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Irish Knots

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    Fabius, NY
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    Fishing, Training Dogs, Hunting
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    Little Salmon Spring... Salmon River Summer/Fall
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    Irish Knots / Lil Knots

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  1. Irish Knots

    Sold / Closed Fish Hawk 840

    Transducer is not in working order.... its parts only if interested still send me a text 315.263.7661
  2. Looking for bits and pieces for Depth Raider units Power Cord, Antenna, Mounting Bracket, etc etc will trade equipment or buy it if reasonable price
  3. mostly original Rhys Davies Heads - mix of whole and cut heads in this lot over 30 total $65 shipped
  4. $20 mint condition about 24" overall pick up Syracuse area prefer not to ship if possible but additional if so
  5. Fish Doctor Original Thumper Rod - 9'-3" $100 Pick Up Syracuse area or shipping additional
  6. Anyone interested....make offer
  7. It has the 7-inch Green MonoChrome Daylight CRT display
  8. $5 a dodger $3 for small dodgers/ pick up Syracuse area or shipping extra
  9. Irish Knots

    for sale : usa Roemer Releases

    sorry posted the wrong pic..... vogel451 has first chance only 4 remaining, Krystian you are next in line thanks!
  10. Irish Knots

    for sale : usa Roemer Releases

    the three correct?
  11. 48 spoons - (44 Needlefish) $145 (98% have not been used..mint condition) pick up Syracuse area or shipping additional
  12. $5 each pick up in Syracuse area or shipping additional
  13. 7 for $15 pick up Syracuse shipping additional
  14. Optimizers/ Luhr Jensens all for $20 pick up syracuse area or shipping additional