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  1. Pulled one camera today and it had this picture on it! Never had a grey fox on camera but got a few pictures of this guy. And this picture with him and a possum is pretty cool!
  2. Yes, agree 100%. It could be the scope but I have only had one scope failure and it was a scope built for .22 put on an air rifle and it broke the reticles pretty quick. like I said and u know. a lot of time is spent lapping rings to get them to fit perfectly. I never knew how bad rings could be till I lapped a set and was like wow! But a tight scope and good rings make a world of difference on a gun staying accurate after some bumping around.
  3. Dang! ya those are definitely chip shots for the muzzy!! Only thing u should be worried about is the drop on your bullet at ranges 125-225 ( for those of us not shooting smokeless) lol. I definitely agree with them. Your scope is getting moved somehow. It's not the gun. Either putting it in the case or taking it out, or even how your holding it it may be hitting something. But either way it's moving the scope. The bench guys have a whole science on making their scopes aligned. Is it a new scope? Definitely worth checking your mounting hardware. And even giving it a little (stress test), wiggle it around put the gun in the case. Try to imitate the abuse of hunting. Then shoot it again.
  4. Nice job! Good afternoon of muzzleloader!
  5. Went and changed a bunch of batteries in cameras before the storm. Dad and cousin still have buck tags so hoping to find one for them to shoot! have a few decent bucks around but a few of the other big boys have gone mia. So we will see if something happens for them got my fingers crossed.
  6. Only been out a couple times with others to watch them try and kill a buck. And checked a few cameras. But other than got all the deer meat cut up. And yesterday took advantage of the no wind to go put a hurting on some perch, was definitely a crush fest did a 3 man limit being pretty picky in what we kept! Hoping to find a good buck for my cousin or dad to get. So I'm still scouting even if not for me, still love to find some good ones!
  7. Well happy thankgiving everyone! I tagged out this morning with another great buck! 150 inch 8 point!
  8. Fellas put down some good ones this morning! Nice job! Sent from my motorola edge 5G UW (2021) using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. I'll take it. Send u a message Sent from my motorola edge 5G UW (2021) using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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