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  1. Sodus Bay Cisco’s

    Not in Ibay but I've caught a couple trolling browns in Oswego and one float fishing in the river in the last 3 seasons.
  2. Black box

    I put one on this year and am a believer. The number of streakers increased significantly. You will have to play with your setting per species and probably need to mess with your rigging to fish it. If you currently run Cannons, it will mess up the short stop. They will still stop but only after the ball hits the pulley... I just waited for it and manually stopped it. I switched to Scotty's in August anyway.
  3. Spoon size for spring Browns

    Color varied by time of day and water conditions.
  4. Michigan Stinger hooks

    Those Blood Run hooks are rugged! I used them for half of last season and don't think I broke a single one.
  5. Spoon size for spring Browns

    What port are you going to fish out of? Scorpions have their place for sure... daily on my port board rods. I hardly ran regular stingers on the boards this year. Ran a mix of evil eyes and stingers, reg and stingray on the couple riggers, and smithwicks (long and short) on the starboard board. I tried Bay Rats... I gave them way too much time to do something... anything... I ran them a couple charters and got our limits on the other side of the boat those days. I tried half a dozen good looking colors and they never got bit for me. I paid full price and won't ever buy them again. Actually, if you come to Oswego, you can try mine. But... Bay Rats did look good running and nice colors too. Guys certainly boast about them. They didn't work for me.
  6. Alwifes

    No matter how cold it gets, there will always be 39° water somewhere. That is the coldest the warmer water will get. Might not be optimal but a large population will survive. If the depths of the lake get colder than 39°, we won't be worrying about alewives!
  7. Radar

    Yes, the radar set to lower gain will show boats, then as you increase gain, it will show smaller objects, birds and rain. It is irreplaceable on the days you need it! But it doesn't replace adequate watch and appropriate speed for the conditions no matter how defined the image is...
  8. Meeting at the Salmon River Fish Hatchery

    Its doubtful that they will take eggs that late. He also touched on the point that the early eggs would be "much" further in development than the later eggs that are started in cooler water and that the gap in development is tough to manage in the hatchery with a wide variation in growth. Discarding the early eggs will also tighten up the range of development that they must accommodate with feeding schedules and such along with resulting in better stock.
  9. Meeting at the Salmon River Fish Hatchery

    Most pertinent info was they hit their egg take quota and are taking surplus. With the surplus, they are going to discard the early eggs because the later eggs produce better. They will maintain the same number of eggs in the end but are confident they will have a better quality batch. Other than that, they still fight their cold water supply issues in the summer.
  10. Those reels are Penn 345GTI's.
  11. Anything happening in Oswego?

    Usually if you ask on the vhf you can get that info from someone.
  12. Cannon Repair guy

    Andy, there is nothing on those riggers you can't do. I'm sure you are mechanically inclined enough. At the most, you need to turn a few screws, the board has plug connections. Fish 307 has all the parts you need.
  13. Food Delivery in Oswego....

    Oswego Sub Shop Dino's House of Burgers (new but I hear its good)
  14. Low speed wander !

    I had the Wanderfin on my 22' Penn Yan when I owned it. It definitely helped. cracked the horizontal fin it mounts to. It cracked just the fin, not into the drive case. Maybe it was my fault or not from drilling the holes for mounting. Slightly mis-aligned holes and it was torqueing maybe.
  15. LED Navigation lights

    LED Navigation lights Does anyone have a suggestion for where to order a sealed LED combination masthead light? It appears the Attwood model just has LED bulbs in a normal fixture. My other fixtures are sealed LEDs and I would like to stick with that. If I have to continue wiggling bulbs, going to LED doesn't make sense. Thanks for the suggestions. Andy