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  1. That sounds like a viable option. Tompkins isn’t too far the trailer should make it. Just have to strip it down of fluids etc. Your talking the place off rt 13 on the south side of Ithaca right?
  2. Care to elaborate on why you feel they are superior to the glt’s?
  3. Looking for advice on what to do with a old junk fiberglass boat. Is there any place that accepts old boats? Or a place that it can be recycled. It’s a 20’ Grady and chopping it down to take to landfill doesn’t sound appealing
  4. Keep at em. I have had success all through the winter into spring. West wind seems to be the best for me
  5. Location ? Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. Not quite comparable but your right Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. Various spoon lots. Buy one or buy them all. $150 shipped for all. Buyer pays shipping if buying individual lots. Location Auburn Ny Lot 1 (8) Evil Eyes $16 Lot 2 (8) Pirate spoons $16 Lot 3 (12) Slammer spoons $24 Lot 4 (9) Pro kings $27 Lot 5 (26) unknown $39 Lot 6 (12) unknown $18 Lot 7 (36) random light flutter spoons andy reeker, flutter chuck, tamiron honeybee, ace etc..$50 Lot 8 (30) Nks $60
  8. For sale are (2) brand new Amish outfitter tube caddy’s. They both come with 17- 7” long X 1 1/4” dia. clear tubes with caps. Located in Auburn Ny $60
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