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  1. Defintely get flies, ATOMMIK flies work well for me, any of the green stuff will work. Get some flashers(spin doctors and echips which are the rectangular flashers), you can get away with just getting MtnDew patterrns, white green dot, hammertime, green and white flasher works well, anything green dot will work. I run my fly leaders 22 in from head of fly to paddle. You can also run meat heads on regular Good size flashers with a 30-40in leader. Troll at between 2.0-2.5 mph at the downrigger ball(if you have a fishhawk), If you dont have a fishhawk then use your gps speed 2.2-2.6. Glow and white dawn and dusk and overcast, chrome flash when the suns get a little higher in the sky, dont be afraid to run white and green in the sunliight, the white green dot spin doctor will work all day. Good luck!
  2. I tried out a friends display and it worked fine. It's definitely the display. I took very good care of it but its no longer under warranty but I'm not going to pay $200, if i can help it. Has anyone been able to get something like this replaced for free without it being under warranty? @PD Buoy @GAMBLER @alex1young
  3. Most of the time I unplug ad replug it to throw it down in my cuddy between trips
  4. Most of the time I unplug ad replug it to throw it down in my cuddy between trips
  5. Fish hawk Display Problems I have Fishhawk x4, It has worked fine this year on multiple trips, and then all of the sudden one day the display would not turn on. I am going to test the wiring for current. I have also heard of people ground wire coming loose. Has anyone else's fish hawk display stopped working out of nowhere? and by stopped working I mean it doesn't turn on our show any numbers at all.
  6. get a slip, its well worth it, and that will also allow you the code the private bathrooms that have a shower
  7. I can vouch for the current owner as he mates for me often on the lake, for anyone interested in purchasing this vessel, you would be in very good hands
  8. Got them tonight 4 for 7 with 2 doubles and a dipsey tangle up. 105 fow fish 4-8 ft off the bottom with white, green, mtn dew, glo, chrome, echip and spin doctors w/ assorted flies..... We were watching them streak on our fish finder, fish in the riggers! Same area east of Oswego. Heading back out in the am., hopefully I'll manage a few pictures to upload, Channel 68, Badfish
  9. Riggers were down by 615am just west of 5 stacks heading east towards nine mile point in 110ft. (I marked and caught fish there last night). 7am 285 dipsey fires with a green chip w/ white glow and fly. 25#lb King in the boat. Only fish of the day. Fished 100fow to 150fow from five stacks to in front of the nuke plant. Quit at 1030am. Marked few fish and most bait was marked no deeper than 115 fow. Heading west tonight to see what we can scrape up. Report to follow.
  10. I'm out of oswego and from the looks of this post I might run up to sandy, any thoughts one where you would start? Flasher /flys or spoons?
  11. I have two Okuma Coldwater line counter 303D reels. holds 310yds/25lb mono filament. looking for suggestions on what kind of steel wireline and how much to buy to spool both reels.
  12. Im located in Oswego, I can drive and meet half way if necessary call me 3154025614
  13. Rods: Okuma Classic Pro GLT 8'6" w/ spring tips Reels: Magda Pro 30s w/stainless steel wireline Used twice, like new condition. $150 for pair. PM or call 3154025614
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