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  1. Nice job!! Canandaigua lake after Memorial Day and before labor day for me consists of on water at or before sunrise and off by 10am lol. Its a circus
  2. nice fish!! Tomorrow doesn't look too promising with NW wind yet AGAIN
  3. prayers to you and your family. Take care of them ! I hope all goes well. the fish will always be there!!
  4. yup...wash, wax and interior scrub for the boat this Saturday it is .
  5. I use to take my work lunch hr at times to the Canandaigua north end ramp for the free entertainment until they started charging for anyone to enter.....was like the end of the world when a t storm rolled in and 30 plus boats came flying in
  6. Hooked through top lip . Looking for a good decorative frame to keep both pics in together
  7. CNN told me that Donald Trump put the fleas there Whats your August like Dan?? Should have some free weekends and few weekdays
  8. I will be staying at Sampson this weekend as well. Going to pick the boat up prob Sat pm/ Sunday at some point (have to make two trips, one with with camper) until Wednesday. Good luck . Anyone working any certain channel out there now ? still 68?
  9. One spring day few years back we were fishing browns out of sodus . Wind picked up pretty good sw and built a decent 2 to 3 ft. Chop. I was using my old wood planer boards that my sad had made. Wave flipped one, Dove straight under the boat, pulled line off the planer reel drag going before I could do anything , crossed under the hull , came up on port side wrapping the port board and snapped the planer line. Dead drift , in neutral , planer line under out drive 2 boards wrapped , 6 lines all together and only lost one release .....45 mins later . We called it a day lol. Used every word my mom had told me not to use that day lol. It's Def a memory me and dad share . Glad to have new boards now! Sent from my SM-G900V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. Ive had that happen to a friend too Les lol. I also had a buddy few yrs back after a fish on the rigger take my slider with a chicken feed flt spoon and just chuck it back in unhooked ugh....
  11. Share your rookie stories!! Just for fun......we have all had the ONE friend, a rookie troller crew member make a mistake leaving you saying WTH?! From a Bill Dance style dipsy rod hookset to tightening the drag on a running king. What are your stories?? Names can be left out LOL . Don't want any hurt feelings, just for fun, GO!
  12. Damn and Im working bc I couldn't come up with a crew !
  13. 5 yrs ago. Here's my oldest with her first too! Def remember every moment fishing with them Sent from my SM-G900V using Lake Ontario United mobile app