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  1. Bobber stop knots work too for marking line. Like Paul said, counting passes gets it close enough...if 1 pass of one of my 27's is 10'3" then 10 passes is 102.5' or so, if the next reel is at 105', the fish wont know any better, that spoon or stick is going to be running within inches of depth compared to the others. I bet if you pulled line from 2 identical linecounters together they have a degree of variation to the same number.
  2. On 12# with a #5 splitshot 100' back I will snag bottom at 3 to 4' with those spoons. 2 #5's set the same will hang up in 7 to 8'. If they have trebles on still they will get donated, singles pull free most of the time.
  3. One of the fingers in the launch is in place. Double J, no the ramp isn't in place, utilities aren't hooked up yet. I'll keep you updated.
  4. There's no reason to be discouraged from launching at Wright's. Smaller boats have been for a couple weeks and we put my 28' in Saturday. You don't need the center dock to get in the water... The marina doesn't officially open until May 1st. Right now you get what you are getting charged for, nothing for nothing.
  5. I've had an 1895 Guide Gun in 45/70 for maybe 10 years now. Great gun! No issues with it at all. For most of my deer areas, it is all I need. I handload heavier loads for it which the Marlin can handle, not sure of the strength of the Henry actions. With the loads I made and minimal tweaking (only tried 3 powder charges), it shoots about 1.25" groups at 100 yds with a 2-7x scope. I did a Limbsaver custom fit recoil pad for it and with the heavy loads, it kicks less than my slug gun. If you want to get a box of shells and come out to Syracuse area we'll take it to the range.
  6. I just measured one cycle of the levelwind guide on one of my freshly spooled 27H's. Across and back to the start was a few inches over 10 feet. 12# big game filled to about 1/8 to 1/16 inch of the rim.
  7. Come on Bob...there's plenty of browns in Oswego. Its just nobody is in the water yet. Some small boats have been fishing and doing good. As far as big boats, Fish Doctor is the only one in, I'm putting in tomorrow or Sat, and a couple others are going in next week. Oswego just doesn't have marinas that draw a lot of business and/or need to start launching boats to get them out of the way.
  8. The main dock by the launch is always in. I heard they started putting docks in for slips. I'll drive by there tomorrow.
  9. How about a pan head bolt, finish washer and caulk? It won't be invisible but it will be sealed.
  10. 1/4-20
  11. I didn't go over there to check it.
  12. The drift boat launch has a big log and pile of ice on it. Launching today I backed over it all, pulling out, I dragged the boat over it. I wouldn't want to launch much more than a drift boat there right now.
  13. Hi Tech Tackle 1-800-836-8752
  14. I was already planning to get it and post it...