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  1. Offshore was 250-295 for me yesterday, browns were still in shallow and active if you got them before the water cleared. In the afternoon we spent most of the time on browns around the Harbor. Stuck to browns again this morning in and around the Harbor but they were only in 2 spots and active. Afternoon we did some browns again and got a few fish offshiore in 170. Its still good but not a gimme. Offshore is looking very promising.
  2. You can get on the far left staying dry, one of the fingers has an inch or so of water on part of the dock. The marina has built them up.
  3. Out of Oswego on my boat... The only thing BayRats have caught with me was some of my money... Not a hit on any of 5 good looking colors with more than enough water time when the other side of the boat was catching. Smithwicks on the other hand have been very good, clown, black stripe, and bream. No bass yet either.
  4. Wright's is open and they built up the docks. They will remain open through the weekend too.
  5. There's plenty of water to launch... You will need to walk in the water to get on the docks. The dock next to the bath house that Top Gun is on had water about ankle deep the other day before the ramp to the floating section. The water has come up a little since then. To use the middle docks of the launch you will need knee boots.
  6. Its very fishable on the lake and fishing is good. IT IS A MINEFIELD! Its Spring, there is always stuff drifting around. The high water has added to it but its no reason to not fish. There is an Idle Speed/No Wake rule in effect in the harbor and within 500' of shore. If you run on plane, especially in the dark or low light, you are asking for trouble. Good luck wherever you fish this weekend.
  7. Wear knee boots...
  8. You nailed it MikeyP
  9. I agree Rich...never said anything about the Bay. And yes, every Spring there are several Mexico boats near Oswego.
  10. The water out of Oswego is far from gin clear right now, actually this season so far. Go West and you can find clear water, go East and it's dirty and stained for miles.
  11. Its been good and the browns have been quality. Check this link out for surface temps.
  12. Warm up the water?? When I was out Sunday afternoon, water was 49 on a break that ran out to 60 FOW from Oswego lighthouse and back to shore at 5 stacks, low 50's from 4 mile pt to breakwalls Monday morning in rough water.
  13. Bobber stop knots work too for marking line. Like Paul said, counting passes gets it close enough...if 1 pass of one of my 27's is 10'3" then 10 passes is 102.5' or so, if the next reel is at 105', the fish wont know any better, that spoon or stick is going to be running within inches of depth compared to the others. I bet if you pulled line from 2 identical linecounters together they have a degree of variation to the same number.
  14. On 12# with a #5 splitshot 100' back I will snag bottom at 3 to 4' with those spoons. 2 #5's set the same will hang up in 7 to 8'. If they have trebles on still they will get donated, singles pull free most of the time.
  15. One of the fingers in the launch is in place. Double J, no the ramp isn't in place, utilities aren't hooked up yet. I'll keep you updated.