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  1. Nice Fish Hope to get some more this fall before to late
  2. we are in lot 209 all week. SGT Stalker Sent from my SM-G900V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. I have a Big Jon down rigger that is not working due to what seems like a weak or broken 10 amp circuit breaker. Anyone know how to check this or any local places that repair them. I do have power to the plug as I have a sister unit that works just fine. Thanks for any suggestions. SgtStalker
  4. I have a big John electric down rigger. I think it is a bj2000 it seems to have a bad breaker. Looking for someone local that maybe able to test this and poss repair. The basics have been checked power to the plug. Thanks for any ideas.
  5. Fri May 16, 2014. Boating advisories issued Finger Lakes Times Finger Lakes Times | 0 comments Until further notice, Seneca County Sheriff Jack Stenberg has issued a boater advisory following the recent storms and heavy rain. The advisory includes Seneca and Cayuga lakes as well as the Cayuga-Seneca Canal. Stenberg said there is an unusual amount of runoff going into the lakes and canal. “Boaters need to exercise additional caution and reduce speed as there are trees, stumps and other various debris floating and partially submerged, which is a hazard to navigation,†he said. Earlier this week, Yates County Sheriff Ron Spike issued a boater advisory for Keuka Lake, which has tree trunks, limbs, docks and other debris floating in the lake.
  6. Hello, Posting for a co worker who was at Seneca (Sampson) last week and after pulling his boat out he went to the upper parking lot to secure the boat. While doing this put some equipment on the ground and never put it back in when he pulled out. I told him would reach out and see if by chance someone who found it was on here. He is from Sodus so was not very close by the time it was discovered what had occurred. Thanks and look forward to seeing everyone at Sampson soon. David Stalker 315-597-6961
  7. Had the chance to take D J Carrasco out for a morning of fishing on Canandaguia Lake while he was in town for rehab in Rochester. He is currently with the Atlanta Braves after starting the year with NY Mets. He is an advide outdoors man and has fished all over the country and he did say this was one of the most scenic lakes he has ever been on. The fishing was great with all kind of stories being told of fishing and of course baseball. The catching was not as good but that left more time for conversation. We were on the north end of the lake with lots of marks and bait pods. The flies were bad. Was a great day just the same. Also had an offer to come to his ranch in Tx in the off season for some fishing and hunting adventure. It was fun to make a new friend and show off our area.
  8. A project that has had business owners in Canandaigua frustrated for months is now complete. The Canandaigua Lake State Marine Park, on the north side of the lake, will re-open Tuesday morning at 9 a.m., according to our news partners at the Messenger Post. News10NBC told you about the boat launch back in March, while it was still under construction. Back then, businesses said they were told it would be done in January, and they were worried about losing money if the project wasn't done by Memorial Day- forcing boaters to go somewhere else. The State Parks Department tells MPN that it met with the contractor on the project on Monday to determine when the park should reopen. According to a spokesperson for the Parks Department, construction was finished Monday and Tuesday was the earliest possible opening date. The construction primarily involved demolishing and reconstructing the boat launch ramps to improve access and safety. Though the initial estimation was that the construction would be finished by January 1st, the Parks Department spokesperson says that the contract completion date was always set for June 1st. For more Rochester, N.Y. news go to our website http://www.whec.com.
  9. I took the jump this year and spent the money on the rage after seeing some holes in deer last year. This year my son and I both have had disapointment. They were not huge bucks but nice does. We both shoot mathews with the carbon arrow. We have both has shoulder shots with diapointing penitration with of course no exit hole. We had little to no blood and what a sick feeling knowing we had just wounded the deer. Both arrows were broken off with over half of the arrow presummed in the deer. I went back to a Warrior FX 100 and have had the same shot and blown right through with good blood and fast harvesting of the deer. I am not sold on the rage as it failed twice for me in just wounding or slow death of the deer. But I have seen great results also just not a product I will return to.
