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  1. If it is a "newer" B60, it should be a plug n play transducer. It has a shorter pigtail, universal, then you get the proper cord for your unit. If it doesn't have the pigtail, they have a junction box you can install to adapt to the proper cord.
  2. I tried the 19 strand years ago when it came out. I could not get the knots to tie good. I went back to 7 strand, which ever is cheapest or available when I need it. Lately I've been using Blood Run with no issues.
  3. Can't wait for them to die back. So thick Saturday and today, they were tripping the Scotty's for everyone I talked to, on coppers too. Had to bail and find clearer water. Good thing fish are all over. Nothing will keep them off other than fishing where they aren't.
  4. I beg to differ Rich... I had both today. Still some cotton around.
  5. Fleas got so bad this week, I wouldn't bother with braid now. Atleast out of Oswego. My wires are on 8'6" rollers. Braids are on 9'6" rods. Your diver rods don't need to be angled way down either. Run them how they fit your spread and setup.
  6. How wide are the rod holders from each other? What's the price now?
  7. Watch your fishfinder, don't stop and setup in a desert. If fish are in the top 30' or so you probably won't mark them though. Look for a couple pods of bait and go from there.
  8. If you insist on using rubber bands, thread the clippers on your board line through the hole, then set your rubber band in the slot, not the jaws. The numbers that stick in my head are #32 or #16. Use the bigger one. Keep them out of the sun!
  9. Do you know the model? Where are you located?
  10. I spoke with Chantele Thursday. She said the City has made all the approvals and is now waiting on Scriba Electric to do the work.
  11. Benefits of Oswego... Short trip to deep water. Cleaning station. Wide floating docks. Way less mosquitos. Convenience stores nearby. Food delivery to the docks. Sidewalks, minimal goose droppings. You will save enough gas through the season that a run to the SR or Dunes won't kill you (45 minutes or so). No river to run in the dark. Bathrooms Fuel savings will offset the dock cost.
  12. I'll take it. Where are you located? Call or text me, 3155273652. Andy
  13. Yes, no issues. Good deterent probably. I have one on each display. But, its a boat, if they want it, they can get it with a pry bar.
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