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  1. Sutton44

    Wanted WTB Boat

    Orangediablo, If you find a mid-late 90's Tiara for that or any price range, or especially a Baha, Penn Yan, or Sportcraft, have it surveyed. Have any boat you are thinking of buying surveyed. Stringers, transom, bulkhead for moisture. Make sure the surveyor uses a good moisture meter and follows up with a tapping hammer over very inch. Thru hull fittings, anywhere there are holes or cuts though the glass. Water is insidious. Also engine hours, compression, etc. Trust me, it will save you big troubles and big expense to know where the issues are in advance. Best of luck !
  2. Sutton44

    Attention Crestliner Commander owners

    Sorry to hear that Jon, a lot of coin to have issues. You still bought a great !
  3. Moisture in stringers, transom, bulkheads, Engine hours, compression, outdrives if I/O. Been there. Thanks !
  4. Absolutely positively. Been there, no fun. Thank you sir.
  5. I don't expect to find what I am looking for what I would prefer to spend, just want to pay a fair price for what I am looking for, and not buy problems.
  6. Not a charter, just a regular guy looking for a solid ride that doesn't need a lot of TLC.
  7. Been looking for a 3100, but few and far between, and a big name premium.
  8. Thanks guys, a beauty, but bigger that I can handle, and salt, and no detail on hours, etc.., but thanks for the heads up !
  9. I am in the market for the right boat. Needs to be capable of comfortable weekending and fishing. Thinking 28'-31'. Low hours, good stringers/transom, etc.. Autopilot. No junk. Looking for a fair deal for a great boat. Please PM if you know of one for sale. Tight lines to all.
  10. So do you have a recent survey ? Bud ?
  11. I should have just spent the 10k to replace the stringers, transom and bulkhead. Cheaper that starting over.