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  1. Merry Chistmas

    Merry Christmas, from my family to yours
  2. Alaska cruise for 2018, Halibut fishing

    From what I've read, you can only keep one Halibut. Up to 40"?? then over 100, something like that. The wife wanted to take a charter that was setup by the cruise ship because if the boat breaks down at sea, the cruise ship WILL wait for you to get back to shore. If you charter on your own and they break down, your screwed A few of the cruise ships will cook your catch, that sounds good Guess I need think this over
  3. Alaska cruise for 2018, Halibut fishing

    So the best time to fish is during a rising or lowering of the tide?
  4. Alaska cruise for 2018, Halibut fishing

    Nice pics Guppy35. Now 2018 is a long time off. Can't wait
  5. Alaska cruise for 2018, Halibut fishing

    The trip will cost less if we start the cruise at Seattle, WA. So fishing before the cruise will be out of the question, too bad
  6. Alaska cruise for 2018, Halibut fishing

    Thank you, thats more info than I thought I’d get. Love the pictures. We were thinking about booking Halibut via the cruise ship but now rethinking that. They charge 350-370 for a 6 hour trip and so far Ketchikan and Juneau are the only ports on the cruise. I never gave the tide think a thought, not much for tide on Big O. I know it starts getting cool in September but if you had a choice, would you pick July or Sept. for a better chance of catching fish? My wife did some reading and Halibut feed on dead salmon in the fall. I may call a few charters and pick their brains too. Thanks again Greg
  7. We’re planning an Alaska cruise for 2018, mid July or early September and one the things we’d like to do is some Halibut fishing. The cruises only offer stops at Ketchikan and Juneau, that would allow for Halibut fishing. It appears that Ketchikan is closer to open ocean water. Any opinions or comments on either place? Never did this before but should be fun.
  8. Rust-Oleum Boat Bottom Antifouling Paint

    I used Rustoleum bottom paint this spring and just wanted to report that it held up GREAT. It's half the price of other paints so needless to say I'll be using it for now on!
  9. Oswego etiquette

    I'm bringing a Super Soaker on the boat tomorrow
  10. Shark flashers

    Didn't catch me
  11. Where to stay (Oswego area)

    Anyone ever stay at the Oswego Speedway? Not sure how much they charge
  12. Oswego etiquette

    Tournament or derby time, it's going to happen. Set your equipment accordingly or find your own water to fish. I tend to go in the opposite direction, in or out from the crowd
  13. Its now on ebay with a bunch of pics