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  1. Not the same… gold black lure red eyes is the lure I’m trying to identify
  2. Thanks for the reply’s men.. but it is not a roscoe shiner.. I ordered 6 off eBay and they have different lip shapes and eyes
  3. Sooo not the oracle shiner ordered a half dozen and when they arrived are similar but not it! Will keep searching, appreciate all the help
  4. Appreciate the comments And help y’all. Think GAMBLER has got it! I just ordered one off eBay to see if there a match but thanks again
  5. Albizep12

    Sold / Closed N/A

    100 shipped I’ll take them
  6. Pm sent with email and PayPal info
  7. No clue who made this lure but need help! Thing is deadly and need more. Here are some pics any help would be appreciated. Thanks for your time. Please forgive me if this is posted in wrong discussion board.
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