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  1. do you have more pics?? When was it surveyed last?? Lowest price willing to take??
  2. yeah that was prob me lol. the avatar pic is the boat. If my daughter was bringing it in you would have def heard her " talking" it to the boat lol
  3. fish were def on the move on the north end . Hit 11 Saturday am, all lakers and one LLS . Biggest lakers just over 6. Ran to Kashong Sunday am after a slow hr at Bellhurst . Only hit 3 small fish there . Came back North and set up a different troll . Found active fish in bait pods and hit 5 decent size lakers and a brown in half hr. Took a break about 130, went back to same waypoints to blank screen in that area with one fish . Pulling wire took almost every fish. My daughter and stepson helped make up a crew and they had a great time
  4. I may make my first 2019 Seneca appearance this weekend . Gotta do some scouting
  5. Ugh....gonna have to trail to Geneva or Lodi this year from Sampson during the NLTD sounds like. I was being optimistic for it being ready but oh well we will make due . It was my understanding you don't pay when Sampson is reopened if you are camped , correct?
  6. Nice job! I think we launched next to you with the grey/wht starcraft. I think we ended 11/13 all browns
  7. it was closed Friday....
  8. Same for me Friday out of Sodus . Ran to Maxwell and had crystal clear 36 deg water . 2 hrs of washing lures then found a stained area 38deg near the pierheads . Ended up 4/4 in 10 mins with 2 around 8lbs . Bayrats and bomber long A's 2.2-2.4 gps speed . Killed me to pick up but made it with only 15 mins to spare to get the little ones off the school bus lol.
  9. My only guess is I did it level on trailer , raised bow after I drained . Must have been a little water that didn't drain all the way . Idk. Prob just paranoid but didn't expect anything in there . I've winterized myself /or my dad since it was new . Never had a prob . Idk why there was some left Sent from my SM-G900V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. It's enclosed 3 sides mike . Front open but closed off with a canvas tarp. Sent from my SM-G900V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. Strange dumb question but here we go....have a 99 trophy with a 4.3l i/o. Winterized , drained the water etc back in early October. My dad passed away the same weekend , everything was a blur that time frame . Went to the boat today to check everything over . Second guessing everything I did recently I decided to unscrew the engine drain plugs for reassurance . Got a little (about 2 max 3 shotglasses out of water ) then realized I never took off lower water pump hose this year when drained which I normally do. I know I won't know for sure if I did any damage until I run it but does anyone know if a little water is ok without any problems? Oil looked ok, no signs of cracked . Boat stored in a non heated carport wrapped up. Really kicking myself , but hope it's ok. Sent from my SM-G900V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. "she is pissed off" is also acceptable lol.
  13. Sold pending pick up Sent from my SM-G900V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. 2 Fenwick Rigger Stik rods for sale in excellent condition rarely used. . Light action, perfect for browns or walleye. One has a Shimano Triton 300 reel. $75 for all, or will negotiate to Separate . Located in Walworth NY . PM if interested please.
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