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  1. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Two-Penn-Fathom ... 19c88974e1
  2. For sale are two manual penn downriggers, both is good working shape. Both come with swivel mounts and one has a pole holder mount. Would like to sell as a pair for $200. Downriggers are located in Corning NY. Please e-mail [email protected] if interested.
  3. we always go around mid september
  4. Yes sorry its been down for a few weeks. If you would like pictures of my work please leave me your email or email me.
  5. Lake-Shore Interiors Fast, affordable, and quality seat cushions We will come to you Free quote given upon inspection of boat We can customize any seat cushion to meet your needs! Call or email us today! [email protected] 585-301-3870
  6. Got tossed around for 5 hours, but went 5/7 ...4 lakers one small bow ..lakers were 7lbs 4 lbs and a couple 2's fishing seems to be still red hot ....between the waves and the fish we barely sat down once we got them zoned up
  7. not sure of the hours ..ill tell you what i do though... i am the second owner... first owners were an older couple and according to the dealer which was a friend of mine, said they got rid of it because they only used it once or twice a year..ive prolly put about 120 hours on it, mostly trolling.... but it runs great...cruises about 40mph.. and idles down to around 2.0 mph...only reason im selling it because i have bigger boat disease... let me know if your interested and wanna go trolling on it and try her out, ide be glad to take u
  8. Would consider $8000 if taken before the winter!
  9. i cought a LL last year on canandaigua
  10. what speed were you guys running.. i was out from like 8-1030 only got one fish on a flasher fly... i was alone though and only ran 2 riggers... couldnt change lures or depths alot with the chop turning me all around ...tried going abour 2.3mph early then slowed down to about 1.8 with still no luck
  11. going out in the morning on the north end ....will be on channel 68 call sign- Laker Coach....17ft key west with a blue bimini
  12. guys thanks for all the help... i think im going to go with the daiwa accudepth plus.. however the tekota's are tempting ... if i can find a nice 4 pack of used ones i might bite.. any suggestion on rods...im not a huge fan of spending a ton of money on rods ...do you guys think it makes a huge difference?
  13. Looking to upgrade my reels this winter...what do you guys think are the best reels for the fingerlakes/ minimal Lake O use... I have a few Okuma's and penns right now...not happy with the drag on okumas and penns are the small versions . Thanks guys
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