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  1. Wondering if anyone would share what size single strand copper and where it can be found for pulling copper on finger lakes. Thanks in advance and tight lines to all.
  2. Feel for you Sir. To fall upon hard times is honest. Happens to everyone. But to dishonor your covenants and your word is not. I'm sure you would work with the guy if he didn't go radio-silent. This could be personal turning point in this guys life, for better or worse, as I see it. Nothing worse than being disappointed when you do someone a solid, and get the shaft. Disheartening. Hopefully he does the right thing, for his own sake as well as yours. Brings shame to the game, and his name. And no, I don't know or recognize him.
  3. Jason at Great Lakes Lakes Lure Company does make a great product as well, and you can't argue with the results.
  4. Flash (real silver plating), "tune ability", and the ability to get great action out of a spoon at super-slow laker speeds, are the reason I keep using them. The plating issue is real. Hope they work on fixing the issue. Have tried Bladerunner/Sammy Pac as a substitute during Sutton's prior gap in availability, and they are close, but for the same price, which they are, no cigar, in my humble opinion.
  5. Agree with Gambler. Worth the stretch if you can swing it Jon, even if you go slow with the upgrade. They will last you much longer, and the high speed retrieve is nice.
  6. GREAT book. Found it twenty years ago, would have saved me a huge learning curve if I found it twenty years before that !
  7. 500' copper is supposed to take you down 110' with a clean spoon, but not sure how the added drag/lift of flasher/fly or flasher/meat effects that. Ask around, lots of guys of guys on this board can give you better info on copper than I can.
  8. It will get you deeper than lead core, 22' down per 100' out seems to be the common wisdom for 45# copper. Lead core is roughly 5' down per 30' out at 1.8- 2 mph, using 18# or 27# mason or Cortland Kerplunk. Deadly on browns before they go deep. Easier to deal with tangles. But you will max out shallower than copper depth wise.
  9. Shorter rods with a forgiving tip, and a stiff butt make it a bit easier to deal with once you have a fish on, but they also keep the copper closer to your other stuff if not run off boards.
  10. Wire dipsy / copper tangles are a real nightmare. I call copper " the saw". Expensive, time and money wise, and demoralizing. And in boat traffic, add factor a three. Off of big boards, out of your spread, go for it if you have the manpower. You will see what I mean. You have to try it though, I know !
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