  10. That night also had some other vehicals gone through in the area with other items and tools taken. These are people taking items of oputunity. Please lock your vehicals. Year after year it is getting worst on items being taken. Another item that is being taken are tree stands. Some are using them for hunting but more ofton that not getting scrapped for the cash. Years ago we could leave a tractor by the road with a full tool box and never have a person touch it, now well dont need to say it but I do hope the people taking all these items are caught. As a parent I take that as my resposibility to teach kids what is right and wrong. Not the school. We need to watch out for each other. Get to know your neighbor and the people that are in your neighborhood. Wright down strang car plates in the area may not need them today but could be a big help if something does happen. Don't mean to carry on just pisses me off that we are having so much disrespect for other people and there property. I know if your on this site I am preaching to the wrong crowd. David Stalker
  11. Was also a tough weekend but agree better than work. Looked forward to fishing Friday with Blue ghost but weather and other issues came into play. Had to go pick up my 3rd crew member, stopped at store for his supplies and he reaches for his wallet that is still at home on his counter. Sat. morning started out from Samson with a plan to go north but way to much fog so we set up on the east side and headed north. Found fish in 20-30 feet of water with many pods of bait fish with bigger fish in the pods feeding. We did not get a fish on the leaders board but did land over a dozen lakers and lost a few also. All on copper pulling on the bottom. Back at camp ground l checked my engine oil and found it to be milky. Also have a small knocking sound from it that I can not determin where it is coming from. Changed the oil and hoped for the best. Sunday morning I had a un motivated crew that wanted to sleep in more than fish. Once I got them moving to the launch had a dead battery. Though I must have left something on from working on it the night before. Jumped it and it started right up. Fished the same area Sunday as the day before and nothing. Not sure where the fish all went. Then the fishfinder goes out and smoke starts pouring out from the battery compartment. Mad a fast pull in of lines and thought we would make it in but when we went to raise the plate the motor died. Thanks to Blue Ghost who made a trip back out to the water for me with a spare battery from the camper. Looked at gauges and looked like volt output was 17 not good. Limped back in and took off alternator, another trip to Geneva and voltage regulator shot. Well no fixing it, so bought more oil and filter thought I would change oil 1 more time to get last bit of water out. To my dismise it seems like I do not have water in the oil but somehow gas in the oil. This may be related to the knocking I hear. If any ideas I am very much open to hearing them. It is a 1983 Mercurser 140 So drank beer and thought of what might have been. Watched a great light show from mother nature Also had a water line break in the camper and shades break. All in all not a weekend I want to have again but one that will be talked about often. Got a new alternator now just need to find out what is wrong with the engin. Already looking forward to next year. If you don't have nothing you'll never have to fix nothing. The good lord challenges us for reasons we may never understand, suppose to make us stronger. Watch out for me cause I am becomming a strong SOB LOL Thanks everyone for letting me vent and look forward to next time.
  12. It is great to see all the talk starting already. I will be there my son is off school on Friday. Look forward to meeting more people.
  13. Great report Kevin, Looking forward to Sampson, My little one is 14 now and is so excited about being out fishing whenever he can. I big part of that was Kevin and his father Bill taking time to invite us along on fishing trips. The last one Bills grandson also went with us, the boys were on the lines and we lost some fish that may have been boated with some one else on the line but even if no fish were caught it was a day I will never forget with the excitement I saw with those boys. That is what makes taking a child fishing so fun and needed to keep new generations excited about the outdoors. Side note my son can not sit still for a class in school but in the last 3 years he has sat in a tree stand or blind with me on some not so nice days and never complained or moved a bit. He always said he wanted to move to Texas cause they can hunt deer at 12 now so excited he will have his chance this year. Do yourself a favor and take a kid fishing. It is something you will never forget and just may change someones thinking about the outdoors.
  14. Very excited again this year. Be there Thursday morning right next to the Blue Ghost. First site as you pull into the loop. Looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting some new ones.
  15. We might not make the video but will be there again this year. I am so greatful to Kevin and his Dad from the Blue Ghost for introducing me to the great times that can be had while fishing and enjoying the company of so many people with the same interest. I look forward to meeting more people this year at the tourn. and rest of the season on the water. David Stalker
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