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  1. Apologies for not changing the heading -all rod holders are sold.
  2. Here are a few additional photos for the base and hole patterns.
  3. Dual rod holders still available - open to offers if interested. Thanks, Chris
  4. 1 Pair of Dual Rod Holders - $150 Take them all for $250 Thanks, Chris
  5. Hi shotter544 - welcome to the LOU forum. These are pending sale but I will let you know if something falls through. -Chris
  6. 16 are 8" and 1 is 10" or possibly 11"
  7. 17 Trolling Flashers - 3 have been used the rest are NEW. Mixture of Hotspot, Coyote, Dreamweaver and Pro-Troll. $100.00 Located in Penfield NY Thanks, Chris
  8. I have a matching set if you are looking for two. They are the red cap versus the black cap pictured above. -Chris
  9. Great post by A-Lure-A and Captain Bish. I find it challenging as a weekend warrior (bi-monthly) fisherman to stay on the fish also. Everything previously mentioned is spot on. Few pointers over the years for me. 1) Decision fatigue is real - having too many options has left me second guessing myself to much. I have a fishing backpack that holds 4 plastic tackle box trays (8 spoons each) and 2 flasher/fly bags (6 combos). I plan the night or days leading up based off weather and reading reports hear and conditions (4 boxes are labeled Dawn/9am/11am/2pm). This has limited by options when continually second guessing myself when I am not catching 2) I start my morning with two opposite sides - One for active fish - short leads and one for negative fish - long leads. I spend my morning in search mode until I catch or graph fish and let them tell me what they want. 3) When I do graph fish / bait I stay on them for 3-4 passes before moving on. I used to drive over them once no hits meant no fish. I also do not use a temp probe but stack the water column from a 7-color to a thumper rod. When the fish talk I listen. 4) A lot of guys that I have always looked up to on this site (yankeetroller, thrillseeker, gambler) or facebook follows (andy bliss, dirty goose, dan the fisher) just seem to be so consistent catching because they are so consistent in their approach. Every hour on the water you are learning and once you pick up pattern that is favorable log it and stick with it. Things quite often do not go as planned but having the ability to adapt as conditions adapt I believe is what makes some anglers on this forum great. I still have not figured these fish out and hopefully never completely do because it keeps me coming back to this site reading, listen and learning. Good Luck! -Chris
  10. When I was looking for mine last year both S&R tackle in I-Bay and South Shore Tackle (which I believe is now officially closed) had options. Not sure if either are open but S&R had two of the older style green/silver salmon nets. I love mine.
  11. THANK YOU to everyone that contributed over the past few months donating everything from gift cards to tackle, poles and reels. In total I ended up with 17 poles/reels, extra line and a tackle box of misc gear from perch to trout for each kid. It is great to be apart of such a great group on the LOU! The unfortunate and abrupt end to the school year has impacted the club meetings however we are planning in the coming weeks to organize a drop off location for each kid to get their set ups! Thanks, Chris
  12. C3M

    Sold / Closed 1991 Sportcraft Fishmaster 232

    SOLD - headed to a great home.
  13. C3M

    Sold / Closed 1991 Sportcraft Fishmaster 232

    Boat is pending
  14. C3M

    for sale : usa Free

    Hi Jim - you are welcome to take the lowrance unit. Send me a PM with your address. Thanks, Chris
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