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  1. I'll pitch in with a pencil holder or two from my business. ( except I can spell better than the website people we use!!! )
  2. Go to Seager Marine, on Lakeshore at the City Pier. They have a decent, color, laminated map with basic topo information and fishing hints on it. Also, the Western New York spiral bound fishing maps book (Gander, Bass Pro, WalMart) is decent.
  3. FLXTroutman, LTTroller and I went out this morning from the south this morning at the crack of dawn. Called for ncallahan03 several times on the VHF but we stayed pretty much south of Bristol Harbor. Had 4 lakers hit, landed all 4 of them. Graph was pretty barren most of the trip until we started picking up, then we were marking fish in about 90 FOW. Had a great time, and got to meet LTTroller.
  4. Just follow Jekyll. If I am onboard, you'll see all the fish I lose and maybe they'll hit for you
  5. I think it is just below the point North-East of Granger Point, near the 100' line, but I am not positive. I've only fished there a couple times with you and never paid attention to landmarks, I was too busy trying to pick your brain about fishing for Trout in Canandaigua Lake :?
  6. Great Day! Glad to see you and the boys had a successful trip! Give me a shout if you want to hook up down there next weekend.
  7. Oh, I get the hint... You will hopefully be visiting the taxidermist. Nice deer.
  8. Saw A LOT of boats in the 60 - 70 FOW range, both when we went out, and when we returned. I assume they did okay, as they were not moving around, but I did not talk to anyone who was fishing there. I'd love to get back up there, but that 2 hour drive at 0300 hours is a killer after the way these past few weeks have been at work! :?
  9. Left the docks on the Dapper Dan with Jekyll and Danno (newest member of the Blue Man Group) at 0515 on Saturday. Checked out the water in close, didn't see much, so we started around 80'. Ran all over the 80 - 120 FOW range, coming back to dock around 1900 hours. Overall, we were 9 for 18, with 3 Coho, 1 Steelie, and 5 nice Kings. All were on flasher/fly combos, with green/green and white/white variations being the effective ones. Some were cheated, some not. Jekyll can provide the exact details, as he keeps the records on his boat. Great day for fishing with a couple of great guys. Not too hot, not too wet, and no boat traffic where we were. My first Coho Dinner!!
  10. Had the same problem as Gambler. Used the 'Trailer' button until the mechanic was able to re-wire it properly.
  11. Sounds like I missed a great weekend Out of town this weekend (taking wife to Maine) but maybe we can hook up after that for food salmon, since derby isn't going to happen for me this year.
  12. Give me shout if you need any extra lines (or reloads ) - I have a little experience with unfair oddds and being the 'odd man out.' But, seriuosly, any time you have an open seat or want 2 extra lines, I am dying to hook up with a salmon this year. My boat will not be Ontario-ready this year, maybe next year.
  13. Looks like a great time. Glad you hit some fish and didn't have to plow any sails!!
  14. Thanks! I'll have to see if I have one.
  15. What did the 'bow hit on? I am planning on taking our fresh air kid out early Sat. for trout, and would love to hook him up with a nice jumper or brownie.
  16. Took our visitor from Brooklyn, Chris, out on Canandaigua Lake last evening. Wife hooked up with a bite near Deep Run Park about 5:30 pm, 18 FOW on a nightcrawler. Handed the rod to Chris, and he landed the beast on his own. Overall, good night, caught a bunch, kept 3 good perch, 4 nice pannies, and Chris wanted to eat his SMB; so I fried it up last night. I am sure that he will remember his week in Canandaigua for awhile.
  17. fireplug


    Here is a video from the company where I work. Actual video, with our new, proprietary cartridge being shot by the boss. The .475 Turnbull absoultely smacks large animals! Watch where the brass goes when he works the action on his 1886 Winchester .
  18. Listen to FLXTroutman, him know trout on Canandaigua! :!: :!: Just watch out for the floating VW Beetles of weeds! :evil:
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