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  1. 12 new trolling spoons (Fishlander, ProKing, DW, Warrior) 5 Magnum 7 Standard $60 - Shipped Best, Chris
  2. 12 Northeast Trolling Spoons 3 Mags 9 standard sized $60 Just add $5 if you need shipping. Best, Chris
  3. 8-Sutton 06 8-Sutton 88 2-Miller 9 (new) 2-Miller 06 (new) 9-Pine Valley $125 Shipping can be arranged
  4. Send me a private message and I can set up combined shipping for you.
  5. Hi Sam - I still have the spoons. Send me a personal message and I can set up shipping for you.
  6. I always have tied the lead swivel to the end of my dipsy leader so that I could quickly change Spin Doctor/flies on and off when on the water. Same with my Downrigger rods that are dedicated to paddles/spinners/flies so it was an easy on-off process.
  7. 6 Spin Doctors with little to no use. $35 shipped to your door!
  8. I have 3 spare sets of Dipsy Divers and 3 additional snap rings if anyone is interested. $55 shipped to your door!
  9. Hello, Selling a mixed lot of trolling spoons (Stingrays, DW, Moonshine, etc). They have been good to me in the past and I hope someone else can land a few fish with them. 26 in total for $100. If you need shipping let me know. I’m happy to cover the cost for a LOU member. -Chris
  10. We all were introduced to this great sport by someone. For a lot of us it was a close family member or a best friend. One of our fellow LOU members Nick Overacker (REEL STORIES) lost his father today. Nick is a great guy and one hell of a fisherman. I know he will get through this with the support from his wife and family. I want him to also know his fishing family is here for him too!
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