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  1. Bob, Same goes here. If you want company, or extra rods/gas $$, shoot me a note. Weekends are wide open until I close on my new house.
  2. NICE fish!! Cannot wait until the boy gets old enough to hold up some fish for the camera!!
  3. Glad you got out finally! Hope for a great season!!
  4. Thanks, I will pass that information on to my buddy.
  5. Might be heading to the West River this weekend with a buddy, but not sure if the pannies & perch are up there yet. Has anyone fished it recently and had success?? Thanks!!
  6. http://marinas.com/view/marina/5805_Sampson_State_Park_Romulus_NY Here is an aerial photograph of it. Boat launch is on right side of the picture.
  7. Thanks, Bruce. Got the itch real bad, maybe I'll just go tool around Canadice/Hemlock in the Otter boat then. Hope to be closing by mid-May, moved in by Mid-July. I gotta get in some fishing or I may go postal!!
  8. Got an Otter duck boat with oars, never even thought about it!
  9. Anyone know if/where/how the shore fishing is now for Brown trout near Rochester? Buying a house, so the $$ needed for getting my boat in the water with important repairs is tied up right now. Thanks.
  10. Where are you fishing at?
  11. Steve, Call me some time if you want to get a little sorted out on these things. Not really good at it, but I understand it. - Maxon's dad
  12. Nice fish, Mike! I woke up, ready to go (sick and all) but Terri had been up all night with Max (he is sick as well). Knowing she needed to sleep and had nobody else to help with him, I decided to 'do the right thing' and stay home
  13. Cool! Had a nice pickerel follow a nice little bluegill that I had hooked a few weeks back. He almost bit on him; but that was a nice muskie!
  14. Just posted: http://www.mpnnow.com/news/x2023994102/Governor-vetoes-hunting-in-Ontario-County?view=print
  15. Nice fish, Mike!! Let me know if you want to hit it this weekend.
  16. Launched late, around 11:15 am from Cayuga SP and headed about 5 miles South. Fished near the bottom with crawlers and minnows for Perch and Panfish. Pulled up around 1:00 due to storm coming in. Ended up catching probably close to 40 pannies (Bluegill and Pumpkinseed); keeping 13 frying pan sized ones. Christopher, our Fresh Air Fund visitor from Brooklyn, caught and landed this nice chunky Largemouth. Had a great time, may have to come back to this location again and try for some Pike and/or Pickerel.
  17. 1. Congratulations to her. 2. Can I have your boat?
  18. Nice fish! We tried that spot a few weeks ago, got skunked!
  19. 1968 Starcraft Holiday (I think that's the model). Damn thing is almost as old as I am!!
  20. Took my little fishing buddy and wife out for a quick trip last night. Launched out of Woodville and motored up to south of Vine Valley. 25 - 35 FOW using worms just off the bottom. Caught a bunch of pannies, kept 4 of the biggest as well as 4 nice, large Perch. Nice to get back on the lake again. Maxon made sure we were legal by reading the regulations to us!
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