to find some hungry fish that have been looking for a meal for many days. Let us know how it goes...
  9. I think I got to chat with your little fishing partner at the boat launch at takeout (Meyers). He said your boats name is something like "Ship Wreck". He was pretty entertaining. Congratulations at getting the Seth Green rig working. It was a perfect day for it! You out-fished me by over 3 to 1. Getting 10 fish in a couple of hours is pretty good in anyone's book. Doing it with a Seth Green rig AND a 5 yr old is kind of puts you in an elite club as far as I am concerned!
  10. I have troll control on my Yamaha 70. It does 50 rpm increments starting at 650 rpm and going up to 900 rpms. I can bump it out of troll control above that. The throttle handle is challenging to adjust to do minor increases at 900+ but possible. The Troll Control is so good I could have skipped adding a kicker motor if I wanted. I am a big troll control fan.
  11. Cayuga Salmon and Rainbows have soft mouths compared to the Lakers and Browns that you will catch. If you horse them in at all you may be enlarging the hole that the hook makes. These often smaller fish need to be finessed in more gently than you may be used to. Gentle, but keep pressure. I have learned to pull a rod and check it for shakers if I go for an extended time without a fish. Sorting through the smaller fish is part of the routine on Cayuga. Also keeping a constant watch of your rod tips and dipsy drags lightly set are part of the Finger Lakes routine. Your experience is fairly typical for our lake. Most of the trollers/jiggers down here are pretty friendly. We are almost all recreational fishers.
  12. Meyers is OK for a bigger boat. I launched there today and the water level is much lower than it has been, but it is still easy/very safe to launch from. Just follow between the lighthouse wall and the metal posts to safely get out the channel. Long Point State Park up near Aurora is the Cadillac launch in the area. There is a small fishing tournament out of Meyers on Sat and Sunday. Join in if you want. http://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing-hunting/topic/60919-barneybears-fall-derby/?hl=%2Bbarney+%2Band+%2Bbears