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  1. Prayers for you and your family Ken!
  2. Hello! Clearing out a few new/used spoons that I no longer use. I have had success with some, some have never seen the water but as most of you know spoons catch more anglers then fish sometimes! Hopefully someone on this forum might find some success with these. Could be a good starter package for someone looking to get into this great sport. First set of pictures are larger spoons from my Lake Ontario Box. (28 total). $75 Second set of picture are smaller spoons from my Finger Lakes Box (30 total). $75 If anyone interested would need shipping, I will pay for it. Tight lines, -Chris
  3. High sun, between the hours of 11am-2pm is a challenging time for me also and I am by no means a charter captain or winner of any notable tournament series on Lake O but with that being said; I have had more success recently in those conditions limiting my spread and pulling rods to (5 rods only), lengthening my leaders on my thumpers and dipsys (9-16ft) and using only natural colors (black, silver, green) often with little to no additional "jazz" (UV tape, glow etc). I have not altered speed too much at these times but I am sure that someone on here can provide some feedback. Hope that helps!
  4. All great advice from great fishermen! I would also advocate for a 1# thumper rig down the shoot (center). From rod to reel and 20# wire the set up can be <$135 total. Good luck!
  5. I have not. Thank you for the suggestions Pappy. I will look the LOTSA up online and try to contact them directly!
  6. Hi Everyone, I am looking for a fellow angler who wants to help me promote the sport we all love. Pre-pandemic I had placed an ad in the classified section looking for used or unwanted tackle to be donated to a local middle school fishing club here in Rochester. With outpouring support I was able to accumulate a good quantity of tackle and some rods/reels for the group. Unfortunately, the pandemic then hit and the group did not meet for the 2020/2021 academic calendar as assumed. Group meetings were not allowed until later in 2021 which is when I tried to donate the gear and tackle. I was met with some administrative resistance and extra hoops to jump through. With that all being said, I now have all this fishing tackle to donate and no fishing group to present it to (that I am aware of). I am looking for someone who may be traveling to the show in Watkins Glen who can take this tackle and give it out to as many youth anglers that can be found at that show. Please send me a PM and I will arrange a way for us to meet. Thanks, -Chris
  7. Hello! Im looking to add a few dodgers to my tackle box. If there are any anglers on here that have a few tucked away in storage or have moved on from using their collection, please shoot me a message. Thanks! -Chris
  8. I really hate to see a post on this forum, that a good deal of us hop onto daily/weekly to read and learn about a sport that we love and/or to get away from the daily stress of the outside world, head in this direction. The world is torn on this issue. The data can be misrepresented and the information disseminated a bit misleading. Absolutely be objective, be inquisitive but make your own decisions (when not mandated). I highly doubt that any arguing back and forth between members on this page will actually lead to a change in opinion but rather a place to vent. We are all frustrated in how long this has gone. If you got the vaccine and corresponding booster - I support you. If you are unvaccinated - I've got your back. Lets get back to planning for the 2022 season
  9. Thanx Chris     186 Elmcrest Dr  Dallas 



  10. Hi Sammy, Shoot me your address in a PM and I will send you down a collection. My treat for the times you took me out on your boat! -Chris
  11. C3M

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    Hahaha - The Trollers Handbook is there to confirm to me the reasons why more fish aren't in my boat at the end of the trip and then screwdriver is reserved for my wife when cabin fever sets in and she wonders why I am still reading the handbook...
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