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  1. Hi Tech Tackle 1-800-836-8752
  2. I was already planning to get it and post it...
  3. I use a "worm binder" with ziplock pages/pouches. Its made for organizing bags of plastic worms.
  4. They will probably be at Springfield Sportsman show next weekend. They are there every year. I checked and they are on the Exhibitor list for this year.
  5. I installed this one 2 seasons ago. Installation was fairly simple and the push button flush is great.
  6. That's cool, falconry has always interested me. Seems like a lost art. Spotburning sucks, I saw that the other day with the blind lottery...
  7. Night Howl Crossbones...
  8. Ok. I love having my neice and nephew out but its been a few years now though. Keep the pics coming!
  9. Why does he keep getting he using a safe technique that keeps his fingers clear?
  10. Jeff, is it the kit that uses the large rifle primers with a modified breech plug or is it the primer holders that fit a factory 209 breech plug? If it is the large primer kit I would definitely like to try it. Thanks, Andy
  11. Has anyone done this for their muzzleloader? I'm thinking about it for my CVA's, a Kodiak and a Wolf. Can anyone recommend a source for the plug? Both guns are the same plug. Thanks, Andy
  12. John Mann in Sodus Pt. Search him on here and you'll find his info.
  13. I'll take the 27 Jay. I'll text ya later.
  14. That is a great example of poor ethics. But it does show hw resilient deer are! I'd hate to be the buck trying to mount her...