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  1. THANK YOU to everyone that contributed over the past few months donating everything from gift cards to tackle, poles and reels. In total I ended up with 17 poles/reels, extra line and a tackle box of misc gear from perch to trout for each kid. It is great to be apart of such a great group on the LOU! The unfortunate and abrupt end to the school year has impacted the club meetings however we are planning in the coming weeks to organize a drop off location for each kid to get their set ups! Thanks, Chris
  2. SOLD - headed to a great home.
  3. Hi Jim - you are welcome to take the lowrance unit. Send me a PM with your address. Thanks, Chris
  4. No sir - all reels are sold. My apologies for not changing the ad marking to sold/closed. Thanks, Chris
  5. Three different head units that are all in great shape - have been sitting in my garage for the last 4 years. Hopefully someone has the terminal attachments already and can use these for back ups. Otherwise an Ebay search might turn up the later half of the unit. 1 - Lowrance X-85 1 - Eagle GPS unit 1 - Ray Jeff Unit Thanks, Chris
  6. Ricky: Boat is still for sale - I'm going to show the boat in the order that folks have inquired. There are a couple people ahead of you but if you are still interested we can confirm a date/time. Thanks, -Chris
  7. By Saturday/Sunday it will be in Penfield NY
  8. Sorry for the delay - the boat is still available. I should be able to get to the boat and take additional photos this weekend and then post. rickg - I will not be talking financials/offers unless in person and you have had a view of the boat. Thanks, Chris
  9. Hi Offshore - I must have took the photos done when the boat went into storage last fall, my apologies. Here are a couple photos from last week when I brought it home. Once I get it washed and waxed I can send a few more over to whoever is interested.
  10. I put a base of 20# mono to the spool followed by a 150yd spool of 30# braid - green lo-vis from Stren - then 27# lead core. That is the base for all lead cores listed
  11. I am assuming it has to do with a combination of speed and your spoon weight (flutter spoon or equivalent). The only thing I run off big boards unweighted are plugs like bayrats or rapalas this time of the year but most often its 1 to 3 color lead core or snap weights added to monofilament.
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