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  1. Took the kids to fish at the inlet this afternoon . Big pike cruised southbound past us, headingtoward the swamp. Cool to see him, only caught 1 big panfish for our efforts. Sent from my SM-G930V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Thanks. Kinda wondered about that. We'll have to see how it fishes!!
  3. I found this lure in my pump house at work on the shore of Seneca Lake. Anyone know a make/value if any? Thanks!!
  4. Also would consider Penn Yan area or north west Cayuga. Basically looking to not have guests drive over 30 - 40 minutes.
  5. So, my new job is right on Seneca Lake, just South of Dresden, I am the Caretaker for a kids' summer camp there, and with Covid-19 going omg, the camp is offering families a chance to stay in one of our fully furnished staff cabins for a few days or weeks, as well as offering stays in the more "rustic" cabins for less money. It has been a tremendous success for the camp. I am a very avid fisherman, and I suggested to my boss that we could offer a list of good charter captains to those who stay at our camp this year. She loved the idea. Anyone here on LOU who is or knows top quality charter services, please PM me or e-mail me directly at [email protected] . I'd love to give some business back to the LOU community, since I have learned so much from you all over the past years. Of course, if you'd be willing to pick the customers up at our docks, I'm sure they could appreciate it as well. Thanks!!
  6. All sold, pending funds. If deals fall through, contact will be made in order received. Thank you all!
  7. I am answering e-mails and PMs in order received. As proper, first come first served. Appreciate the response, will be in touch ASAP.
  8. 20 pound Ande mono, but its been on there in my workshop for several years now.
  9. Looks like the family vacation will be to the Adirondaks, specifically Moffitt Beach park, and canoeing on Sacandaga lake may be my only fishing option. Anyone familiar with this lake who can provide some advice or tips for maybe catching trout and/or walleye from shore and canoe would be most appreciated.
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