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  1. GPS and transducer included - Color screen $100 Dealer installed when I bought the boat.. but it was never used!
  2. I have the Raymarine ST70 but honestly not sure on the EV 100?
  3. Upgrading Electronics this year... Removing my Raymarine C80 screens and DSM units() These are on the boat and in working condition... Very good electronics for someone looking to upgrade or just starting out (Transducers NOT included) Still compiling exactly what I have to offer DSM300 DSM250 C80 screen (possibly 2 C80's) Price yet to be determined but please let me know if interested and will sell at very reasonable price
  4. Transducer is not in working order.... its parts only if interested still send me a text 315.263.7661
  5. Looking for bits and pieces for Depth Raider units Power Cord, Antenna, Mounting Bracket, etc etc will trade equipment or buy it if reasonable price
  6. mostly original Rhys Davies Heads - mix of whole and cut heads in this lot over 30 total $65 shipped
  7. $20 mint condition about 24" overall pick up Syracuse area prefer not to ship if possible but additional if so
  8. Fish Doctor Original Thumper Rod - 9'-3" $100 Pick Up Syracuse area or shipping additional
  9. It has the 7-inch Green MonoChrome Daylight CRT display
  10. $5 a dodger $3 for small dodgers/ pick up Syracuse area or shipping extra
  11. sorry posted the wrong pic..... vogel451 has first chance only 4 remaining, Krystian you are next in line thanks!
  12. 48 spoons - (44 Needlefish) $145 (98% have not been used..mint condition) pick up Syracuse area or shipping additional
  13. $5 each pick up in Syracuse area or shipping additional
  14. 7 for $15 pick up Syracuse shipping additional
  15. Optimizers/ Luhr Jensens all for $20 pick up syracuse area or shipping additional
  16. 14 @ $45 plus shipping or Syracuse pick up
  17. ok nasty weather here today but probably only a few buck more they are yours might just take me a day or 2 to get to post office
  18. 35-40 peanuts $15 pick up Syracuse area or shipped for additional
  19. Sold pending payment - looking for back up as I have not heard back in days from original interested party packaged and ready to ship!!!
  20. I'll second that Tony Buffa has been hard set on that lake for most of his career... He may be booked for this season - If interested I can help you out as well on Oneida Lake. If you are more into a class style trip, I'm good with that as well I focus more on the trolling aspect while on Oneida - but, can help with jigging and sonars as well. Congrats on your new camp!
  21. 9 spoons mint condition $20 PLUS shipping or pickup Syracuse area
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