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  1. Interesting. its a dark picture so its hard to tell but I would say brown. Looks like The jaw extends beyond the eye. Nice fish anyway.
  2. I did not fish.some of the fish looked kinda long without shoulders could be something else.I do not stream fish or fish the inlet anymore. I figure those fish are for the guys without boats.
  3. Went down to the fishladder on 13A. You can see a lot of nice big browns swimming below it.A beautiful day to do it. I was surprised I was the only one there. I do not know the rules other than you cant fish there.
  4. i want to upgrade my chartplotter to a 1871f furuno unit. Just curious if anyone that fishes the finger lakes uses one of these and if the C map is as good as the Garmin / navonics.
  5. Looking for a couple of these. Must be this style. Mainly motors and gears. Mine are from the early 80s and starting to show a little wear.I have good bases and frames for parts . i bought a new brute and they do not compare to the old ones. Anything out there kickin around? Bad motors I can get rebuilt. worm gears etc..
  6. They are lucky their radio worked with loose battery terminals.We pulled rods at 1;30 . I could not keep the lines straight behind the boat. Caught several fish with enough length but no girth and their stomachs were empty. A 12+ pounder nice fish.I think today I am rainbow fishing and just keep one laker rig down.
  7. Vicarious you get a 100+ and a sticker on your paper you did your homework. Skateopedia go to the office.
  8. In my normal spread I run 4 dipseys. Over time the wire gets cut back from tangles or whatever, I fish the fingerlakes now and I wont be tieing into 30lb salmon. I just want to add enough wire to fill the reels back up. probably 2 to 300 ft or so. I have a great knot for terminating with a spro swivel to a piece of brad leader useing a half hitch and square knot.. What I want to do is splice the wire together with a spro swivel. You cant use a half hitch of wire on each end of a swivel. I seen a video with a guy tieing a figure 8 knot in the wire. Anyone try this? It seems to easy... Ive got sleeves and crimpers I just do not like useing them. I know your not supposed to splice wire but you get cheap in your old age.
  9. I understand what you want to do with a dipsey rod. However it needs to have enough backbone to release the dipsey. The seaweed and fleas can make it a chore. I run 9ft talora MH rods and wire line. I very rarely reel in a fish .I let the crew do it . I tell em I dont want it unless the rod tip hits the water..
  10. Went out of Meyers this morning, Strong South wind,Fleas are still there ,middle of the lake...1 for 1.Radar showed a storm off the water by 8;30.
  11. We got a few fish .Having trouble getting silvers to the boat. We ran all spoons.. Back to FF and cowbells today to see whats working before the derby. Been trying something different We are starting out in the middle of the lake and doing real large circles.
  12. Fished Cayuga this afternoon. Sea Fleas are back with a vengeance.. A dark brown variety that Ive never seen before. Real hard to clean off. I am wondering if some of those pods we think are bait might be sea fleas..
  13. Ive ordered from you before, great stuff. Ill take a dozen sets of the double single hooks shipped to 13743. red hooks are fine. paypal available.
  14. I bought my Arima from Trorun. 20 yrs ago and no complaints.Great honest guy to deal with....
  15. Thanks for posting up kid pictures. They sure look happy. You are right about the weeds. We were out and it was like someone went up the lake with a hay bale chopper, Single strands all over. See you at the derby.
  16. Looking for a small and light camper trailer.. Less than 4000lbs. late model in really good shape.Must have a bathroom. No popup.Tow-able by a ridgeline or highlander.. Probably less than 20ft. PM me. Cash Wife wants a airstream Bamby If any one knows of one at a realistic price.....
  17. Dam Big Spoon , that fish looks bigger than a 10 and change.
  18. We did13 fish... I would have guessed this one 12 but it was only 10 and change.Good enough for third. great day on the water . No big LL...
  19. I am looking for a big Atlantic.....Ive had some vicious wire hits this year and the fish never make it to the boat. Fishing out of Meyers this year. Good luck to all. CH 68.
  20. Hope to get signed up this afternoon. No one was there last Sunday. Another rainbow pic.
  21. I think some of it comes from whipping it up in the water to knock the fleas off. Any little kink is to much kink. Ive been running 80lb brad spliced about 10ft up from the diver.I connect it with a 30lb test spro barrel swivel.it seems to help. I also run mason 30lb test. Just lost a rig last weekend on a good fish in the fingerlakes. Started to put some pressure on them then everything went slack. First one in a couple years.
  22. Nice to see a Hughes report. I had a camp there for about 20yrs. Many great fishing experiences. I thought I would throw out a little advise. If the salmon are turning black,circle the wreck.....If I recall its 119FOW..Should be a marker on it.
  23. Just an amazing catch. This is the premier derby on the lake now. Hope it grows.
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