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  1. awesome! Count me in for some of this action . Thanks for setting this up guys
  2. Great thanks guys....I know the Andy reekers and honey bees use to be great on Canandaigua for fall bows. Def was a good find and they have a new life saved from the scrap yard ! Sent from my SM-G900V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. Got these from a friend who scraps , they were in an old metal tin. I know the end casting spoon is an old great Lakes but not sure on the other 3. Alpena Diamond, Andy Reekers? Anyone know? They are a light flutter . My dad use to run some similar on the old seth green rigs when I was a kid . Sent from my SM-G900V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. thanks !
  5. Fish Hawk transducer mount help Well the Mrs was kind enough to buy me an X4 unit for my hard work remodeling the bathroom for her . I have a Lowrance Hook 7 and a Garmin Striker 4 unit on the boat now and transducers are on the same side (Starboard). I was worried if I mount the Fish Hawk transducer beside them something would pick up interference . Idk if I have enough cable to run to other side of outdrive. Also would the probe have to be on the same side rigger as the transducer? Any help would be greatly appreciated !
  6. My youngest was born in july. She was due day before my birthday and came 2 weeks early. Few more hours and I would have been on the lake ! Boat was all hooked up. Def got a laugh out of this pic lol Sent from my SM-G900V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. Sent from my SM-G900V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. dumb question but is this all open to the public? would love to take the kids to see
  9. Thanks guys, geez I hope it hasn't gone bad, if it is that I will live with it as long as possible. The only reason for the whole bellow job was a pin hole in the shift cable boot. Took it to Seager Marine and had all bellows, cables and u joints (cant remember if gimble bearing done ) changed as preventive maint. since it was apart
  10. if there is it must be inside. its fine running on plane and start up , just real touchy and stiff trying to bump rpms slow. Saturday on Canandaigua I had to settle for 1.8-2.1 or 2.9-3.2 @ 600 or 900 rpm. It was a little too windy for the plate down lol
  11. no, its different on an io. just the throttle lever and a red squeeze trigger on the handle to shift gears and a neutral button at the pivot
  12. all cables were replaced with bellows 2 yrs ago. Hope its not lol
  13. I am having an issue with a Quicksilver throttle assy on a '99 trophy . It has become increasingly moving harder. Last weekend it was very tough to "bump" up or down 100 rpms at a time trolling . Use to move smooth, now notchy. Its nothing in the cable or throttle body but right in the throttle assy. Anyone ever have one apart or serviced them? Idk what grease or lubricant to try. Any help appreciated , thanks !
  14. With the bend in that rod I was waiting for the snagging hook to pull free and nail Borat right in the forehead lmao