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  1. All sold, pending funds. If deals fall through, contact will be made in order received. Thank you all!
  2. I am answering e-mails and PMs in order received. As proper, first come first served. Appreciate the response, will be in touch ASAP.
  3. 20 pound Ande mono, but its been on there in my workshop for several years now.
  4. Looks like the family vacation will be to the Adirondaks, specifically Moffitt Beach park, and canoeing on Sacandaga lake may be my only fishing option. Anyone familiar with this lake who can provide some advice or tips for maybe catching trout and/or walleye from shore and canoe would be most appreciated.
  5. Like new Okuma Classic Pro mooching / dipsey diver rod. 10' long, with Twilli Tip for using wire line. Only used 2 times until I sold my big lake boat. Pick up in Hemlock, or can arrange other locations if desired.
  6. True. I kinda like living 5 minutes from the launch. I spend a large percentage of my limited fishing time on Hemlock and Canadice, and my little ones love the outdoors as much as my wife and I, so that is a very good thing!
  7. Took my daughter out for her first solo fishing trip from the boat. Had a nice boat ride, she had a blast, and I enjoyed watching her excitement. Finally found nice-sized bluegill in 20 FOW, hooking up about 1 foot off bottom on crawler pieces. Kept 7 nice ones, and she personally inspected every one before it went into the basket.
  8. The beach was open on Saturday.
  9. I wouldn't try it personally. Had enough trouble launching my 15' canoe there.
  10. Got out Sunday at daybreak, trolled down, up, down, up the lake. Had one hit and miss over 70 fow. Marked a lot of fish down about 5 feet from bottom in 60 - 75 fow. No takers, so pulled up the riggers and caught a bunch of little bluegills and perch. Watched a nice pickerel chase a hooked gill being brought in, but he decided he liked the water better than the frying pan and didn't bite. Great morning to be out, really my first cruise of 2016, so no complaints.
  11. http://vid163.photobucket.com/albums/t313/scruffy0212/2016%20Naples%20Creek/100_0143.mp4
  12. Took kiddos to Naples Creek to watch the DEC shocking trout this morning. Had a few nice Rainbows and Brown trout, anywhere from 1/2lb. to almost 8 lb. Seveal large females were already spent of eggs. Left before they headed South from the bridge for some hot chocolate and donuts with the little ones. Pictures & short video to follow.
  13. May be interested in docking my 15' aluminum boat in Woodville this year so I can just jump in and go. Anyone know how much docking for the year costs at Smith Boys? I have called and e-mailed but no response yet. Thanks!
  14. Very nice! Hope to get back on the lake soon.
  15. Launches still the same, boat/motor restrictions still in place.
  16. There is water around the canoe launch area and south from there, but I did not get all the way to the inlet.
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