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  1. I really hate to see a post on this forum, that a good deal of us hop onto daily/weekly to read and learn about a sport that we love and/or to get away from the daily stress of the outside world, head in this direction. The world is torn on this issue. The data can be misrepresented and the information disseminated a bit misleading. Absolutely be objective, be inquisitive but make your own decisions (when not mandated). I highly doubt that any arguing back and forth between members on this page will actually lead to a change in opinion but rather a place to vent. We are all frustrated in how long this has gone. If you got the vaccine and corresponding booster - I support you. If you are unvaccinated - I've got your back. Lets get back to planning for the 2022 season
  2. Thanx Chris     186 Elmcrest Dr  Dallas 



  3. Hi Sammy, Shoot me your address in a PM and I will send you down a collection. My treat for the times you took me out on your boat! -Chris
  4. C3M

    Sold / Closed Sold

    Hahaha - The Trollers Handbook is there to confirm to me the reasons why more fish aren't in my boat at the end of the trip and then screwdriver is reserved for my wife when cabin fever sets in and she wonders why I am still reading the handbook...
  5. Make an offer if interested
  6. Moving this to the top
  7. Hi MikeyP, They are all the larger size. I believe that makes them 3 1/4" or 3 1/2" in length. Let me know if you have another other questions. -Chris
  8. Hello, Selling my Michigan Stinger / Flintstone spoons. I have 27 in total; 9 are used, 18 have never seen water Asking $100 shipped -Chris
  9. Hello, Im listing my collection of Red Eye spoons. A few have not been used but most are used. 34 in total Asking $105 -Chris
  10. Hi Tom, Sounds like a plan! Hopefully I can hand deliver these to you next trip out! -Chris
  11. Hi everyone, The weather this weekend let me clean and organize some gear. I have some gear that could use a new home. Some new, some may have been run and some are used. Many are doubles. Price is listed below but if you feel that is not reasonable send me a PM and I'm sure we can work something out. They are meant to be fished and not sitting in my tackle box. Thanks, Chris 8" pro trolls - $50 11" meat paddles - $55 $100 for everything or best reasonable offer! Located in Penfield, NY (14526)
  12. With the short bus flashers, are you running meat rigs, flies or spoons? With the pure rotational movement of the shortbus I was curious if flies/meat would get the same action as a traditional flasher. Thanks, -Chris
  13. This is a great post fishstix and thank you to everyone who has posted. I am also running low on beads and spring clips but have these website(s) saved can help me order!
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